Artist Development


To effectively help an artist on the road to realizing their work pragmatic and strategic goals must be worked towards. This involves some very simple elements.

Dead Stock

Artists have an incredible amount of dead stock which ‘produces nothing’ – work which has been produced but sits in the back of a drawer for various reasons. Ragged Music will actively encourage the exposure of these materials to the musical market so that their potential is valued. There is good reason to think that there is a lot of great music, already produced, which could be more widely available.

music notation

Person Centred

Involvement will be defined by love of music and want of production. Everyone is entitled to resources to develop themselves from whichever point they start from; whether they have played guitar for 1 week or actively performed as a drummer for 20 years.  The website will be developed to give a platform to those who get personally involved.

Online Representation

The power of the internet will be utilised to provide exposure for artists. This will be done in the form of audio recordings, videos, personal webspaces and an area to sell their own music.  Various media are available and as the project gains resources it will make them available to people, such as basic film equipment.

Document Progress

It will be nice to show the development of an artist.  Learning the stories of how others did what they did is what makes the project. This could be done through audio and video recordings at various points in time.

Easily Achievable Targets

By suggesting targets such as increasing rehearsal frequency and performing to an audience on a regular basis, we seek to distribute guidance from artists to artists about ‘the next practical step’ of how to reach ‘the destination’. Ragged Music will act to facilitate easily achievable targets with people.

Compilation Albums

By working with a variety of artists the creation of eclectic non-genre specific compilation albums could be made. These can be used to promote and support both the artists and further Ragged Music aims. Potentially something which could be sold at performances which those artists give individually, also locally owned music shops and retailers.  This product will aim to remunerate the people involved in the production of the music. This will be a charitable business model aimed to demonstrate markets for artists and promote them to the industry.

Portable Studio

Within the core group of Ragged Music there is a great deal of experience of Sound Engineering and Musicianship.  With the physical resources available there are various opportunities to record artists in a different environments.

Live Performance

A huge part of the musician’s experience is in the live performance. We are working with various events organisers and venues who share a passion for music to realise bigger music events. These can promote all people involved and can stimulate a music culture which supports more artists.  By linking musicians with venues with producers with agents, the theory goes that more music will happen.

Product in Hand

As a musician, one of the most powerful experiences is holding your work in your hands. The first moment that a complete, packaged album is handed over is a memorable experience. We want to find ways so that as many artists as possible get to experience this, and that they are shown that it is achievable.

Highlighting Distribution Networks

In the modern age distribution networks have emerged allowing new ways of getting music listened to and engaged with.  These are more accessible than ever and are major tools open for emerging and established artists to use.  Illustrating these for musicians and music professionals is a key digital aim.
This is the work brought together by Daniel Zambas who was inspired to develop Ragged Music as a part of the project.