Creative Corner Cafe

Creative Corner is an inclusive arts organisation, working as a social enterprise and community group. It sells, shows, produces, facilitates, publishes and trains in art, design, film and music. It can work with or for any creative entity or social project or enterprise.

It is building inclusive arts and social enterprise and media connections and partnerships locally, nationally and internationally, bienvenidos amigos, hey dudes, Creative Corner is on facebook and twitter @crtivcornercafe and was based in a building in Whalley Range, Manchester…

We are in dire need of new premesis to give us a stable base to work from and help us raise income to fund future projects and continue our work, we are unable to run as a self sustaining social enterprise while enduring loss of earnings since the loss of our last lease.  We hope to rise like a phoenix with your help.

Despite this we’ve continued to work, as part of the production team for ‘Wonder[ment] (A 1 day arts fest in a large local park) and The Ragged University.. a project that prioritises free, inclusive education for all, which has always been part of our philosophy and key to what we do.

Unfortunately, the Creative Corner Cafe has closed down due to lack of funding support.  David Perry, the founder, worked very hard to try and keep it going however he has redirected his talents elsewhere to continue his work


Twitter: @crtivcornercafe

Facebook: Creative Corner Cafe