Explore by Light by Tim Aikman

With an active interest in returning to Uganda, I often find myself being asked why I want to go – a question which seems to be asked with scepticism and curiosity!  Although my previous reasons have been for either tourism or work, with the touristic element thus far has been for the wildlife and with previous work being aimed towards conservation, I have been increasingly interested in the people I encounter.
This being said, when I was recently asked to explain what I am going to be doing during the forthcoming “expedition”, which has been given the name Explore by Light: Uganda, I was left with another question of wondering just how can I answer in a manner which is both informative and succinct. Read more…

6th June 2013: Basics of Computer Programming but No Actual Code! by Dr Tim Willis

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On Thursday June 6th from 7 to 10pm in The Counting House in Edinburgh, please join us for an evening with Ray Miller and Tim Willis who will be telling us about the basics of programming…

Name of speaker and subject:

Dr Tim Willis, Flexpansion Ltd.
Basics of Computer Programming – No Actual Code!


What goes on in a computer? How does it actually do anything? Recently it’s been noted that while most of us know how to use programs, many of us have no idea how they work. Tim will be talking about the absolute basics of computer programming, without any actual code (using plain English descriptions instead). Tim first taught himself 30 years ago on a ZX81; the fundamentals haven’t really changed and he will explain:
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318 Education Funding Resources

FunderFinder, the database resource for charities, containing fundraising information closed. Jo Habib of FunderFinder said that, “In the current economic climate we are not certain we can continue to survive financially, and so intend to wind the charity up after our current subscribers’ subscriptions expire in July 2011″. Read more…

Article on Common Sense by Richard Gunn

My article falls into three parts. In the first, I attempt to answer such questions as “What is Scottish commom sense philosophy?” and “What, in the history of philosophy, does the term ‘common sense’ mean?”. That’s to say, my first section comments on the concept of common sense; in addition, it comments on ‘common sense’ as a term in the history of ideas.

My second section offers some thoughts on common sense and education. In particular, it asks why the notions of common sense and “general” education appear to be linked. Read more…

6th June 2013: We don’t need no Educashun; The brain as a learning machine by Prof Ray Miller


On Thursday June 6th from 7 to 10pm in The Counting House in Edinburgh, please join us for an evening with Ray Miller who will be telling us about the brain as a learning machine

Name of speaker and subject:

Prof. Ray Miller, Psychologist

Title of talk:

What has Psychology ever done for us? (A story in three parts)
Part 3:    We don’t need no Educashun: The brain as a learning machine.
How learning develops, intelligence, critical thinking and the do’s and don’ts of study skills.

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”
― Albert Einstein

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