Music: Combo Combo

Wood , wire, skin & muscle, and a lot of energy…We create music together that we enjoy playing, with the people we like….for anyone who will take the time to listen !!

A trio of voice, guitar and percussion who write acoustic-based songs influenced by Celtic; African; R&B; Blues; Jazz and  Reggae styles !!

  • Personnel:

  • Cassy Mcormack on vocals
  • Iain Mackechnie on guitar
  • Pat Mcann on percussion

Combo Combo

Cassy and Iain reconnected 2 years ago and started to write acoustic based songs together, then a year ago we got Pat involved as our rhythm maister. We now have more than enough songs for an album, which is being recorded, and we currently have a 4 track CD sampler available!!
Individually everyone has a wealth of playing and performing experience, in many different genres, which is reflected in the way the songs are composed. Not following any formula, but responding to each others’ ideas by creating what feels good or natural, something unique to……. Combo Combo.
Live the trio don’t slavishly stick to the recorded version.

“There is a freedom of expression that allows the power and emotional quality of Cassy’s vocal range to explore the melodies of each song when they perform. Both Pat & Iain give an effortless display of musicianship, with a dexterity and precision in their playing: what comes across is that they are clearly having fun.”

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Tel: 0131 467 9813    Mob: 07967 413254