12th Sept 2013: Digital Culture, Mindfulness and Existential Threat by Nadine Andrews

digital culture

Manchester Ragged University invites you to come along to the Castle Hotel for some food and a talk with Nadine

Name of speaker and subject:

Nadine Andrews

Title of talk:

Digital culture, mindfulness and existential threat

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

•    The technoscience project of modernity: notion of no limits and dominance over nature
•    Human-nature relationship: the Anthropocene age
•    Gadgets – mindfulness and mindlessness and perceptions of permanence
•    (Dis)regulation and (dis)harmony

Suggested you-tube links, websites and / or texts wherefurther information may be found:

Digital innovation, mindfulness + existential angst

Humans – technology – nature

A few words about you and your passion:

Most of what I do now, one way or another, involves helping people connect with nature (their own inner nature as well as that of the physical universe) with the aim of findings ways to live in harmonious relationship with nature

A few lines about the history of your subject:

Many scholars have written about the relationship in the West between humans and nature, and humans and technology, emphasising the continuing influence of Cartesian duality on modern political and economic discourse. Some authors have been speculating about the effects of digital culture, for example Sherry Turkle ‘Alone Together’, Jaron Lanier ‘You are not a gadget’ and Noreen Herzfeld ‘Technology and Religion: Remaining human in a co-created world’.
Mindfulness has become more acceptable in recent years as a valid object for academic study in clinical health and management contexts, however the relationship between digital culture and mindfulness and what this means in terms of environmental behaviour is under-researched.

Anything else you may want to say:

I am exploring this topic in my PhD at Lancaster University, HighWire Doctoral Training Centre