Bands Brought Together To Play At The Peartree Stage July 2014

In July 2014 Ragged Uni teamed up with Edinburgh Fringe Live and the Peartree to put on a small music festival where bands played, got live streamed and the crowd put what money they could into a hat.  It was all done on a voluntary basis and the idea was to explore what could be done for zero budget to promote local bands and hopefully put a few quid into their hands.  It was a success and many bands played, people enjoyed themselves and reached into their pockets to give a few quid, also they were live streamed.

Peartree garden plus stage

How we got people involved?

First thing we did was to invite musicians to submit a bio about your band, images, links to their website and videos and some dates that they would like to perform during the month of July.  They were allowed to perform more than once. There was only one stipulation and that was no drum kits to keep in the good books of the local residents. We did our best to fit them all into the dates they wanted.

Peartree building

A Bit About Edinburgh Fringe Live

Edinburgh Fringe Live is a grassroots attempt at media exposure of Edinburgh street entertainment in the Fringe to the world. In recent years the busking and “fringe” activity has been, according to some artists, marginalised and depreciated in value. At Edinburgh Fringe Live we believe in bringing the focus back to the streets and celebrating what we like to call the fringe of the fringe. It’s a unique angle and one that we are proud to have found and pursued last year.
Our aim is to encourage and grow participation by bringing learning and entertainment together using a recognised format of involvement. Giving credit where credit is due, and by appreciating the skill and creativity that anyone has with the recognition that they deserve, whole new realms of possibility will be opened up.
The Ragged University is bringing by way of certification of online artifacts – a method successfully employed in education – and by documentation of involvement, learning and teaching by individuals in these creative spaces Edinburgh Fringe Live offers an innovative learning environment which is driven by enjoyment as much as technique.

The aims of the project:

  • To stream the street acts of the Edinburgh Fringe live to the world
  • To stage and host our shows at the Pear Tree
  • To encourage participation in the arts, peer led teaching and technology
  • To employ and exploit the power that is Google Hangouts on Air
  • To enable and educate in media using the Edinburgh Fringe as a learning environment.
  • To teach, encourage and enable others to do the same
  • Bring a new Fringe website that promotes and supports performance and art opportunities for the future.
  • To have fun


And to do this we wanted as many bands as possible to take part so if you are interested then please get in touch as soon as possible with your details….