Podcast: A Different Kind Of Humanity by Ciaran Healy

This is a recording of Ciaran Healy giving a talk on the philosophy he has developed. Ciaran spoke at the Ragged University event in Edinburgh on 10th July 2014.

A different kind of humanity covers a recap of lecture 1 in the serie; The fundamental mechanism underlying all amplified conflict; The sundering of cultural context through globalised communications; The untenable human – how humanity as it has been is no longer stable, or sustainable; Mysticism and the Eastern answer;The limits of militant peace; The painting and the palette – a metaphor for a new, high-impact humanity apart from divisive beliefs; and Flavour-based humanity.

Ciaran Healy

This is the result of 19 years of Ciaran thinking through his philosophy. Are we brave enough to ask questions that implicate us all? That cut the ground from beneath our own feet and send us sprawling through chaos and insecurity, because we dared dig beneath the safe and static lies that the world teaches us never to question? Are we fools to do so? Is there truly a hope that there will be something there to find, something real and amazing, something worth the risk?

Ciaran Healy Strange Terrain part two by Raggeduniversity on Mixcloud