Edinburgh Fringe Live: Here’s the photos of Elaine

As promised I got some photo’s of Elaine O’Donnell who has cheered us up no end and shown amazing initiative. I had set my camera up on automatic, you can’t go wrong if you take enough shots, and was ready to set Elaine off snapping shots. Well little did I know until she phones me from the library saying she’s trying tprint out the manual for my camera and was having bother printing it off! who told you to do that? I asked myself. I was so impressed I said forget it and come down and take some pictures. And she did and all set up with a tripod off she went.

Derek and Elaine
Derek and Elaine

We all got back to business of everything else when it soon occurred to me where is Elaine? I scanned everywhere looking, asked everyone and no one had seen her. Keiran even went a hunting up the street all around and all to no avail. We all laughed at the thought that a sweet lady had turned up and went off home with a new camera, it then dawned on us something might have happened to her! We’d have to find her when eagle eyed Keiran spotted her all the way up the top floor of the Counting House window over looking the garden getting what turned out to be great fill in video footage.
Now I was impressed even more and she’s a golden ray of light who’s always smiling, I mean we asked her to stop smiling for the photo but she was having none of it.
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So a big thank you to Elaine, not just helping out, but being a true spirited learner who’s self motivated to give it a go. As I said she’s a genial gem 🙂

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