June 11th: Slow TV; Its Story and Its Surprises by Tim Prevett

Slow TV

Come along to The Castle Hotel, put your feet up and enjoy listening to Tim tell us all about Slow TV…

Name of speaker:

Tim Prevett

Title of talk:

Slow TV – its story and its surprises

Bullet points of what you would like to cover:

The surprises of Slow TV:

  • What is / is not Slow TV?
  • Marathon coverage of mundane matters
  • Viewing Figures
  • Relaxing and calming effects
  • Engaging national identity and culture
  • Wider implications

A screening of my 28 minutes 45 seconds long documentary “That Damned Cow – Just what is Norwegian Slow TV?”

A (few) paragraph(s) on the subject you you’ve chosen to talk about and written through a personal narrative:

Slow TV’s profile has grown since it emerged in Norway in 2009 with the BBC broadcasting their own Slow TV content in May 2015 and a live US production coming in November 2015.
NRK2, the second channel of the state broadcaster has been the pioneer in developing this real time marathon event broadcast format, taking surprise ratings at home and gaining global attention. Train journeys, a ferry voyage, knitting and singing a hymn book over sixty hours are some of the Slow TV subjects which NRK has shown.
“That Damned Cow”, subtitled “Just what is Norwegian Slow TV?” is a documentary which explores exactly that. It sets out NRK’s narrative through interviews with key NRK staff in Bergen and Oslo, from inception to international distribution.
It explores the relaxing experience many Slow TV viewers cite, from interviews at the Norwegian Hymn Book Slow TV event in Trondheim, with a Doctor of Media Psychology and with British Airways which has begun using the Bergensbanen train journey on some long haul in-flight entertainment.
“That Damned Cow” considers the future of Slow TV inside and outside of Norway. It offers ways of understanding the depth and potential of what at first seems a simple formula but evokes a spectrum of participation in real life and social media, engages national pride, heritage, community and identity.

Any suggested you-tube links, websites and / or texts where further information may be found on your chosen topic:

Tedx Talk on Why Slow TV is so addictive

My documentary had an article about it in Norway’s second largest tabloid on Sunday (in Norwegian):


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