Video: Anne Fernie Presents The Countercultural Imperative and The Origin of The Hippie

When talking in conversation with Anne, it has been obvious what an ocean of learning Anne has about German art, culture and influence across the world.  When I asked Anne about how she had come to have such an encyclopedic knowledge of German culture and history, she shared this:

My whole ambition from the off was to be a lecturer in German literature and culture and by the time I had wasted 15 years working towards it, hardly anybody was even doing German GCSE or A levels and universities were closing their German depts down! Because my ‘paper’ qualifications are in the field of German, a university would never consider me for teaching even first year film/media studies, art history etc. even though I can do it standing on my head.
Life is jolly unfair!! Never mind, I get to ‘go through my paces’ with the students every day and to be honest I think it is a much more enjoyable role than that of lecturers who are under huge stress these days. Anyway, hope the paper is what is required.