7th December 2015: Music by Sukh

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Come along to the Blind Poet at 7pm for a music event with George Wilson followed by live music from Sukh:

Doctor by day, musician by night, the young Mancunian songwriter Sukh self released his debut album in 2013 and has been quietly working away behind the scenes since.  Acclaimed for his chamber folk tinged numbers (particularly breakthrough single ‘Kings’), Sukh employs an orchestral element that sounds big enough to uplift and reverb around a space 300 feet high, balanced by gentle comfortable strumming and lupine vocals. 

Despite his accessible, even commercial sound, Sukh’s personal listening is underground, exploratory and thoughtful, including the likes of Luke Howard, Joe Hisaishi, the National, Kings Go Forth, Sigur Ros, Milo Greene, Dylan and Tom Waits to name a few.

He lets some elements of these tastes inform his songwriting but largely finds influence elsewhere, be it on the open mic circuit, temporary residencies in other cities, or, and perhaps most consciously, literature and psychology – Russian authors Tolstoy and Turgenev through to the more theatrical and poetic Henrik Ibsen, and emotional psychologists Haidt and Lyubomirsky.

His latest project sees him spreading his wings and incorporating a full live band with catchy hooks and a feel good vibe. Keen to get this project in the public space Sukh will be touring this brand new material with the aim to conquer the hearts and feet of all those who listen.


Website: www.iamsukh.com


Twitter: @sukhsmusic

Creative process:

With this new project, I wanted to explore new territory. All my projects so far whether it be “Kings” or the recent “Heading East” have explored different themes and required a different approach. I made those albums on my own on the most part with help from the producers. When i came to this project i decided i wanted to create something big, something fun, and i wanted to get other talented musicians to help me do that. Working with them has brought about these new tracks which i’m really fond of.
They explore a different side of my personality. Its an extroverted pop project which is a far cry from my folk leaning, introverted, sometimes orchestral music of the past. We’ve got brass and playful strings and cracking rhythms and grooves with fun melodies and lots of harmonies. Its a project full of hope and joy and i seem to use the “L” word a lot. It’s really nice working with top class musicians as well. We make a lot of noise.

Tour dates so far i have 7th Edinburgh, 9th Manchester, 12th London. Pending others…..

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