10th April 2018: Psychology and Behavioural Modelling Meetup: Psychological Phenomena; The Experiential Dimensions of Mind, Body and Spirit by Leon Paterson

Come along to the Lighthouse Bookshop (43-45 West Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9DB) at 7.30pm and take part in the Psychology and Behavioural Modelling Meetup by Leon Paterson.  It is a friendly and informal gathering to discuss topics with nibbles in good company.  It is entirely free and open to everyone

Come and join us for a fun, explorative journey into the behavioural science and psychology of mind, body and spirit. Where we will be both observing and trying on through our subjective experience – the phenomenon of mind, body and spirit.

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Most psychological research on the phenomenon of mind, body and spirit is conducted objectively. Where subjects are observed performing meditations, trance or other ‘spiritual’ labelled behaviour. The subject goes through an experience and the psychologists observe. They may then enquire what the subjects noticed by asking them multiple-choice questions. Their observations combined with the subjects multiple-choice answers will be analysed and the results published.In this sort
of research the subjective experience of what it’s like to be in a meditation, what it’s like to go into a light trance, or to experience something beyond yourself is greatly limited. The limitation lies in the fact that the observers have no direct access to the participant’s subjective experience. They are detached and removed and so can only investigate from a distance.
The objective position is an important one but restricts what can be investigated and noticed.To experience something subjectively is to look, listen and feel from your own body and notice what is going on from the inside. It is being in the experience attending to your personal thinking, feelings and behaviour. And when combined with the objective position gr
eatly increases the information available to us.This is why we’re giving you the opportunity to explore the mind, body and spirit phenomenon both objectively and subjectively. During this unique event you will get the chance to test whether we can extend our sensations beyond the body (often labelled as spiritual). As well as getting to try the latest state of the art science in meditation and light trance.

On this meetup you will learn

  • A scientific way of understanding any experience
  • The scientific methodology of verify, falsify and beyond
  • How to develop and measure meditation and deep trance practices
  • The distinctions between subjective, objective and contextual experience
  • How to extend feelings beyond the body into what’s often referred to as a spiritual experience