Bees and Honey by Gino Jabbar


Title of talk:

Bees and Honey

Bullet points of talk:

  • What are common garden pollinators?
  • What is pollination?
  • The life and nest of Honey bees
  • The bee hive
  • Products of the Hive
  • What is Honey?
  • Honey Fraud
  • Scottish Honey Varieties
  • Supporting Bees and Pollinators


A few paragraphs on your subject:

Currently there is much focus on bees and the job they do to maintain stable environments and food production systems. Many see insects frequently in their garden but may not know what they are and how these creatures are living.


Similarly, Honey, a health giving and wondrous food is almost unknown to the UK public. The lack of knowledge and sacred state of honey in the UK means that most people are unaware of the special varieties of honey we produce locally and also lead towards the death of bees as real honey is undersold, or unsold in favour of cheap imports which may be effected by global honey fraud – the third largest global food crime.

A few paragraphs about you:

I have been a beekeeper for 10 years, I am the proprietor of Simply Honey an Edinburgh based honey company selling honey produced directly from my own bees. I am a trustee of the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association the governing body for Beekeeping in Scotland.


I am very passionate about apiculture, I hold advanced qualification for beekeeping practice and theory, advanced honey sensory certification from the Italian government for courses conducted there on honey standards as well as contributing to the running and judging of UK honey shows at the Royal Highland Show, Scottish National Honey Show, National Honey Show, Great Yorkshire Show and the global honey awards – The London Honey Awards


What free internet knowledge resources would you recommend?

The Scottish Beekeepers Association Bee Basics

The Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA) aims to support honey bees and beekeepers, to improve the standard of beekeeping, and to promote honey bee products in Scotland through: The advancement of education in relation to the craft of beekeeping; The advancement of the heritage, culture and science of beekeeping; The advancement of environmental protection by conservation of the honey bee


Free webinar recordings with world leading beekeepers and bee scientists


The wiki for UK beekeeping 



What are your weblinks?

Website –

Facebook – @Simplyhoneyco

Public Email – [email protected]

Instagram – @SimplyHoneyCo

(Most active on instagram)


This event took place on 20th September 2023 at The Outhouse (12A Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh)