1935: Report of Address by Lord Lothian, Founder of Newbattle Abbey College

The value of adult education was emphasised by the Marquess of Lothian, C.H., in an address at the annual meeting of the Council of the Edinburgh University Settlement Association, held in Kirk O’Field College, Drummond Place, last night.

Professor D. P. D. Wilkie, M.D., Ch.M., Chairman of Council, who presided, referred to Lord Lothian’s generous gift of Newbattle Abbey to be a home for adult  education. They hoped they might be able to feed that home from Kirk o’ Field College and also from the Craigmillar College in Niddrie. Read more…

1980 Review of Edinburgh Settlement’s Policy and Activities

This is a transcription of the 1980 review of Edinburgh Settlement’s Policy and Activities, which is a part of the historical archive held in trust.


The thanks of the staff team are due to those people who contributed, formally or informally – and whether knowingly or not – to the Policy Review: members of Council, Executive Committee and sub-committees; workers in the voluntary and statutory welfare sectors; and University personnel. Special thanks are due to Rodney Noble and Charles Stewart, who produced earlier discussion papers.
The staff team wishes to note its particular debt of gratitude to Isobel Lister, their colleague, who typed the first draft and Caroline O’Kelly, who typed the final version. Christine Dickson, Tony Graham, Sally Griffiths, Mairi Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Isobel Lister, Lis McHardy, Peter Ritchie, Frances Sturrock, Bill Wallace, Edith Wood. Read more…

1964 Edinburgh Settlement’s Bold Social Service Plans

Two ambitious and challenging proposals, involving large-scale community development at home and abroad, are now being considered by Edinburgh University Settlement. They could revolutionise the whole scope of social service in the Scottish Universities.

The first proposal is to set up a settlement for social service along Edinburgh lines at Baroda, in the state of Gujarat in India.  There the university is already taking part in a unique experiment by exporting a medical faculty to establish the same teaching techniques in medical education as are offered in Edinburgh with its illustrious tradition.

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