Music: Minu Puri

Mini Puri was born in Calcuta, India, in 1955, She is a Singer, Music Composer, Pianist and Music teacher. She has recently got an award from Trinity College London for Excellence in Music Teaching for the year 2012.  She is presently teaching at Theme Piano Institute and running her own music Institute called MMP at Gurgaon.

About Me:

I have been a great lover of music since my childhood and have now developed a passion for it. I do not know who I am but I believe in two things… Love and Music, which are like two wings of my soul. I love to sing and compose music but I do not choose what I compose… it chooses me.

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Music: Makmed the Miller

Auto-didactic musician, sound recorder, arranger, composer, video artist and multi-discipline experimentalist.  As a musician plays theremin, one string fiddle, bazouki, guitar, cello, saz, percussion, yayli divan, three string pipa, and circuit bent toys.

As a producer/arranger/engineer/musician has produced the following albums of music:

  • Camp Chaos ‘Je Vous dis Merde’  Vinyl
  • Camp Chaos/Kingdom Scum  Vinyl
  • King Cannibal and the Headhunter  CD
  • Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra  ‘Iron Shoes’  CD
  • ‘Our Tin Tribe’  Vinyl Read more…

Music: Collar Up

Collar Up played several gigs in the Edinburgh Festival with Ragged Music when the initial idea was being test run.  Utterly professional, driven individuals producing high quality goods.   Here is what Muso’s Guide says about them…
Playing to launch their single – A Jam Jar Full Of Wasps – the trio of Collar Up grace the gathered throng with one of their finest performances, aided in no small part by the excellent sound quality that this venue continually achieves. Too often in the past it has proved impossible to hear song introductions and the like, but that curse is dealt with tonight so proceedings pass off pretty much by the book.
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Artist Development


To effectively help an artist on the road to realizing their work pragmatic and strategic goals must be worked towards. This involves some very simple elements.

Dead Stock

Artists have an incredible amount of dead stock which ‘produces nothing’ – work which has been produced but sits in the back of a drawer for various reasons. Ragged Music will actively encourage the exposure of these materials to the musical market so that their potential is valued. There is good reason to think that there is a lot of great music, already produced, which could be more widely available. Read more…

The Ethos Of Ragged Music

The core of the project is expressed within the Ethos. The philosophy of the Ragged project draws from old and new thinkers, directly and indirectly, and this is key to its success and longevity. These thinkers are being drawn together in supplements to inform the project. Read more…

Music: Sukh

On the 5th of July we got the local talent of Sukh playing from his debut album ‘Kings’ in the Castle Hotel in Manchester.  Sukh (born 1988) is a Manchester based singer songwriter with many creative strings to his bow.
Characterised by his raw voice and various guitar tunings his songs invite the listener into the inner world of his mind. He plays guitar, piano and has recently finished recording his debut album “Kings”. Drawing upon by the likes of Dylan, Sigur Ros, the National and his favourite novelists his music has been said to be always warm, inviting and honest. Read more…