Floating Classroom

Floating Classroom Photodocumentary (1)

Are you part of a group of people who want computer training ?  Would you like to have some free workshops and teaching around the computer skills you need ?  Are you based in Edinburgh or nearby ?  Well you can arrange to book the floating classroom by emailing the Ragged University today.

Over the years in trying to deliver computer training we discovered that there were certain barriers which kept on cropping up.  Often people do not own their own computers, often they do not have access to the internet, commonly the people who most need the skills cannot afford to pay for the learning they need.

We discovered that even the upcycling of computers was a problem for local community organisations due to being locked into narrow insurance policies, burried under pedantic health and safety bureaucracies, and held back with the worry of taking on the maintenance which comes with machines.


People Know How

What Is It Exactly ?

Through a collaboration with People Know How – a charity which bootstraps local community organisations – the Ragged University project designed a floating classroom to overcome the obstacles to getting on a doing what was most needed.

In short, a floating classroom is a complete set of mobile equipment which accommodates up to 12 people to get onto computers, and most importantly, onto the internet.  All packed in a custom designed fly case which allows someone to bring everything that is needed to the place where it is needed; just add people…

All that is required on the other end for the floating classroom is space with tables, chairs and plug points to set it up; that and a group of people who have identified what skills they need via the computer session(s), and some time to take people through the learning process.  Get in touch via email and we can arrange to tailor sessions around your community needs.





Floating Classroom Packed Up

Some fine points:

  • You will need to organise a group of six to twelve people
  • You will need to write a list of what you want to know how to do
  • You will be asked to write a little about the learning process
  • It is entirely free to not-for-profit communities
  • No silly paperwork involved


Get in touch via the Contact page with a little about how many people are in your group, what you want to learn and where you are.  Then a first session can be arranged.