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Tina Röck
Tina Röck

This is the page set up for Tina Röck’s event series called ‘The Art of Argumentation: Philosophy, Reason and the Universe’.

The primary focus of these meetings is to discuss certain philosophers, specific philosophies or strange philosophical concepts you have come across, and for us to explore all of these issues together to get our critical argumentation skills working.


You can suggest a theme for the upcoming event, vote for a suggestion or ask another question by visiting the forum:



There is an art of argumentation that has been lost in our modern technological world where visuals, memes, emotional manipulation and personal experience have taken the place of reasonable discussion. Mostly we argue to win, but Tina thinks we should argue to learn more without being afraid to ‘lose’. And, is it really losing if we discover something?

To develop some intellectual antibodies to manipulation through arguments we will engage with deceptive forms of argumentation, fallacies, rhetorical tricks and other ways people use to win an argument. We will start this using Schopenhauer’s ‘The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument’L:


The Art of Being Right by Arthur Schopenhauer
Click to Download a copy of “The Art of Being Right by Arthur Schopenhauer”


How do the events work?

After we have explored one argumentative trick with the help of Schopenhauer, I will give a 15-20 minute introduction to the philosophical topic of the meeting, which we will then explore together.  At the end of every meeting, we will decide on the theme for the next one. This forum is set up to help extend the conversations after the event plus identify the theme for the next meeting…

Here are some of the links which have already taken place…