Dreamwhispering by Geoff Baines

I’m a futurist.  I’ve allowed myself to admit this late in life, and have just completed a five week online course being trained to explore the future more effectively. There isn’t such a thing as the future, only many possible futures.  I love the idea that the future can be shaped by people with foresight, intention, and love…

Ragged University: ‘Something For Nothing’ by Don Ledingham

The notion of getting ‘something for nothing’ doesn’t sit well with those of us of a lapsed Scottish Presbyterian background. Yet that is exactly what I received yesterday from Alex Dunedin and left feeling very pleased with myself.

So is this Dunedin chap some sort of marketing genius who would be better suited to selling dodgy towels at an open market?  The simple answer is – absolutely not –  for I found myself purchasing twenty ‘None’ Pound notes from Alex in order to invest in the Ragged University concept.
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Do Open Educational Resources Increase Efficiency

One of the questions people often ask about Open Educational Resources is “do they really increase efficiency?”

Creative Commons has worked with many OER innovators, and their stories indicate that it does. We thought it would be useful to gather pointers to some of these examples. Please read on, and leave a comment with other great examples of how CC-enabled OER can increase efficiency for teachers, students and selflearners. Note of course that increasing efficiency is only one benefit of OER.
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The Digital Aims of The Ragged Project

The Ragged project uses available infrastructure and common technology to achieve its aims. The digital vision is a key part of this. The principle tenet of the Ragged project is to facilitate and build inclusive social capital.

Inclusive social capital is loosely situations where people choose to voluntarily associate with each other and where membership in that group serves as a free resource to those people. In short, Ragged aims to propagate community activities which are outward looking rather than exclusive and private clubs. Digital engagement and ownership is at the heart of Ragged Online and holds knowledge building through community support and development as its goal.
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Great Educator: Leo Tolstoy 1828 to 1910

“I put men to death in war, I fought duels to slay others. I lost at cards, wasted the substance wrung from the sweat of peasants, punished the latter cruelly, rioted with loose women, and deceived men. Lying, robbery, adultery of all kinds, drunkenness, violence, and murder, all were committed by me, not one crime omitted, and yet I was not the less considered by my equals to be a comparatively moral man. Such was my life for ten years.”

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