Why Is Everyone Not A Demographic ?

Along the way in trying to get formal support for the Ragged University, I have encountered endless bureaucracies which, if taken onboard, distance you from the work at hand.  In the case of Ragged University, it is about building communities of learning networks where people share their knowledge and skills in social spaces.  As far […] Read more...

Ragged University Graphic Design by Chris Behr

The graphic design of the Ragged project was brought together by Chris Behr when there were differences of opinion amongst the various people who were involved at the very beginning.  For example, what font should be used, what colour, what will the logo be ?

Mad Studies: The Identitarian Problem

This piece of work although situated in the context of Mad Studies as an academic discipline, is part of work which extends beyond the boundaries of Mad Studies in all directions. These notes are partly a way of talking through various fragments and ideas in order to organise and coordinate a larger study which intersects […] Read more...

Action Research: Critical Evaluation of Superstructures

This is the final installment of the first phase of an action research project interrogating the activities of administrative structures (like the Outcomes Star) in the lives of people who lack agency in the UK cultural context.  As a project it has triggered an investigation of administrative systems with a particular view to asking what […] Read more...

Sexual Diversity Throughout Nature: A Primer

This post is a series of verbatim excerpts taken from the book ‘Biological Exuberance; Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity’ by Bruce Bagemihl, Ph.D. The excerpts are taken from the introduction and the beginning of chapter 1 in order to illustrate some of the themes which the book deals with and some of the sources.