Twas The Rant Before Christmas… What Makes The COOCs Initiative Succeed Where Others Fail

The language of failure is a tricky one to use without creating unhelpful tensions which can compartmentalize the spirit and function of education and social projects. When walking through the surreal world of policy-town, phrases take root and oblige people to think and act in ways which conform to the language that is giving shape to their thoughts. Policy and it’s language has come to possess people’s practice.
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Community Open Online Courses: Create Your Own MOOC

My thoughts on Community Open Online Courses – COOCs – is that it is a vitally needed platform and resource for the enablement of knowledge sharing as well as personal and group development. Increasingly the production of knowledge is being coopted by market values which is resulting in the narrowing of who gets to make meaning, and who gets valued in our culture for having created public content. Read more…

6th Feb 2014: COOCs and the Rhizome; A World Where Everyone Is A Teacher And Knowledge Is Up To You by Peter Shukie

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Come along to the Castle Hotel on the 6th of February at 7pm for a bite to eat and listen to Peter talk about Community Open Online Courses…


Title of talk:

COOCS, a world where everyone is a teacher and knowledge is up to you

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Nomadic wanderings – rhizomatic learning ideas
  • Technology as a liberator
  • Popular Education and informal education
  • COOCS – a community of knowledge sharing where everyone can teach, everyone can learn

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