Easy Healthy Recipe: Super Seaweed Salad by Tracy Griffen

Welcome to festival month in Edinburgh. Yes, the world’s biggest arts festival takes over Scotland’s capital for this month. There’s also Foodies Festival this weekend at Inverleith Park, with some lucky winners from last month’s newsletter enjoying free entry tickets. I’ll be cycling there on Friday with empty pannier bags, so read on for the August’s article on how to attend a foodie event and stay (relatively) healthy.
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Urban Fitness; It's A (Concrete) Jungle Out There

Have you thought about getting fit but don’t know where to start? Sometimes the most effective way to start is with small changes to your daily life. The good news is that you need neither more time nor money to increase your general sense of wellbeing.

Yes, you can bluff your way to overall fitness! Here’s a cheat sheet to make an ordinary working day a day of health, vitality and smug self-satisfaction.

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