Podcast: Food Inc; The Film And A Discussion

Food, Inc. is a film about what is happening to our food chain.  Every month, we watch a film, have some food, and discuss what we saw at the Serenity Cafe. The food we had was vegetarian curry made with organic ingredients donated by the Ragged community so we could have a community meal.  The film was about the increasingly unhealthy way our food is produced such that the methods are damaging the environment, abusing workers, and having cruel disregard for the animals.
Made by the Emmy award winning filmmaker Robert Kenner, it’s primary focus is on the United States, however this is now relevant worldwide as the companies which it examines – and the methods of production – are multinational.  These are not American problems, these are world problems.  The corporations which have come to dominate the world production of beef, pork, chicken, maize, soy, potatoes and other staples, are not rooted in any one single country – they have global reach.
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Food Speculation: The Ordinary Business Of Life

Before I begin, I should warn you that this talk and paper is a crystallisation of the learning which I am doing in the area of economics. I have taken a liberty in addressing such a number of large topics in a single theme, and hope that it tantalises people to go and form their own investigations on the subject.

This is really, just a glimpse into big questions which touch all of our lives rather than a proposed solution. My hope is that on this journey, I can identify some key concepts and thinkers who help us approach the problems we collectively face, and celebrate the understandings which we do have in a most un-dismal of subjects – economics.

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