Informal Public Life And The Urban Agenda

A tremendous advantage enjoyed by societies with a well developed informal public life is that, within them, poverty carries fewer burdens over that of having to live a Spartan existence.

There is less stigma and less deprivation of experience suggests Oldenburg.  There is an engaging and sustaining public life to supplement and complement home and work routines.  For those on tight budgets who live in some degree of autsterity, it compensates for the lack of things owned privately.  For the affluent, it offers much that money cannot buy. Read more…

The Concept of The Ragged University

Ragged University is a concept, an idea which no one individual can control – “everyone is a unique and distinct body of knowledge, accredited by their experience and with a membership of one.”

The Ragged website is a hub for developing an open network of people interested to share knowledge with each other, making life richer and more interesting whilst improving our lots.  The project is informal and knowledge sharing is what we do. With the technology which is easily accessible, the Ragged project aims to recapitulate the some of the principles of the ‘enlightenment’ and embrace renaissance thinking whilst having a bit of fun.  We are all capable of learning any subject and eclecticism is important in learning new ways of thinking.
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