1980: Edinburgh Settlement; The Need For Psychiatric Day Centres

The Settlement is an arm and hand of friendship which the University, as a community, stretches forth to the wider world of Edinburgh. The University is a tidy and recognisable community in which common interests are readily recognised – not only in learning, and educational matters, organisational and administrative problems, but in preparation for life for some and progress in careers for others. Read more…

A Word For The Social Model of Madness: Psychiatry and The Family

When Shakespeare writes about how family and friends drive us mad, and treat us badly, it is great art – when a psychologist suggests it, then it is an outrage; this is a contradiction we find in our culture. The implications of openly accepting that close and dear ones as a source of malevolence and psychological trauma are extensive. It is the love that we dare not speak its name…? Read more…

What Every Woman Knows: Society By Gas Light

In their bedroom, Gregory becomes impatient and humiliates his wife about making a spectacle of herself in public:

  • Gregory: I’ve tried so hard to keep it within these walls – in my own house. Now, because you would go out tonight, the whole of London knows it. If I could only get inside that brain of yours and understand what makes you do these crazy, twisted things.
  • Paula: Gregory, are you trying to tell me I’m insane? Read more…

My Experiences of the Mental Health System by ‘N’

Good, bad, ugly, sad, hopeful.
It’s sad to anyone to have to visit or work at ********* *****, not an ideal place for anyone to spend time in.
An ugly building with rooms like interrogation rooms, with the odd cushion. A bit like how the DSS signing on offices used to look in the 80’s.Horrible lighting and old magnolia old painted walls.
Not a plant or ounce of colour or life in sight. Read more…

Mad World: An Exhibition on Sane People in Insane Situations

From individuals interred for their homosexuality, to women who wanted divorces; from teenagers who wanted to write for a living, to malnutrition – discover the history and explore if you can logically spot madness.

Art Exhibition at St Margaret’s House From 27th May to 21st June

Edinburgh: 29th May: Mad World Art Exhibition Opening

Come along and to an art exhibition which is to challenge the world to discover the insane. The concept of ‘madness’ has been a part of human society for arguably millennia, many places – times – and peoples have shaped how we perceive ‘mental health’. Now, in the UK and western world, the dominant perspective is one which medicalizes behaviour, and the medical world has become the overriding voice which gets to speak about what meanings are attributed to these phenomena, and what they represent. Read more…

Recovery: A First Hand Perspective by Kerrie Walker

Broken bones, broken glass, broken home and broken promises, the unacceptable had now become the acceptable.  Physical and mental abuse, topped off with alcoholism, a progressive illness slowly stripped me of any worthwhile beliefs and the values I once possessed.
The consequences’ of my drinking rapidly became more serious, then began several attempts of getting sober.  Doctors, social workers and a CPN offered me medical treatment and support, I thought I was cured.  Ultimately over a period of nine years, my ability to sustain a lengthy period of abstinence became more of a struggle as my mental health deteriorated. Read more…