A Call to Life Model in Edinburgh

Edinburgh residents (and beyond) are being given the opportunity to try life modelling! Multi-life modelling organisation Spirited Bodies will hold an extravaganza at The Arts Complex on Saturday 21st September 2013 from 11am to 5pm. Spirited Bodies are looking for about 40 models who will each model for a couple of hours, most of them for the 1st time.
Life models are one of the best means by which artists learn how to draw; the human body providing the ultimate complexity as well as being alive and energetic. Experienced artists keep in practise by drawing life models regularly. Usually a life model poses alone, sometimes with another model; however at this Spirited Bodies event models will pose in a group of up to 20. Unlike a conventional life drawing session this Spirited Bodies event allows models to change pose when they prefer, not as timed by artists. This can be empowering for models and within a group context allows models to freestyle into tableaux of their own choosing. Spirited Bodies Artistic Director Esther Bunting is always on hand to assist if needed, she may even do so from within by being a part of the group.
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Transformation Through Life Modelling With 'Girl in Suitcase' and 'Spirited Bodies' by Esther Bunting

Esther Bunting who performed ‘Girl in Suitcase’ in Edinburgh in association with Ragged University in 2011 explains a bit about this life drawing performance, and about her work with ‘Spirited Bodies‘ which will be coming to Scotland in September 2013. There are opportunities to draw whilst watching this show, so have your charcoal and pencils ready!

Girl in Suitcase is about my family’s situation with Mum becoming ever more dependent on Dad (and the rest of us); and my personal need to ‘come out’ as an ex-sex-working life model.

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