Do A Talk

People talking about many things inspires many people

Anyone can do a talk !!  Would you like to do a talk ?  Great.  This is about individual’s sharing your knowledge, experience and passion in an informal social space where we all put our feet up…


Criteria for giving a talk:

  1. A single individual gives it – not a group nor about a presenting group !
  2. You love what you are talking about
  3. It is non-political, non-religious, and non-corporate
  4. It fits within the bounds of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  5. That you commit to liaising with coordinators


 All you have to do is fill out a speakers information sheet and email it in. Then we will get back in touch and work with you to schedule:


Click here to download a speakers information sheet


Please return the completed speakers information sheet to:

info (at)


What is on the Speakers Information Sheet?:

Hello, thanks for offering to do a talk as a part of the Ragged Project. This is an informal education project where we all come together to enjoy learning something new in a relaxed social setting. This is in the traditions of the Ragged Schools movement which brought about free education in the UK.

Generally, people get an hour in total to talk and take questions.  You can talk about anything as long as it fits within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is non-political, non-religious and non-corporate.

It is not that the Ragged project is anti-religious, anti-politics or anti-corporacy; just that these occupy different areas of life… 🙂 Only one person gives a talk at a time, and people are there to talk about what they love, not a group which they are a part of. Remember this is a friendly opportunity for you to share your passion, and people will be coming to enjoy learning from you; no need for nerves…


Please fill out the following information to let people know about your talk:


Title of talk:



Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:



A few paragraphs on your subject:



A few paragraphs about you:



What free internet knowledge resources would you recommend to others if they wish to explore your chosen theme further?



What are your weblinks?

  • Website –
  • Blog –
  • Twitter –
  • Facebook –
  • Public Email –
  • Any others….



What are you contact details? (these are kept private)

  • Name –
  • Email address –
  • Telephone number –
  • City –
  • Preferred mode of communication –



A little about the events:

Each event aims to bring together two unique talks as life presents them.  Whoever gets their information in first gets scheduled in the order of presenting.  As soon as somone has filled out their speakers information sheeet and emialed it, then it gets coordinated as a talk against the next appropriate date.  All events are advanced planned, and require this time to publicise the events – it is all about prior preparation.


Write an Article:

To help connect people to your subject, and advertise the event, can you write an article about your subject which is 500 or more words and written through a personal narrative.  It is open for you to develop and the article will hold large links out to your event listing and your own personal virtual spaces.


Help get the word out:

Please spread the word about your event when you get the event date.  The more the merrier at the events and it helps when you tell people you know to come along, support you, and enjoy learning something new.


Loose framework of a typical evening:

  • 1900 Doors open for conversation, socialising, a bite to eat and a light drink
  • 1920 The first talk starts
  • 2020 A break for more conversation, socialising, food and drink
  • 2100 The second talk starts
  • 2200 The evening draws to a close