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Do you want to write an article for the website sharing what you are about  ?


We welcome contributions to the website and provide a very open remit for writing. The writing has to be non-commercial, over 650 words and cannot be published on the internet before.


The content has to fit within the remits of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but otherwise, people are welcome to share as they please. The writing will not be edited and will be attributed to the author. You can embed video files, audio files and documents as well as link out to other virtual spaces.


The policy is that there are no editors, only authors.  The view of language is taking one of a living thing whereby individuals choose how they express themselves.  The value is in the explanatory power, and like the Beatniks and so many creative schools, the written and linguistic form can take many manifestations.


The adherence to a single way of viewing anything is a monoculture and therefore an impoverishment.  The formation of English as a mungrel language is found in the diverse origins and continued changing nature of its forms.  Billy Shakespeare would have flunked his exams.


If people are happy with alternative spellings and arrangements, and if other people understand the content, then language has served it’s purpose.  The use of language should not resemble a cult.


Please get in touch via the contact page and tell us about what you want to share.  Write your article and label it with your name and the title of the piece in the file name (.docx) and email back.


Remember we are not looking for content which has already been published on the internet, but are happy for you to write something which links out to existing content.  This is primarily because search engines penalise websites for plaigorism through duplication.