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    The Steady State Economy Discussion

    How Can Education Help To Shape A Steady State Culture ? A Discussion Paper

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    Education as Human Development

    Downloadable document framing education and learning in terms of human development

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    Crime, Punishment and Faith in Change

    Podcast exploring the issues of crime, punishment, concepts of rehabilitation and forgiveness

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Copy of UK Judges’ and Lawyers’ Open Letter Concerning Gaza to end to British exports of arms after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) finding that there is a plausible risk of genocide being committed and international law is being broken. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD COPY


Collective punishment is a war crime


Introduction to International Criminal Law (Part I)


Introduction to International Criminal Law (Part 2)

"If I knew something useful to me, but prejudicial to my family, I would reject it from my soul. If I knew something useful to my family but not to my country, I would try to forget it. If I knew something useful to my country, but prejudicial to Europe, or useful to Europe but prejudicial to humankind, I would regard it as a crime. . . . [For] I am a man before I am a Frenchman, or rather . . . I am necessarily a man, while I am a Frenchman only by chance. " - Montesquieu

Some important economics resources and links...

Gary's Economics Youtube Channel

How London became the dirty money capital of the world | Financial Times Film

Robert Jenkins’ Partial List of Banking Misdeeds

Nicholas Shaxon's Treasure Islands; Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens

Nicholas Shaxson on his book 'The Finance Curse'

Quotation: "Nicholas Shaxson: Okay, I mean you’re certainly not alone in that question why on earth, why the hell do we accept tax havens ? Why are they allowed ? Why don’t we send in the gun boats and stop all this nonsense, and that many people have asked again and again and again ? um, there’s a couple of answers to that…I think the one of my favorite quotes from an American tax expert called Lee Sheppard. She answered this question by saying; she described them as financial whore houses and the reason we don’t crack down them is because the town fathers are in there with their trousers around their ankles and I think that kind of summarizes a lot going on. So many of the people in power are deeply involved in the tax haven racket; you have sitting MPs in the UK who have been involved in setting up some of the biggest shell company operations in the Cayman islands for example – that kind of thing – and Belize, and they’re all steeped in it…there’s an offshore investigator called David Marchant who runs an investigative outfit called Offshore Alert based out of Miami. They’re one of the best known investigative outfits in this whole area and he said when he’s investigating a corporate structure, when he sees a Lord or a Sir or one of these kind of British appellations in a corporate structure he treats it as a red flag...in other words – they call it – they talk about “having a lord on the board”; it’s kind of a way of legitimizing what you’re doing. You put one of these fancy names on and people think ‘oh this is all right and proper’ but what this is really telling us is that the whole establishment has become deeply corrupted by this stuff. These people are… the tax haven world totally suffuses our political establishment, particularly in the UK the Conservative party but the Labour party is certainly not immune. So there’s a whole kind of political capture going on. The other part of the story is ‘who are the tax havens ?’ and that’s one of the big themes of my of my book treasure islands…” [17 minutes 55 seconds to 21 minutes 46 seconds of above interview]

Full Circle & Nicholas Shaxson: Treasure Islands, tax havens and more

HMRC Annual Measuring tax gaps 2022 edition

The Balanced Economy Project

The Panama Papers: Exposing The Rogue Offshore Finance

Tax Justice Network

Transparency International

The Most Controversial Ethics Paper Ever Written

Deaths by Welfare Project

Research Clinic - Online Investigation and Training with Paul Myers

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