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    How Can Education Help To Shape A Steady State Culture ? A Discussion Paper

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    Education as Human Development

    Downloadable document framing education and learning in terms of human development

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    Crime, Punishment and Faith in Change

    Podcast exploring the issues of crime, punishment, concepts of rehabilitation and forgiveness

Coming this Autumn

Firstly, many thanks go out to all those who reached out to support the Ragged University project. Thanks to you the website will be able to continue for the meantime with the required hosting sources to serve all those who use the website from around the world.

As the pandemic is starting to recede plans are now being made to start up public events again in the Autumn. The last two years has provided space and time to think about educational experiments to run in the coming period. Amongst these will be the teaching of courses based on accredited Masters courses out in the community; the underlying principle will be to practice the pedagogical idea of 'learning through teaching'.

Alongside this everyone is warmly invited to do talks, presentations and events in social spaces like pubs, cafes, libraries and parks. Ragged University events will be free and open for everyone in the same way that they have always been, and the activities will be recorded to share through podcasts as much as is possible. The Ragged University idea is an idea which individuals practice in their own lives and we come together in social spaces to gain the benefits of sharing in informal ways.

Lastly, it is hoped to create a way of enabling people who like what has happened in Ragged University to support it financially through donation or through buying something like a merchandised mug. It is hoped that this will generate enough income to cover the costs of the website hosting and the meetup groups, and anything else will go towards creating free public events. Again, thank you to the kind spirited people who have ensured this project continues being a part of the rich lives of people - those people who enjoy learning and knowledge and sharing.

Ragged University is not about motivating people, it is about motivated people