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Currently I am now winding down a long built presence on Twitter primarily due to the incapacity for the company to provide a human to help me regain access to the access to the account. Something has caused the project credentials not to be recognised and the password recovery process is not working.


Any tech company which scales and forces its user groups to resort solely to technology responses for assistance is a failed product precisely because you cannot account for every eventuality in a process manual. On top of this the media demonstrating the morality of the new CEO in relation to the staff gives an indication of the shape of the decision making which makes me think it is time to put into practice Jaron Lanier’s argument ‘Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now’.


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Without the human customer-staff interaction all I am doing is becoming a product for a machine – time to re-engage with the real world and start gating technology as badly mediating the real world. For all those who followed and engaged with the Ragged Uni project on Twitter, thank you – it is a pity that the company has started to become what it is, for a while, like so many enterprises, it was a fruitful and fun space which by and large functioned socially. Now we have to be carefully thinking about the place which stock market driven companies and technologies have in our lives.