Ragged Publishing is being developed as an idea to bring into print and ebook, interesting new works by novel means.  With an ethos to foster authorship with the use of modern print-on-demand technology the idea is to eventually have a ‘Ragged Press’; an artisanal imprint which publishes authors verbatim without editorial input…


The publishing industry has changed and has more opportunities than ever for people to realize their work.  Ragged will bring to print rarities and provide information for the author.


The idea of ‘University in a Book’ will be produced as a history of the project and a catalogue of information has been accrued so far. Inspired by Unicef’s ‘School-in-a-Box’ scheme, it aims to hold in it’s covers some useful information for everyone.


Plans are underway to launch the press and have been smoldering away over the years as the understandings of what Ragged University is have been maturing. Meanwhile if you have a book in you, think about approaching literary agents and publishers:


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