Literary Agents


The following is an index of Literary agents to help people who want to get published. It is not exhaustive. It is out of date, but some of the literary agents may not be available. Tune in to the latest Writer’s Yearbook with your writing. It is a handy publication. Meanwhile speak your truth.many of the literary agents are open for business in the following list.  Golden rule – look it up on the internet yourself; use your judgement..


There are accompanying notes skimmed from the Writers and Artists Yearbook via the button below.: It looks like if you look like someone who you can work with, and you have something cogent you might find someone who will sponsor your manuscript and bring with them their years of experience in a particular trade – that of producing and distributing a book. This is only a small project but aims to produce useful informational assets in the public domain. Good luck.


Writers Yearbook 2013
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Table of Contents

A & B Personal Management Ltd

PO Box 64671, London NW3 9LH
tel: 020-7434 4262
email: [email protected]
Directors: R.W. Ellis, R. Ellis

Full-length MSS, scripts for TV, theatre, cinema; also novels, fiction and non-fiction.
No unsolicited material. Email or telephone before submitting anything. Founded 1982.

Sheila Ableman Literary Agency

48-56 Bayham Place,
London NW1 OEU
tel: 020-7388 7222
email: [email protected]
Contact: Sheila Ableman

Non-fiction including history, science, biography, autobiography (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). Specialises in TV tie-ins and celebrity ghostwriting. No poetry, children’s, gardening or sport. Unsolicited MSS welcome. Approach in writing with publishing history, CV, synopsis, 3 chapters and sae for return. No reading fee. Founded 1999.

The Agency (London) Ltd

24 Pottery Lane, London W11 4LZ
tel 020-7727 1346 fax 020-7727 9037
email [email protected]

Children s Book Executive Hilary Delamere. Represents authors and illustrators of children’s books for all ages, preschool to teen fiction (home 15%; overseas 20%); works in conjunction with overseas subagents. Also represents screenwriters, directors, playwrights and composers (10%). Adult novels represented only for existing clients. For Film/ TV/Theatre Executives, please email. No unsolicited material. Founded 1995

Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd

18-21 Cavaye Place, London SW10 9PT
tel 020-7373 8672 fax 020-7373 6002
email [email protected]

Contacts Gillon Aitken, Clare Alexander, Andrew Kidd, Sally Riley (Directors), Matthew Hamilton, Ayesha Karim, Charlotte Robertson, Gillie Russell (children’s and YA fiction), Lesley Thome (also handles film/TV), Associated Agents Anthony Sheil, Mary Pachnos, Lucy Luck
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, USA 20%, translation 20%, film/TV 10%). No plays or scripts. Send preliminary letter with half-page synopsis and first 30pp of sample material and adequate return postage in first instance. No reading fee.

Children’s authors include Mark Lowery, Louise Rennison and Moira Young. Founded 1977. Clients include Clare Allan, Lisa Appignanesi, Pat Barker, Jung Chang, Clare Clark, John Cornwell, John Crace, Simon Day, Sarah Dunant, Susan l-lderkin, Diana Evans, Roopa Farooki, Sebastian Faulks, Helen Fielding, Germaine Greer, Mark Haddon, Mohammed Hanif, Susan Howatch, Liz Jensen, Dom Joly, Peter Kay, John Keegan, Tim Lott, Mark Lowery, Holly McQueen, Pankaj Mishra, Caroline Moorehead, Jonathan Raban, Anna Ralph, Louise Rennison, Michele Roberts, Jennie Rooney, Edward St Aubyn, James Scudamore, Nicholas Shakespeare, Gillian Slovo, Rory Stewart, Nick Stone, Aatish Taseer, Colin Thubron, Robert Twigger, Amanda Vickery, Penny Vincenzi, Willy Vlautin, Andrew Wilson, Robert Wilson, Moira Young. UK only – Harper Lee, J.D. Salinger. Estates – John Betjeman, Bruce Chatwin, Paul Gallico, Ian Hamilton, Ngaio Marsh, Shiva Naipaul, Mary Norton, Slavomir Rawicz. Founded 1977.

The Ampersand Agency Ltd

Ryman’s Cottages,
Little Tew, Oxon OX7 4JJ
tel (01608) 683677
fax (01608) 683449
email [email protected]
Contact Peter Buckman, Anne-Marie Doulton

Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, USA 15-20%, translation 20%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Clients include the Georgette Heyer Estate, Helen Black, S.J. Bolton, Druin Burch, Vanessa Curtis, Cora Harrison, Ivo Stourton, Vikas Swarup, Michael Walters. Founded 2003.

Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency

Estelle House, 11 Eustace Road,
London SW6 1JB
tel 020-7386 2674
fax 020-7386 5571
email [email protected]

Contacts Darley Anderson (thrillers, women’s fiction), Zoe King (non-fiction), Camilla Bolton (uime & mystery, fantasy), Madeleine Buston (Head of Rights 8c women’s fiction; children’s 8c YA 8c crossover), Sophie Gordon (assistant 8c website controller), Rosanna Bellingham (financial controller)

Commercial fiction and non-fiction; children’s fiction, non-fiction and picture books (home 15%, USA/translation 20%, film/TV/radio 20%). No poetry or academic books. Send preliminary letter, synopsis and first 3 chapters. Return postage/sae essential for reply. Overseas associates APA Talent 8c Literary Agency (LA/Hollywood) and leading foreign agents worldwide.

Special interests (fiction): all types of thrillers, crime/mystery and young male fiction. All types of American and Irish novels. All types of women’s liction. Sagas, chick lit, romantic comedy; contemporary and literary. Also comic fiction. Children’s fiction, all ages, and picture books. Special interests (non-fiction): celebrity autobiographies, biographies, sports books, ‘true-life’ women in jeopardy, revelatory history and science, popular psychology, self improvement, diet, beauty, health, fashion, animals, humour/cartoon, cookery, gardening, inspirational, religious.

Clients include Anne Baker, Alex Barclay,    Constance Briscoe, Jenna Burtenshaw, Paul Carson, Chris Carter, Cathy Cassidy, Lee Child, Martina Cole, lohn Connolly, Jane Costello, Jason Dean, Margaret I )ickinson, Clare Dowling, Carrie Duffy, Phil Earle, Victoria Fox, Tana French, Helen Grant, S. B. Hayes, Pea Horsley, Tara Hyland, Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Ella Kingsley, Michael Lawrence, Rani Manicka, Chris Mooney, Annie Murray, Lesley Pearse, Lynda Page, Adrian Plass, Carmen Reid, J. J. Salem, Rebecca shaw, Peter Sheridan, Graeme Sims, Sean Slater, ( ally Taylor, Elizabeth Waite, Tim Weaver, Ahmet Zappa.

Anubis Literary Agency

7 Birdhaven Close, Lighthorne,
Warwick CV35 OBE
tel (01926) 642588
fax (01926) 642588
Contacts Steve Calcutt

Sienre fiction: science fiction, fantasy and horror (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No other
material considered. Send 50pp with a one-page synopsis (sae essential). No reading fee. No telephone calls. Works with the Marsh Agency Ltd on translation rights. Founded 1994.

Author Literary Agents

53 Talbot Road,
London N6 4QX
tel 020-8341 0442
mobile (07767) 022659
Contact John Havergal

Novels, thrillers, faction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and children’s books, and graphic and illustrated media edutainment concepts (home 15%, overseas/ translations 20%, advertising/sales promotion one-third). Pitches to publishers and producers. Send first chapter, scene or section, and graphics samples (if any), plus a half/one-page plot or topic oudine together with sae. No reading fee. Founded 1997.

Diane Banks Associates Ltd

email [email protected]
Contact Diane Banks

Commercial fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Fiction: women’s, crime, thrillers, Irish, literary fiction with a strong storyline, young adult. Non-fiction: memoir, real-life stories, celebrity, autobiography, biography, business, popular history, popular science, self-help, popular psychology, fashion, health 8c beauty. No poetry, children’s, academic books, play scripts or short stories. Send brief CV, synopsis and sample chapters as Word attachments. Aim to give initial response within 2 weeks. No reading fee.

Authors include Sasha Wagstaff, Tara Moore, Polly Courtney, David Kessler, Alex Higgins, Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), Miss S, Shelina Janmohamed, Merisa Merico, Brian Cox 8c Jeff Forshaw. Founded 2006.

The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency

James House, 1 Babmaes Street,
London SW1Y 6HF
tel 020-7930 4447
fax 020-7925 0118
email [email protected]

Executives Eddie Bell, Pat Lomax, Paul Moreton, June Bell.  Quality fiction and non-fiction, biography, children’s, business and sport. No unsolicited MSS without preliminary letter. No scripts. No reading fee. Founded 2000.

Michael Berenti Literary Management

46 Warwick Way, Suite 16,
London SW1 1RY
email [email protected]
Director Michael Berenti

Contacts Michael Berenti (thrillers, crime, suspense, current affairs, military, TV and film scripts), Natasha Hewitt (literary and commercial fiction, drama), Kate Sheldon (non-fiction, social, history, sci-fi). Fiction: literary, general commercial, thrillers, crime, suspense, drama, fantasy, sci-fi. Non-fiction: politics, social sciences, current affairs, history, military. Also film and TV scripts. Considers unpublished authors. Please check website for submission guidelines as they may change. Founded 2008.

Blake Friedmann Literary, TV & Film Agency Ltd

122 Arlington Road,
London NW1 7HP
tel 020-7284 0408 fax 020-7284 0442
email [email protected]
Directors Carole Blake, Julian Friedmann, Isobel
Dixon Agents Oliver Munson, Conrad Williams, Katie Williams

Full-length MSS. Fiction: thrillers, women’s novels and literary fiction; non-fiction: investigative books, biography, travel; no poetry or plays (home 15%, overseas 20%). Specialises in film and TV rights; place journalism and short stories for existing clients only. Represented worldwide in 26 markets. Preliminary letter, synopsis and first 2 chapters preferred. No reading fee.

Authors include Gilbert Adair, Sandy Balfour, Edward Carey, Elizabeth Chadwick, Anna Davis, Barbara Erskine, Garen Ewing, David Gillman, Ann Granger, David Hewson, Ken Horn, Peter James, Deon Meyer, Lawrence Norfolk, Gregory Norminton, Joseph O’Connor, Sheila O’Flanagan, Mario Reading, Michael Ridpath, Craig Russell, Julian Stockwin, Michael White. Founded 1977.

Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd

91 Great Russell Street,
London WC1B 3 PS
tel 020-7637 1234
fax 020-7637 2111
email [email protected]
Directors Luigi Bonomi, Amanda Preston

Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Fiction: commercial and literary fiction, thrillers, crime, young adult, women’s fiction. Non-fiction: history, science, parenting, lifestyle. No poetry. Keen to find new authors and help them develop their careers. Send preliminary letter, synopsis and first 3 chapters. No reading fee. Works with foreign agencies and has links with film and TV production companies.

Authors include Will Adams, James Barrington, James Becker, Sean Black, Jason Bradbury, Fern Britton, Jo Carnegie, Sam Christer, Gennaro Contaldo, Josephine Cox, Dean Crawford, Matthew Dunn, David Gibbins, Andrew Hammond, Richard Hammond, Matt Hilton, John Humphrys, Graham Joyce, Simon Kernick, Colin McDowell, James May, Mike Morley, Sue Palmer, Andrew Pepper, Melanie Phillips, Gervase Phinn, Alice Roberts, Mike Rossiter, Catherine Samson, Karen Swan, Prof. Bryan Sykes, Alan Titchmarsh, Phil Vickery, Sir Terry Wogan. Founded 2005.

The Book Bureau Literary Agency

7 Duncairn Avenue, Bray, Co. Wicklow,
Republic of Ireland
tell fax (01) 276 4996
email thebookb urea u@ocean free, net
Managing Director Geraldine Nichol

Full-length MSS (home 10%, USA/translation 20%). Fiction preferred – thrillers, crime, Irish novels, literary fiction, women’s commercial novels and general fiction. No horror, science fiction, children’s or poetry. Strong editorial support. No reading fee. Preliminary letter, synopsis and 3 sample chapters (single line spacing). Return postage essential, IRCs from UK and abroad. Works with agents overseas.

BookBlast Ltd

PO Box 20184, London W10 5AU
tel 020-8968 3089
email [email protected]
Contact Address material to the Company

Full-length MSS (home 12%, overseas 20%), TV and radio (15%), film (20%). Fiction and non-fiction. Literary and general adult fiction and non-fiction (memoir, travel, popular culture, multicultural writing only). Radio, TV and film rights sold mainly in works by existing clients. No reading fee. Editorial advice given to own authors. Initiates in-house projects. Also offers translation consultancy and literary PR services. Currently not taking on new clients. Founded 1997.

Alan Brodie Representation

Paddock Suite, The Courtyard,
55 Charterhouse Street,
London EC1M 6HA
tel 020-7253 6226
fax 020-7183 7999
email [email protected]

Managing Director Alan Brodie, Agents Sarah McNair, Lisa Foster, Harriet Pennington Legh
Specialises in stage plays, radio, TV and film (home 10%, overseas 15%). No prose, fiction or general MSS. Represented in all major countries. No unsolicited scripts; recommendation from known professional required. Established 1996.

Alan Brodie Representation Ltd

Paddock Suite, The Courtyard,
55 Charterhouse Street,
London EC1M 6HA
tel 020-7253 6226
fax 020-7183 7999
email [email protected]

Contacts Lisa Foster, Sarah McNair, Harriet Pennington Legh. Specialises in stage plays, radio, TV, film (home 10%, overseas 15%); no prose fiction or general MSS. Represented in all major countries. No unsolicited scripts; recommendation from known professional required.

Jenny Brown Associates

33 Argyle Place,
Edinburgh EH9 1JT Id
0131-229 5334
email [email protected]

Contact Jenny Brown, Mark Stanton, Lucy Juckes, Allan Guthrie. literary fiction, crime writing and writing for ( hildren; non-fiction: biography, history, sport, music popular culture (home 12.5%, overseas/translation 20%). No poetry, science fiction, fantasy or academic. No reading fee. See website for submission guidelines. Clients include Lin Anderson, Alex Gray, Keith Gray, Doug Jackson, Sara Maitland, Richard Moore, Tom Pow, Suhayl Saadi, Natasha Solomons, Paul Torday, Esther Woolfson. Founded 2002.

Felicity Bryan Associates

2A North Parade, Banbury Road,
Oxford OX2 6LX tel (01865) 513816
fax (01865) 310055
email [email protected]

Fiction and general non-fiction with emphasis on history, biography, science and current affairs (home 15%, overseas 20%). No scripts for TV, radio or theatre, no crafts, how-to, science fiction, light romance or poetry. No email submissions.

Clients include Carlos Acosta, Karen Armstrong, Simon Blackburn, Archie Brown, Sarah Challis, Isla Dewar, John Dickie, Tim Harford, A.C. Grayling, Sadie Jones, Simon Lelic, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Martin Meredith, James Naughtie, John Julius Norwich, Gemma O’Connor, Iain Pears, Robin Pilcher, Rosamunde Pilcher, Matt Ridley, Miriam Stoppard, Roy Strong, Adrian Tinniswood and the Estates of Robertson Davies and Humphrey Carpenter.

Capel & Land Ltd

29 Wardour Street,
London W1D 6PS
tel 020-7734 2414
fax 020-7734 8101
email [email protected]
Agents Georgina Capel (literary), Anita Land (TV)

Literary and commercial fiction, history, biography; film and TV (home/overseas 15%). No reading fee; see website for submission guidelines. Clients include Simon Barnes, Nicky Campbell, Flora Fraser, John Gimlette, Adrian Goldsworthy, K.M. Grant, Andrew Greig, Tristram Hunt, Tobias Jones, Leanda de Lisle, Colleen McCullough, Marion McGilvary, Jonathan Meades, Adam Nicolson, Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Roberts, Ian Sansom, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Diana Souhami, Stella Rimington, Louis Theroux, Giles Tremlett, Fay Weldon, A.N. Wilson. Founded 1999.

CardenWright Literary Agency

27 Khyber Road,
London SW11 2PZ
mobile 07789 000608
email [email protected]

Contact Genevieve Carden (Managing Partner, book/theatre agent), Philippe Carden (Partner, theatreagent), Rachel Wright (TV/film consultant)

Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%), scripts for theatre (15%), film and TV rights (10%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Submit by email a covering letter, one-page synopsis and CV plus the first 50pp (novel), chapter outline and sample chapter (non-fiction), or play script. Authors include Robert Dinsdale, R.J. Morgan, Nedim Gursel, Allen Pizzey, Margaret Moore, Daniela Norris, Shireen Anabtawi, Samuel Kerr. Founded 2009.

Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd

(formerly Margaret Ramsay Ltd and Casarotto Company Ltd)
Waverley House, 7-12 Noel Street,
London W1F8GQ
tel 020-7287 4450
fax 020-7287 9128
email [email protected]

Directors Jenne Casarotto, Giorgio Casarotto, Tom Erhardt, Mel Kenyon, Jodi Shields, Rachel Holroyd. MSS – theatre, films, TV, sound broadcasting only (10%). Works in conjunction with agents in USA and other foreign countries. Preliminary letter essential.

Authors include Alan Ayckbourn, J.G. Ballard, Edward Bond, Howard Brenton, Caryl Churchill, Tony Grisoni, Christopher Hampton, David Hare, Nick Hornby, Amy Jenkins, Laura Jones, Neil Jordan, Frank McGuiness, Phyllis Nagy, Neal Purvis, Mark Ravenhill, Willy Russell, Martin Sherman, Shawn Slovo, Robert Wade, Timberlake Wertenbaker, David Wood. For full client list see website. Founded 1989.

Celia Catchpole

56 Gilpin Avenue,
London SW14 8QY tel 0208-8255 4835
email [email protected], (submissions)
[email protected]
Director Celia Catchpole, Agent James Catchpole

Agent for authors and illustrators of children’s books for all ages. Send complete stories if under 5000 words or the first three chapters if longer. Founded 1996.

Chapman & Vincent

7 Dilke Street,
London SW3 4JE tel/
fax 020-7352 5582
email [email protected]

Directors Jennifer Chapman, Gilly Vincent

Handles illustrated non-fiction work only. Not actively seeking new clients but will consider original work – not travel, domestic tragedies or academic books. Submissions require synopsis, 2 sample chapters and sae. Also considers email enquiries without attachments. Do not telephone. No reading fee. Works with The Elaine Markson Agency. Commission: home 15%; US and Europe 20%. Clients include George Carter, Leslie Geddes-Brown, Lucinda Lambton and Eve Pollard. Founded 1992.

Mic Cheetham Associates Ltd

50 Albemarle Street, London WIS 4BD
tel 020-7495 2002
fax 020-7399 2801
Director Mic Cheetham, Contact Mic Cheetham,Simon Kavanagh

General and literary fiction, science fiction, some non-fiction (home/overseas 15-20%); film, TV and radio rights (10-20%); will suggest revision. Works with the Marsh Agency Ltd for foreign rights. No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee. Founded 1994.

Judith Chilcote Agency

8 Wentworth Mansions, Keats Grove,
London NW3 2RL
tel 020-7794 3717
email [email protected]
Director Judith Chilcote

Commercial fiction, non-fiction – memoirs, current affairs, TV tie-ins (home 15%, overseas 20-25%). No short stories, science fiction, poetry. Works in conjunction with overseas agents and New York affiliate. No reading fee but preliminary letter with 3 chapters only, CV and sae essential. No email submissions. Founded 1990.

Teresa Chris Literary Agency Ltd

43 Musard Road,
London W6 8NR
tel 020-7386 0633
Director Teresa Chris

All fiction, especially crime, women’s commercial, general and literary fiction. No science fiction, horror, fantasy, short stories, poetry, academic books (home 10%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Send introductory letter describing work, first 3 chapters and sae. Representation in all overseas territories. Founded 1988.

Mary Clemmey Literary Agency

6 Dunollie Road,
London NW5 2XP
tel 020-7267 1290
fax 020-7813 9757
email [email protected]

High-quality fiction and non-fiction with an international market (home 15%, overseas 20%, performance rights 15%). No children’s books or science fiction. TV, film, radio and theatre scripts from existing clients only. Works in conjunction with US agent. No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS and no email submissions. Approach first by letter (including sae). US clients include Lynn C. Franklin Associates Ltd, The Miller Agency, Roslyn Targ, Weingel-Fidel Agency Inc. Founded 1992.

Jonathan Clowes Ltd

10 Iron Bridge House, Bridge Approach,
London NW1 8BD
tel 020-7722 7674
fax 020-7722 7677
email [email protected]
Directors Jonathan Clowes, Ann Evans, Nemonie Craven, Olivia Guest

Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, film, TV, theatre and radio (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS. Email for general enquiries. Works in association with agents overseas. Founded 1960.  Clients include Simon Crilchley, Len Deighton, Mrs Stephen Fry, Doris Lessing, David Nobbs, Hyam Yared.

Elspeth Cochrane Personal Management

(in association with Asquith 8c Horner) The Studio,
14 College Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 3NS
Contacts Elspeth Cochrane, Anthony Vander Elst
No unsolicited MSS. Existing clients only.
Clients include Royce Ryton, Robert Tanitch. Founded 1960.

Rosica Colin Ltd

1 Clareville Grove Mews,
London SW7 5AH
tel 020-7370 1080
fax 020-7244 6441
Directors Sylvie Marston, Joanna Marston

All full-length MSS (excluding science fiction and poetry); also theatre, film and sound broadcasting (home 10%, overseas 10-20%). No reading fee, but may take 3-4 months to consider full MSS. Send synopsis only in first instance, with letter outlining writing credits and whether MS has been previously submitted, plus return postage.

Authors include Richard Aldington, Simone de Beauvoir (in UK), Samuel Beckett (publication rights), Steven Berkoff, Alan Brownjohn, Sandy Brownjohn, Donald Campbell, Nick Dear, Neil Donnelly, J.T. Edson, Bernard Farrell, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (in UK), Jean Genet, Franz Xaver Kroetz, Don McCamphill, Heiner Muller (in UK), Graham Reid, Alan Sillitoe, Botho Strauss (in UK), Rina Vergano, Anthony Vivis, Wim Wenders (in UK). Founded 1949.

Conville & Walsh Ltd

2 Ganton Street,
London W1F 7QL
tel 020-7287 3030
fax 020-7287 4545
email (firstname)
rectors Clare Conville, Patrick Walsh

Handles all genres of fiction, non-fiction and children’s worldwide (home 15%, US and translation 20%). Fiction clients range from the Booker Prize winner I ).B.C. Pierre to John Llewellyn Rhys Prize winner Sarah Hall, to Orwell Prize winner Delia Jarrett-Macauley and the Desmond Elliott Prize winner Ali Shaw. Other novelists include Isabel Wolff, S.J. Watson, Nick Harkaway, Stephen Kelman, John Niven, Howard Marks, Adam Creed, Matt Dunn and Michael Cordy.

Non-fiction clients include Tom Holland, Helen Castor, Simon Singh, Ben Wilson, Dr Christian lessen, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Belle de Jour, Richard Wiseman, Kate Rew, Natalie Haynes, Clive Stafford-Smith, Edward Vallance, Ian Stewart, Misha Glenny, Brett Kahr and Michael Scott. Artists represented for books include David Shrigley, Steven Appleby and the Estate of Francis Bacon. Comedians and satirists represented include Vic Reeves and Charlie Brooker. Children’s and young adult list includes John Burningham, Steve Voake, David Bedford, Katie Davies, Rebecca James, P.J. Lynch and the Estate of Astrid Lindgren. Founded 2000.

Jane Conway-Gordon Ltd

38 Cromwell Grove,
London W6 7RG
tel 020-7371 6939
email [email protected]

Full length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%). No poetry, sci-fi or children’s. Represented in all foreign countries. No reading fee but preliminary letter and return postage essential. Founded 1982.

Coombs Moylett Literary Agency

120 New Kings Road,
London SW6 4LZ
tel 020-8740 0454
fax 020-7736 3500
email [email protected]
Contacts Lisa Moylett, Victoria Ross

Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, film/TV 20%). Fiction: thrillers, crime/mystery; women’s literary and contemporary. Non-fiction: biography; history and current affairs. Send synopsis, first 3 chapters and sae (essential). No disk or email submissions. No reading fee. Works with foreign agents.

Creative Authors Ltd

1 1A Woodlawn Street, Whitstable,
Kent CT5 1HQ
tel (01227) 770947
email [email protected]
Director Isabel Atherton

Fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction, humour, history, autobiography, memoir, Mind,
Body &. Spirit, health, cookery, arts and crafts, crime, children’s fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Prefers email submissions.
Authors include Mark Beaumont, Lee Bullman, Janine Bullman, E.A. Hanks, Amanda Hallay, Sarah Herman, Adele Nozedar, Feargus O’Sullivan. Established 2008.

Rupert Crew Ltd

6 Windsor Road,
London N3 3SS
tel 020-8346 3000
fax 020-8346 3009
email [email protected]
Directors Doreen Montgomery, Caroline Montgomery

International representation, handling volume and subsidiary rights in fiction and non-fiction properties (home 15%, elsewhere 20%); no plays, screenplays, poetry, journalism, science fiction, horror, fantasy or short stories. No reading fee, but preliminary letter and return postage essential. Also acts independently as publishers’ consultants. Founded 1927 by F. Rupert Crew.

Curtis Brown Croup Ltd

Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket,
London SW1Y4SP
tel 020-7393 4400 fax 020-7393 4401/02
email [email protected]
Ceo Jonathan Lloyd, Coo Ben Hall,

Directors Jacquie Drewe, Jonny Geller, Nick Marston, Sarah Spear Books Jonny Geller (Managing Director, Books Division), Felicity Blunt, Anna Davis, Jonathan Lloyd, Vivienne Schuster, Elizabeth Sheinkman, Karolina Sutton, Stephanie Thwaites, Gordon Wise Film/TV/Theatre Nick Marston (Managing Director, Media Division), Amanda Davis, Tally Garner, Ben Hall, Joe Phillips

Actors Sarah Spear (Head of Acting Dept), Grace Clissold, Mary FitzGerald, Maxine Hoffman, Lucy Johnson, Sarah MacCormick, Kate Staddon, Olivia Woodward. Presenters Jacquie Drewe. Commercials and personal appearances Jacquie Drewe

Novels, general non-fiction, children’s books and associated rights (including multimedia), as well as film, theatre, TV and radio scripts. See website for submission guidelines. Also represents playwrights, film and TV writers and directors, theatre directors and designers, TV and radio presenters and actors. Overseas associates in Australia and the US. Founded 1899.

Judy Daish Associates Ltd

2 St Charles Place,
London W10 6EG
tel 020-8964 8811
fax 020-8964 8966
email [email protected]

Agents Judy Daish, Howard Gooding, Tracey Elliston. Theatre, film, TV, radio (rates by negotiation). No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee. Founded 1978.

Caroline Davidson Literary Agency

5 Queen Anne’s Gardens,
London W4 ITU
tel 020-8995 5768
fax 020-8994 2770
email [email protected]

Handles novels and non-fiction of high quality, including reference works (12.5%). Send preliminary letter with CV and detailed, well thought-out book proposal/synopsis and/or first 50pp of novel. No email submissions. Large sae with return postage essential. No reading fee. Quick response.- Authors include Peter Barham, Nigel Barlow, Andrew Beatty, Andrew Dalby, Emma Donoghue, Chris Greenhalgh, Tom Jaine, Huon Mallalieu, Simon Unwin, Caroline Williams. Founded 1988.

Felix de Wolfe

Kingsway House, 103 Kingsway,
London WC2B 6QX
tel 020-7242 5066
fax 020-7242 8119

Theatre, films, TV, sound broadcasting, fiction (home 10-15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Works in conjunction with many foreign agencies.


55 Monmouth Street,
London WC2H 9DG
tel 020-7240 9992
fax 020-7395 6110
email [email protected]
Directors David Godwin, Heather Godwin

Literary fiction and general non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, film 15%). No reading fee; send sae for return of MSS. Founded 1995.

Dorian Literary Agency (DLA)

Upper Thornehill, 27 Church Road,
St Marychurch, Torquay, Devon TQ1 4QY
tel (01803) 312095
Contact Dorothy Lumley (proprietor)

General fiction, and specialising in popular fiction (home 12.5%, USA 15%, translation 20%). For adults: women’s fiction, romance, historicals; crime and thrillers; science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy and horror. Reading only very selectively. No short stories, young adult or children’s fiction, non-fiction, comic material, poetry or drama. No reading fee. Contact initially by post with the first 3 chapters and brief outline plus return postage/sae. No telephone calls, faxes or emails.

Authors include Gillian Bradshaw, Kate Charles, Kate Hardy, Glenda Larke, Brian Lumley, Stephen Jones, Andy Remic, Rosemary Rowe, Lyndon Stacey, Julia Williams. Founded 1986.

Robert Dudley Agency

50 Rannoch Road,
London W6 9SR
mobile (07879) 426574
email [email protected]
Proprietor Robert Dudley

Fiction and non-fiction. Specialises in history, biography, sport, management, politics, military history, current affairs (home 15%, overseas 20%; film/TV/radio 20%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. All material sent at owner’s risk. No MSS returned without sae. Authors include Steve Biko, Simon Caulkin, Chris Green, Terry Macalister, Mungo Melvin, Brian Holden Reid, Tim Phillips, Chris Sidwells, James Taylor, Rosy Thornton, Dan Wilson. Founded 2000.

Toby Eady Associates Ltd

3rd Floor, 9 Orme Court,
London W2 4RL
tel 020-7792 0092
fax 020-7792 0879
email [email protected]
Contacts Toby Eady, Jamie Coleman, Samar Hammam

Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas/ film/ TV 20%). Special interests: China, Middle East, Africa, India. No film/TV scripts or poetry. Approach by personal recommendation. Overseas associates La Nouvelle Agence (France), Jan Michael (Holland), Joanne Wang (China), ICM (USA). Film 8c TV: ICM.

Submission details Send to Pamela Hunt ([email protected]). Clients include Nada Awar Jarrar, Mark Burnell, John Carey, Bernard Cornwell, Gavin Elser, Fadia Faqir, Sophie Gee, Ching-He Huang, Susan Lewis, Diane Wei Liang, Julia Lovell, Francesca Marciano, Patrick Marnham, Richard Lloyd Parry, Deborah Scroggins, Samia Serageldin, Rachel Seiffert, John Stubbs, Robert Winder, Zhu Wen, Alison Wong, Fan Wu, Xinran Xue. Estates of Peter Cheyney, Ted Lewis, Mary Wesley. Founded 1968.

Eddison Pearson Ltd

West Hill House, 6 Swains Lane,
London N6 6QS
tel 020-7700 7763
fax 020-7700 7866
email [email protected]
Contact Clare Pearson

Children’s and young adult books, fiction and non-fiction, poetry (home 10%, overseas 15-20%). Small personally run agency. Enquiries and submissions by email only; please email for up-to-date submission guidelines by return. No reading fee. May suggest revision where appropriate. Authors include Valerie Bloom, Sue Heap, Caroline Lawrence, Robert Muchamore.

Edwards Fuglewicz

49 Great Ormond Street,
London WC1N 3HZ
tel 020-7405 6725
fax 020-7405 6726
Partners Ros Edwards, Helenka Fuglewicz

Literary and commercial fiction (but no children’s fiction, science fiction or horror); non-fiction: biography, history, popular culture (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No unsolicited MSS or email submissions. No reading fee. Founded 1996.

Faith Evans Associates

27 Park Avenue North,
London N8 7RU
tel 020-8340 9920
email [email protected]

Small agency (home 15%, overseas 20%). Co-agents in most countries. No phone calls or submissions. Authors include Melissa Benn, Eleanor Bron, Midge Gillies, Ed Glinert, Vesna Goldsworthy, Cate Haste, Jim Kelly, Helena Kennedy, Tom Paulin, Sheila Rowbotham, Rebecca Stott, Harriet Walter, Elizabeth Wilson, and the estates of Madeleine Bourdouxhe and Lorna Sage. Founded 1987.

Janet Fillingham Associates

52 Lowther Road,
London SW13 9NU
tel 020-8748 5594
fax 020-8748 7374
email [email protected]
Agents Janet Fillingham, Kate Weston

Film, TV and theatre only (home 15%, overseas 15-20%). No books. Strictly no unsolicited MSS; professional recommendation required. Founded

Film Rights Ltd

Suite 306, Belsize Business Centre, 258 Belsize Road,
London NW6 4BT
tel 020-7316 1837
fax 020-7624 3629
email [email protected]
Directors Brendan Davis, Joan Potts

Theatre, films, TV and sound broadcasting (home 10%, overseas 15%). No reading fee. Represented in USA and abroad. Founded 1932.

Laurence Fitch Ltd

(incorporating The London Play Company 1922)
Suite 306, Belsize Business Centre, 258 Belsize Road,
London NW6 4BT
tel 020-7316 1837
fax 020-7624 3629
email [email protected]

Directors F.H.L. Fitch, Joan Potts, Brendan Davis. Film and TV (home 10%, overseas 15%). Authors include Carlo Ardito, John Chapman, Peter Coke, Ray Cooney OBE, Dave Freeman, John Graham, Robin Hawdon, Jeremy Lloyd (plays) Dawn Lowe-Watson, Glyn Robbins, Edward Taylor and the Estate of the late Dodie Smith.

Jill Foster Ltd (JFL)

1 Lyric Square,
London W6 ONB
tel 020-3178 4409
email [email protected]
Agents Alison Finch, Dominic Lord, Gary Wild, Jill Foster.

Theatre, films, TV and sound broadcasting (12.5%). Particularly interested in film and TV comedy and drama. No novels or short stories. No reading fee. Preliminary letter essential. No submissions by email. Do not send material in the first instance. Founded 1978.

Fox & Howard Literary Agency

4 Bramerton Street,
London SW3 5JX
tel 020-7352 8691
fax 020-7352 8691 Partners Chelsey Fox, Charlotte Howard

General non-fiction: biography, history and popular culture, reference, business, mind, body 8c spirit, health and personal development, popular psychology (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee, but preliminary letter and synopsis with sae essential for response. Founded 1992.

Johnson & Alcock Ltd

Clerkenwell House
45-47 Clerkenwell Green
tel (020) 7251 0125


Fraser Ross Associates

6 Wellington Place,
Edinburgh EH6 7EQ
tel 0131-553 2759, 0131-657 4412
email: [email protected], [email protected]
Partners Lindsey Fraser, Kathryn Ross

Futerman, Rose & Associates

91 St Leonards Road,
London SW14 7BL tel 020-8255 7755
email [email protected]
Contact Guy Rose
Fiction, biography, show business, current affairs, teen fiction and scripts for TV and film. No children s, science fiction or fantasy. No unsolicited MSS. Send brief resume, synopsis, first 20pp and sae.
Clients include Larry Barker, Christian Piers Betley, David Bret, Tom Conti, Richard Digance, Iain Duncan Smith, Sir Martin Ewans, Susan George, Paul Hendy, Keith R Lindsay, Eric Maclnnes, Paul Marx, Vartan Melkonian, Max Morgan-Witts, Judge Chris Nicholson, Ciaran O’Keeffe, Antonia Owen, Liz Rettig, Peter Sallis, Paul Stinchcombe, Jim Sullivan, Gordon Thomas, Bill Tidy, Toyah Willcox, Simon Woodham, Allen Zeleski. Founded 1984.


Jiiri Gabriel

35 Camberwell Grove,
London SE5 8JA
tel 020-7703 6186
Quality fiction and non-fiction (i.e. anything that shows wit and intelligence); radio, TV and film, but selling these rights only in existing works by existing clients. Full-length MSS (home 10%, overseas 20%); performance rights (10%). Will suggest revision where appropriate. No short stories, articles, verse or books for children. No reading fee; return postage essential. Juri Gabriel is the chairman of Dedalus (publishers).
Authors include Tom Clempson, Diana Constance, Clare Druce, Miriam Dunne, Matt Fox, Paul Genney, Pat Gray, Mikka Haugaard, Robert Irwin, Andrew Killeen, John Lucas, ‘David Madsen Richard Mankiewicz, David Miller, Andy Oakes, John Outram, Philip Roberts, Stefan Szymanski, Jeremy Weingard, Dr Terence White.


Eric Glass Ltd

25 Ladbroke Crescent,
London Wl 1 IPS
tel 020-7229 9500
fax 020-7229 6220
email [email protected]
Director Janet Glass
Full-length MSS only; also theatre, films, and TV. No unsolicited MSS. Founded 1932.


David Godwin Associates – see DGA Ltd Graham Maw Christie

19 Thornhill Crescent, London Nl 1BJ tel 020-7737 4766
email [email protected]
Contacts Jane Graham Maw, Jennifer Christie
General non-fiction books, ebooks and apps: autobiography/memoir, business, web-to-book, humour and gift, food and drink, health, lifestyle, parenting, self-help/how to, popular science/history/ culture/reference, TV tie-in. No fiction, children’s or poetry. No reading fee. Will suggest revisions. Also represents ghostwriters. See website for submission guidelines.
Authors include Lindsey Agness, Sacha Baveystock, Dr Patrick Bowler, Jane Brocket, Sheila Chandra,
Simon Dawson, Kasey Edwards, Michael Foley, Alan 8c Jackie Gear, Becky Jones, Mosey Jones, Dr Philippa Kaye, Rosie Millard, Clare Lewis, Gael Lindenfield, Nick Moran, James Ramsden, Corinne Sweet, Richard Wilson. Founded 2005.


Annette Green Authors’ Agency

1 East Cliff Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9AD tel (01892) 514275
email [email protected]
Partners Annette Green, David Smith
Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%). Literary and general fiction and non-fiction, popular culture, history, science, teenage fiction. No dramatic scripts, poetry, science fiction or fantasy. No reading fee. Preliminary letter, synopsis, sample chapter anc/sae essential.
Authors include Andrew Baker, Tim Bradford, Bill Broady, Meg Cabot, Simon Conway, Maria McCann, Adam MacQueen, Ian Marchant, Lembit Opik MP, Prof Charles Pasternak, Imogen Robertson, Kirsty Scott, Peter Shapiro, Bernadette Strachan, Elizabeth Woodcraft. Founded 1998.


Christine Green Authors’ Agent

6 Whitehorse Mews, Westminster Bridge Road,
London SE1 7QD    *
tel 020-7401 8844/ax 020-7401 8860
Contacts Christine Green, Claire Anderson-Wheeler
Literary and commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction (home 10%, overseas 20%). Crime and historical fiction welcome. No science fiction, travelogues, self-help, picture books, scripts or poetry. Works in conjunction with agencies in Europe and Scandinavia. No reading fee. No submissions by email, but preliminary queries by email welcome. Submissions should consist of synopsis and first 3 chapters. Please either enclose sae or clearly indicate preference for email response. Founded 1984.


Louise Greenberg Books Ltd

The End House, Church Crescent,
London N3 1BG
tel 020-8349 1179
fax 020-8343 4559
email [email protected]
Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20-25%). Literary fiction and non-fiction. No reading fee. Return postage and sae essential. No telephone enquiries. Founded 1997.


Greene & Heaton Ltd

37 Goldhawk Road,
London W12 8QQ
tel 020-8749 0315
fax 020-8749 0318
email [email protected]
Contacts Carol Heaton, Judith Murray, Antony
Topping, Nicola Barr
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No poetry or original scripts for theatre, film or TV. Send a covering letter, synopsis and first 3 chapters with sae and/or return postage. Email submissions accepted but no reply guaranteed; send to [email protected]. Overseas
associates worldwide.
Clients include Poppy Adams, Bill Bryson, Jane Dalley, Suzannah Dunn, Marcus du Sautoy, Travis Elborough, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Michael Frayn, Andrea Gillies, Maeve Haran, P.D. James, William Leith, James McGee, Shona MacLean, Karen McLeod, Thomasina Miers, C.J. Sansom, William Shawcross, Sarah Waters, Katherine Webb, Jackie Wullschlager. Children’s authors include Helen Craig, Josh Lacey, Lucy Christopher. Founded 1963.


The Greenhouse Literary Agency

Stanley House, St Chad’s Place,
London WC1X 9HH
tel 020-7841 3959
fax 020-7841 3940
email [email protected]
Director Sarah Davies, Agent Julia Churchill
Children’s fiction from age 5 through to teen/young adult (USA/UK 15%, elsewhere 25%). Represents both US and UK authors. No picture books or non-fiction. No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Queries by email only, see website for details.
Authors include Sarwat Chadda, Lil Chase, Anne-Marie Conway, S.D. Crockett, Stephen Davies, Michael Ford, Harriet Goodwin, Jill Hathaway, Kathryn James, Lindsey Leavitt, Jon Mayhew, Megan Miranda, Leila Rasheed, Jeyn Roberts, Tricia Springstubb, Susanne Winnacker, Brenna Yovanoff.
Founded 2008.


Gregory & Company Authors’ Agents

3 Barb Mews,
London W6 7PA
tel 020-7610 4676
fax 020-7610 4686
email [email protected]
(general enquiries), [email protected]
Contacts Jane Gregory (UK, US, film rights), Claire Morris (rights), Stephanie Glaecross and Mary Jones (editorial), Virginia Ascione (assistant) Fiction (home 15%, USA/translation/radio/film/TV 20%). Special interests (fiction): literary, commercial, women’s fiction, crime, suspense and thrillers. Particularly interested in books which will also sell to publishers abroad. No science fiction, fantasy, poetry, academic or children’s books, original plays, film or TV scripts (only published books are sold to film and TV). No reading fee. Editorial advice given to own authors. No unsolicited MSS: send preliminary letter with CV, synopsis (lOpp maximum), first lOpp and future writing plans plus return postage. Submissions can also be sent by email but due to volume not all email submissions will be replied to. Represented throughout Europe, Asia and USA. Founded 1987.


David Grossman Literary Agency Ltd

1 18B Holland Park Avenue,
London Wl 1 4UA
tel 020-7221 2770
fax 020-7221 1445
Full-length MSS (home 10-15%, overseas 20% including foreign agent’s commission, performance rights 15%). Works in conjunction with agents in New York, Los Angeles, Europe, Japan. No reading fee but preliminary letter required. No submissions by fax or email. Founded 1976.


Gunn Media

50 Albemarle Street,
London WIS 4BD
tel 020-7529 3745
email [email protected]
Directors Ali Gunn (managing), Doug Kean, Georgie Bean
Commercial fiction and non-fiction including literary, thrillers and celebrity autobiographies (home 15%, overseas 20%).
Authors include Jenny Colgan, Brian Freeman, Carole Malone, Mil Millington, Carol Thatcher.


Marianne Gunn O’Connor Literary Agency

Morrison Chambers, Suite 17, 32 Nassau Street,
Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland
email [email protected]
Contact Marianne Gunn O’ Connor
Commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction, biography, children’s fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, film/TV 20%). No unsolicited MSS. Translation rights handled by Vicki Satlow Literary Agency, Milan.
Clients include Cecilia Ahern, Chris Binchy, Claudia Carroll, Brinda Charry, Julie Dam, Louise Douglas, Thrity Engineer, Helen Falconer, Carla Glynn, Noelle Harrison, John Lynch, Mike McCormack, Caroline McFarlane-Watts, Paddy McMahon, Peter Murphy, Anita Notaro, Morag Prunty, Gisele Scanlon (Goddess Guide). Founded 1996.

The Rod Hall Agency Ltd

Suite 5.4B, The Old Fire Station,
140 Tabernacle Street,
London EC2A 4SD
tel 020-7300 7266
fax 0871-918 6068
email [email protected]
Director Charlotte Knight, Martin Knight, Contacts
Tanya Tillett, Emily Hayward
Specialises in writers for stage, screen and radio but also deals in TV and film rights in novels and non-fiction (home 10%, overseas 15%). No reading fee.
Clients include Simon Beaufoy, Jeremy Brock, Liz Lochhead, Tim Lott, Martin McDonagh, Simon Nye, Ol Parker, Lucy Prebble, Philip Ridley, Laura Wade. Founded 1997.


The Hanbury Agency Ltd, Literary and Media Agents

28 Moreton Street,
London SW1V 2PE
tel 020-7630 6768
email [email protected]
See website for submission details. Expanded in 2011 also to offer media/PR services to authors, organisations and entrepreneurs.
Authors include George Alagiah, Simon Callow, Rebecca Farnworth, Jane Glover, Imran Khan, Judith Lennox, Katie Price, Franco Zeffirelli. Founded 1983.


Antony Harwood Ltd

103 Walton Street,
Oxford OX2 6EB
tel (01865) 559615
fax (01865) 310660
email [email protected]
Contacts Antony Harwood, James Macdonald
Lockhart, Jo Williamson (children’s)
General and genre fiction; general non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Will suggest revision. No reading fee.
Clients include Amanda Craig, Louise Doughty, Peter F. Hamilton, Alan Hollinghurst, A.L. Kennedy, Douglas Kennedy, Dorothy Koomson, Chris Manby, George Monbiot, Garth Nix, Tim Parks. Founded 2000.


A.M. Heath & Co. Ltd

6 Warwick Court,
London WC1R 5DJ
tel 020-7242 2811
fax 020-7242 2711
Contacts Bill Hamilton, Victoria Hobbs, Euan
Thorneycroft, Jennifer Custer
Full-length MSS. Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, children’s (home 15%, USA/translation 20%), film/TV (20%). No science fiction, screenplays, poetry or short stories except for established clients. No reading fee.
Clients include Prof. Christopher Andrew, Nadeem Aslam, Anita Brookner, Prof. Kathleen Burk, Stevie Davies, Geoff Dyer, R.J. Ellory, Katie Fforde, Conn Iggulden, Marina Lewycka, Lucy Mangan, Hilary
Mantel, Maggie O’Farrell, Barbara Trapido. Founded 1919.


hhb agency ltd

6 Warwick Court,
London WC1R 5DJ
tel 020-7405 5525
email [email protected], [email protected]
Contacts Heather Holden-Brown, Elly James
Non-fiction: journalism, history and politics, travel and adventure, contemporary autobiography and biography, books about words, popular culture, entertainment and TV, business, family memoir, food and cookery a speciality. 15%. No reading fee. Founded 2005.


David Higham Associates Ltd

(incorporating Murray Pollinger)
5-8 Lower John Street, Golden Square,
London W1F9HA
tel 020-7434 5900
fax 020-7437 1072
email [email protected]
Managing Director Anthony Goff, Books Veronique Baxter, Georgia Glover, Anthony Goff, Andrew Gordon, Lizzy Kremer, Caroline Walsh, Foreign Rights Ania Corless, Tine Nielsen, Film/TV/Theatre Nicky Lund, Georgina Ruffhead
Agents for the negotiation of all rights in fiction, general non-fiction, children’s fiction and picture books, plays, film and TV scripts (home 15%, USA/ translation 20%, scripts 10%). Represented in all foreign markets. See website for submissions policy. No reading fee. Founded 1935.


Vanessa Holt Ltd

59 Crescent Road, Leigh-on-Sea,
Essex SS9 2PF
tel/fax (01702) 473787
email [email protected]
General fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, TV/film/radio 15%). Works in conjunction with foreign agencies in all markets. No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS and submissions preferred by arrangement. No overseas submissions. Founded 1989.


Valerie Hoskins Associates Ltd

20 Charlotte Street,
London WIT 2NA
tel 020-7637 4490
fax 020-7637 4493
email [email protected]
Proprietor Valerie Hoskins, Agent Rebecca Watson
Film, TV and radio; specialises in animation (home 12.5%, overseas max. 20%). No unsolicited MSS; preliminary letter essential. No reading fee, but sae essential. Works in conjunction with US agents.

Tanja Howarth Literary Agency

19 New Row, London WC2N 4LA
tel 020-7240 5553
email [email protected]
General fiction and non-fiction, thrillers, contemporary and historical novels (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No unsolicited MSS, and no submissions by email. No reading fee. Specialists in handling German translation rights. Represented in the USA by various agents.
Clients include Sebastian Fitzek, Markus Heitz, Frank Schatzing, Patrick Suskind, Ferdinand von Schirach, and the Estates of Joseph Roth and Heinrich Boll. Founded 1970.


McCormack House, Burlington Lane,
London W4 2TH
tel 020-8233 5000
fax 020-8233 5268 Consultant Sarah Wooldridge
Celebrity books, sports-related books, non-fiction and how-to business books (home 15%, USA 20%, elsewhere 25%). No theatre, fiction, children’s, academic or poetry. No emails. No reading fee.


Independent Talent Group Ltd

Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street,
London W1D IBS
tel 020-7636 6565
fax 020-7323 0101
email [email protected]
Directors Duncan Heath, Susan Rodgers, Lyndsey Posner, Sally Long-Innes, Paul Lyon-Maris, Literary Agents Susan Rodgers, Jessica Sykes, Catherine King, Greg Hunt, Hugo Young, Michael McCoy, Duncan Heath, Paul Lyon-Maris, Laura Rourke, Josh Varney
Specialises in scripts for film, theatre, TV, radio (home 10%, overseas 10%).


Intercontinental Literary Agency

Centric House, 390-391 Strand,
London WC2R OLT
tel 020-7379 6611
fax 020-7240 4724
email [email protected]
Contacts Nicki Kennedy, Sam Edenborough, Mary
Esdaile, Franca Bernatavicius, Katherine West, Jenny
Represents translation rights only. Founded 1965.


Barrie James Literary Agency

(including New Authors Showcase)
Rivendell, Kingsgate Close, Torquay,
Devon TQ2 8QA
tel (01803) 326617
email [email protected]
Contact Barrie James
Internet site for new writers and poets to display their work to publishers. No unsolicited MSS. First contact: send sae or email. Founded 1997.


Janklow & Nesbit (OK) Ltd

33 Drayson Mews,
London W8 4LY
tel 020-7376 2733
fax 020-7376 2915
email [email protected]
Agents Claire Paterson, Will Francis, Tim Glister,
Translation rights Rebecca Folland
Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. No poetry, plays, film/TV scripts. No reading fee. Send informative covering letter and return postage with full outline (non-fiction), synopsis and first 3 sample chapters (fiction). US rights handled by Janklow & Nesbit Associates in New York. Founded 2000.


Johnson & Alcock Ltd

Clerkenwell House,
45-47 Clerkenwell Green,
London EC1R0HT
/W 020-7251 0125
fax 020-7251 2172
email [email protected]
Contacts Michael Alcock, Andrew Hewson, Anna
Power, Ed Wilson
All types of commercial and literary fiction, and general non-fiction (home 15%, USA/translation/film
20%). Young adult and children’s fiction (ages 8+). No poetry, screenplays or board-/picture-books.
For fiction and non-fiction, send first 3 chapters, full synopsis and brief covering letter with details of writing experience. No email submissions. No reading fee but return postage essential. Founded 1956.

Robin Jones Literary Agency

6B Marmora Road,
London SE22 ORX
tel 020-8693 6062
email [email protected]
Director Robin Jones
Fiction and non-fiction: literary and commercial (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Founded 2007.


Tibor Jones & Associates

Unit 12B, Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace,
London SW9 8DJ
tel 020-7733 0555
email [email protected]
Director Kevin Conroy Scott
Literary fiction and non-fiction, category fiction, music autobiographies and biographies. Send first 5pp, synopsis and covering letter via email.
Authors include V.W. Adams, Sulaiman Smy Addonia, Sophia Al-Maria, Gary Barker, Sarah Bilston, Brian Chikwava, Jason Cowley, Lewis Crofts, Peter Culshaw, Kevin Cummins, Alice de Smith, Salena Godden, Colin Grant, Matthew Green, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Hala Jaber, Richard T. Kelly, Rem Koolhaas, Denise Meredith, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tali Sharot, Brian Schofield, Christopher Winn, Tod Wodicka. Founded 2007.


Jane Judd Literary Agency

18 Belitha Villas,
London Nl 1PD
tel 020-7607 0273
fax 020-7607 0623
General non-fiction and fiction (home 10%, overseas 20%). Special interests: women’s fiction, crime, thrillers, narrative non-fiction. No short stories, film/ TV scripts, poetry or plays. No reading fee, but preliminary letter with synopsis, first chapter and sae essential. Works with agents in USA and most foreign countries. Founded 1986.


Michelle Kass Associates Ltd

85 Charing Cross Road,
London WC2H OAA
tel 020-7439 1624
fax 020-7734 3394
Proprietor Michelle Kass
Full-length MSS. Literary fiction (home 10%, overseas 15-20%) and scripts for film and TV. Works with agents around the world. No reading fee. No email submissions. No unsolicited material, phone in first instance. Founded 1991.


Frances Kelly Agency

111 Clifton Road, Kingston-upon-Thames,
Surrey KT2 6PL
tel 020-8549 7830
fax 020-8547 0051
Full-length MSS. Non-fiction: general and academic, reference and professional books, all subjects (home 10%, overseas 20%, TV/radio 10%). No reading fee, but no unsolicited MSS; preliminary letter with synopsis, CV and return postage essential. Founded 1978.


Peter Knight Agency

20 Crescent Grove,
London SW4 7AH
tel 020-7622 1467
fax 020-7622 1522
Director Peter Knight, Associates Gaby Martin,
Andrew Knight, Samantha Ferris
Motor sports, cartoon books, business, history and factual and biographical material. No poetry, science fiction or cookery. No unsolicited MSS. Send letter accompanied by CV and sae with synopsis of proposed work. No email submissions. Overseas associates United Media (USA), Auspac Media (Australia), Puzzle Company (NZ).
Clients include Ralph Barker, David Bodycombe, Frank Dickens, John Dodd, Gray Jolliffe, Angus McGill, Barbara Minto, Lisa Wild. Founded 1985.


LAW (Lucas Alexander Whitley Ltd)

14 Vernon Street, London W14 0RJ
tel 020-7471 7900 fax 020-7471 7910
Contacts Adult: Mark Lucas, Julian Alexander,
Araminta Whitley, Alice Saunders, Peta Nightingale,
Ben Clark, Lucy Foley, Harry Man; Children’s:
Philippa Milnes-Smith, Holly Vitow
Full-length commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction and children’s books (home 15%, USA/ translation 20%). No fantasy (except children’s), plays, poetry or textbooks. Film and TV scripts handled for established clients only. Unsolicited MSS considered; send brief covering letter, short synopsis and 2 sample chapters. Sae essential. No emailed or disk submissions. Overseas associates worldwide. Founded 1996.


LBLA (Lorella Belli Literary Agency)

54 Hartford House, 35 Tavistock Crescent, London Wl 1 1 AY
tel 020-7727 8547
fax (0870) 7874194
email [email protected]
Proprietor Lorella Belli
Fiction and general non-fiction (home 15%, overseas/ dramatic 20%). Particularly interested in first-time writers, journalists, international and multicultural writing and books on Italy. No children’s, science fiction, fantasy, academic, poetry, original scripts. No reading fee. May suggest revision. Send an enquiry letter or email before submitting work. Do not send attachments by email unless asked; submissions should be sent in hard copy to the office address. Do not return materials unless the correct sae postage is provided. Enclose a stamped acknowledgement card with submission if receipt acknowledgment is required. Works with dramatic and overseas associates; represents American, Canadian tnd Australian agencies in the UK.
Authors include Susan Brackney, Zoe Bran, Gesine Bullock-Prado, Scott Carney, Sally Corner, Marcus Ferrar, Emily Giffin, Molly Harper, Linda Kavanagh, Ed Kritzler, Dinah Lee Kung, William Little, Julia Macmillan, Mario Matassa, Nisha Minhas, Alanna Mitchell, Rick Mofina, Sandro Monetti, Angela Murrills, Ingrid Newkirk, Annalisa Coppolaro-Nowell, Judy Nunn, Jennifer Ouellette, Robert J. Ray, Anneli Rufus, Grace Saunders, Dave Singleton, Rupert Steiner, Justine Trueman, Diana Winston, Carol Wright. Founded 2002.


Susanna Lea Associates Ltd

34 Lexington Street,
London W1F 0LH
tel 020-7287 7757
fax 020-7287 7775
email [email protected]
Directors Susanna Lea, Kerry Glencorse
General fiction and non-fiction with international appeal. No plays, screenplays or poetry. Send query letter, brief synopsis, the first 3 chapters and/or proposal via website. Established in Paris 2000; New York 2004; London 2008.


Barbara Levy Literary Agency

64 Greenhill, Hampstead High Street,
London NW3 5TZ
tel 020-7435 9046
fax 020-7431 2063
Director Barbara Levy, Associate John Selby (solicitor)
Full-length MSS. Fiction and general non-fiction (home 15%, overseas by arrangement). Film and TV rights for existing clients only. No reading fee, but preliminary letter with synopsis and sae essential. Translation rights handled by the Buckman Agency; works in conjunction with US agents. Founded 1986.


Limelight Celebrity Management Ltd

10 Filmer Mews, 75 Filmer Road,
London SW6 7JF
tel 020-7384 9950
fax 020-7384 9955
email: [email protected]
website: Contacts Fiona Lindsay

Full-length and short MSS. Food, wine, health, crafts, gardening, interior design, literary fiction, biography, travel, history, women’s fiction, crime, art, fashion, humour, business, politics (home 15%, overseas 20%), TV and radio rights (10-20%); will suggest revision where appropriate. No reading fee. Founded 1991.


Lindsay Literary Agency

East Worldham House, Alton,
Hants GU34 3AT
tel (01420) 83143
cinail [email protected]
website / directors Becky Bagnell, Kate Holroyd Smith
literary fiction, serious non-fiction, children’s (10-15%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Founded 2005.
Authors include Gina Blaxill, Sam Gayton, Mike^ Lancaster, Sue Lloyd-Roberts.

Christopher Little Literary Agency

10 Eel Brook Studios, 125 Moore Park Road,
London SW6 4PS
tel 020-7736 4455
fax 020-7736 4490
email [email protected]
Contact Christopher Little
(Commercial and literary full-length fiction and non-fiction (home 15%; USA, Canada, translation, audio, motion picture 20%). No poetry, plays, science fiction, fantasy, textbooks, illustrated children’s or short stories. Film scripts for established clients only. No reading fee. First contact – send detailed preliminary letter in the first instance with synopsis, ! 11 st 2-3 chapters and sae. Founded 1979.
Authors include Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, I ‘aul Bajoria, Janet Gleeson, Gorillaz, Carol Hughes, General Mike Jackson (Sir), Alastair MacNeil, Robert Mawson, Haydn Middleton, Shiromi Pinto, A.J. Ouinnell, Robert Radcliffe, J.K. Rowling, Darren Shan, Wladyslaw Szpilman, Shane Ward, John Watson, Angela Woolfe, Anne Zouroudi.

London Independent Books

26 Chalcot Crescent,
London NW1 8YD
tel 020-7706 0486
fax 020-7724 3122
Proprietor Carolyn Whitaker
Specialises in commercial, fantasy and teenage fiction, navel. Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%). Will suggest revision of promising MSS. No reading FEE.
Authors include Alex Bell, Joseph Delaney, I lizabeth Kay, Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Glenn M itchell, Connie Monk, Richard Morgan, Steve Mosby, Chris Wooding. Founded 1971.


Andrew Lownie Literary Agency

w» Great Smith Street,
London SW1P 3BU
tel 020-7222 7574
fax 020-7222 7576
email [email protected]
Director Andrew Lownie
11ill-length MSS. Biography, history, reference, Current affairs, and packaging journalists and – celebrities for the book market (worldwide 15%). No killing fee; will suggest a revision.
Authors include Juliet Barker, the Joyce Cary I state, Roger Crowley, Tom Devine, Duncan I .llconer, Cathy Glass, Timothy Good, David I l.isselhoff, John Hatcher, Kris Hollington, Robert
Hutchinson, Lawrence James, Christopher Lloyd, Sean Longden, Julian Maclaren-Ross Estate, Norma Major, Tim Newark, Linda Porter, Martin Pugh, Sian Rees, David Roberts, Celia Sandys, Desmond Seward, David Stafford, Daniel Tammet, Peter Thompson, Christian Wolmar; The Oxford Classical Dictionary, The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English. Founded 1988.


Lucy Luck Associates (in association with Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd)

18-21 Cavaye Place, London SW10 9PT
tel 020-7373 8672
email [email protected]
Contact Lucy Luck
Adult quality fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, films/TV 15%). No reading fee.
Authors include Adam Thorpe, Catherine O’Flynn, Ron Butlin, Philip 6ceallaigh, Jon Hotten, Rupert Wright, Rebbecca Ray, Kevin Barry. Founded 2006.


Jennifer Luithlen Agency

88 Holmfield Road,
Leicester LE2 1SB
tel 0116-273 8863 and 0116-273 5697
Agents Jennifer Luithlen, Penny Luithlen
Children’s fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%), performance rights (15%). Founded 1986.


Lutyens & Rubinstein

21 Kensington Park Road,
London Wll 2EU tel 020-7792 4855
email [email protected]
Directors Sarah Lutyens, Felicity Rubinstein Submissions Susannah Godman
Fiction and non-fiction, commercial and literary (home 15%, overseas 20%). Send material by email with a covering letter and short synopsis. Submissions not accepted by hand or by post. Founded 1993.

Luxton Harris Ltd

104A Park Street,
London W1K 6NG
tel 020-7318 1247
email [email protected]
Contacts Jonathan Harris, David Luxton, Rebecca
Non-fiction and fiction, especially sport, history, music and biography (home 15%, overseas 20%, film 15%). No unsolicited MSS without prior consultation. No scripts, plays, poetry, science fiction, fantasy or children’s books. No reading fee. Strong overseas representation. Founded 2003.


Duncan McAra

28 Beresford Gardens,
Edinburgh EH5 3ES
tel 0131-552 1558
email [email protected]
Literary fiction; non-fiction: art, architecture, archaeology, biography, military, Scottish, travel (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). Preliminary letter with sae essential. No reading fee. Founded 1988.

The McKernan Literary Agency & Consultancy

6 Ann Street, Edinburgh EH4 1PJ
tel (0131) 332 9782
email [email protected]
Contact Maggie McKernan
Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction: Scottish, biography, history, current affairs, memoirs (home 15%, overseas 15%). No reading fee. Submissions only accepted if made through online form; see instructions on website. No postal submissions. No tss returned.
Authors include Michael Collins, Alan Taylor, Belinda Seaward, Michael Fry, Michael Schmidt. Founded 2005.

Eunice McMullen Ltd

Low Ibbotsholme Cottage, Off Bridge Lane,
Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere,
Cumbria LA23 1HU
tel (01539) 448551
email [email protected]
Director Eunice McMullen
All types of children’s fiction, particularly picture books and older fiction (home 10%, overseas 15%). No unsolicited scripts. Telephone or email enquiries only. Founded 1992.
Authors include Wayne Anderson, Sam Childs, Caroline Jayne Church, Jason Cockcroft, Ross Collins, Emma Dodd, Charles Fuge, Maggie Kneen, David Melling, Angela McAllister, Angie Sage, Gillian Shields. Founded 1992.

Andrew Mann Ltd

United House, North Road,
London N7 9DP
email [email protected]
Contacts Anne Dewe, Tina Betts, Louise Burns
MSS for fiction/non-fiction. Scripts for TV, cinema and radio (home 15%, USA/Europe 20%). Email submissions only, first 3 chapters. Associated with agents worldwide. No reading fee. Founded 1968.


Sarah Manson Literary Agent

6 Totnes Walk,
London N2 OAD
tel 020-8442 0396
email [email protected]
Proprietor Sarah Manson
Specialises in fiction for children and young adults. See website for submission guidelines. Founded 2002.


Marjacq Scripts

34 Devonshire Place,
London WIG 6JW
tel 020-7935 9499
fax 020-7935 9115
email [email protected]
Contact Philip Patterson (books), Isabella Floris
(books), Luke Speed (film/TV)
All full-length MSS (home 10%, overseas 20%), including commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, crime, thrillers, commercial, women’s fiction, graphic novels, children’s, science fiction, history, biography, sport, travel, health. No poetry. Send first 3 chapters with synopsis. May suggest revision. Film and TV rights, screenplays, documentaries: send full script with l-2pp synopsis/outline. Interested in documentary concepts and will accept proposals from writer/directors: send show reel with script. Sae essential for return of submissions.
Clients include: Victoria Arch, Richard Asplin, Sean Bates, Bert 8( Bertie, Sean Black, Catrin Collier, J J Connolly, John Connor, Ross Cramer, Paul Davies, Katie Ellwood, Fern Elsdon-Baker, James Follett, Christopher Goffard, Stephen Graham, Rebecca Hobbs, Ros Jay, Katherine John, Jessica Kedward, Damien Lewis, Howard Linskey, Stuart MacBride, Jane McLoughlin, Ben Marlow, John Meyers, Graham Oakley, Kirsty Peart, Connor Potts, Greg Read, Alex Reynolds, Stanley Reynolds, Scott Rose, lack Sheffield, Brian Sibley, Michael Taylor, Kevin Wignall, Tom Wood, Estate of R.D. Wingfield and the Estate of George Markstein. Founded 1974.


The Marsh Agency Ltd

50 Albemarle Street,
London WIS 4BI)
tel 020-7493 4361
fax 020-7495 8961
Contacts Camilla Ferrier (translation rights),
Stephanie Ebdon and Jessica Woollard (English
language), Charlotte Bruton, Sarah McFadden
Founded as international rights specialists for British, American and Canadian agencies. Expanded to act as agents to handle fiction and non-fiction, specialising in authors with international potential (home 15%, overseas/TV/film 20%). See website for agent details and submission guidelines. No reading fee. Unsolicited submissions considered. No poetry, plays, scripts, children’s or picture books. Founded 1994, incorporating Paterson Marsh Ltd and Campbell, Thomson and McLaughlin Ltd as of April 2011.


Blanche Marvin, MBE

21A St John’s Wood High Street,
London NW8 7NG
tel 020-7722 2313
fax 020-7722 2313
Full-length MSS (15%), performance rights. Plays. No reading fee but return postage essential. Authors include Christopher Bond.


MayerBenham Ltd

55 Athenlay Road,
London SE15 3EN
tel 07801 627903
email [email protected]
Directors Simon Benham, Jo Mayer
Non-fiction. Specialises in popular culture, humour, music, history, business (home 10%). No reading fee. No unsolicited MS; email in first instance.
Authors include Mathew Clayton, Edwin Collins, Peter Fisk, Sadie Frost, Heavenly Records, Will Hodgkinson, Michael Holding, The Idler, Gary Kemp, Dan Kieran, London Business Forum, Ian McCulloch, Paul Moody, Ben Myeis, Danielle Proud, Robin Turner, Ian Vince, Chris Yates. Founded 2002.

MBA Literary Agents Ltd

(incorporating Merric Davidson Literary Agency)
62 Grafton Way, London WIT 5DW
tel 020-7387 2076
fax 020-7387 2042
email [email protected]
Contacts Diana Tyler, Meg Davis, Laura Longrigg, David Riding, Susan Smith, Sophie Gorell Barnes
Fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, and TV, film, radio and theatre scripts (home 15%, overseas 20%; theatre, TV, radio 10%; films 10-20%). See website for submission guidelines. Works in conjunction with agents in most countries. UK representative for the Donald Maass Agency, the ‘ Martha Millard Agency and the Frances Collin Agency. Founded 1971.
Authors include Catherine Webb, Brian Keaney, Mibi Thebo, Rebecca Promitzer, Sita Brahmachari, Christopher and Christine Russell.


William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

(William Morris Agent UK) Ltd) Centre Point,
103 New Oxford Street,
London WC1A 1DD
tel 020-7534 6800
fax 020-7534 6900
Books Eugenie Furniss, Cathryn Summerhayes; TV Isabella Zoltowski, Coz Jackson
Literary and commercial fiction, memoir, history, popular culture, TV formats, TV scripts (film/TV 10%, UK books 15%, USA books/translation 20%). No sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, self-help or children’s picture books. Accepts submissions by post only. Send a synopsis and 3 sample chapters (50pp or fewer). No reading fee. Worldwide talent and literary agency with offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville and Miami.


Judith Murdoch Literary Agency

19 Chalcot Square,
London NW1 8YA
tel 020-7722 4197
Contact Judith Murdoch
lull-length fiction only, especially accessible literary, crime and commercial women’s fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No science fiction/fantasy, poetry, short stories or children’s. Approach by letter, not telephone, sending the first 2 chapters and synopsis. Submissions by email cannot be considered. Return postage/sae essential. Editorial advice given; no reading fee. Translation rights handled by Rebecca Winfield at Luxton Harris Ltd (email: [email protected]). Founded 1993.
Clients include Trisha Ashley, Anne Bennett, Anne Berry, Alison Bond, Frances Brody, Leah Fleming, Lola Jaye, Jessie Keane, Catherine King,, Jill McGivering, Eve Makis, Kitty Neale, James Steel.


The No.1 Manchester Literary Agency

3rd Floor, Clayton House,
59 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AQ
tel 0161-904 0910
Contact Kathy Charvin, Karen James, Lorraine Birtwistle
Children’s and adult fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds and teenage fiction. Send covering letter, synopsis and the first 50pp (or less) with sae and return postage. Founded in 2009 to represent northern-based authors. No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Founded 2009.


Maggie Noach Literary Agency

7 Peacock Yard, Iliffe Street,
London SE17 3LH
tel (07506) 717726
email [email protected]
Contacts Jill Hughes, Josie Stapleton
No unsolicited manuscripts – submission by arrangement only. Fiction and general non-fiction for adults, plus full length fiction for older children. No illustrated books or specialist non-fiction. Home 15%, USA and translation 20%. Founded 1982.


Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd

20-23 Greville Street,
London EC IN 8SS
tel 020-3327 0400
email [email protected]
Sells rights internationally on behalf of UK/US agencies and publishers. Agent for UK and international authors, including children’s writers. See website for full information and submission guidelines.


Alexandra Nye, Writers & Agents

6 Kinnoull Avenue, Dunblane,
Perthshire FK15 9JG
tel (01786) 825114
Director Alexandra Nye
Literary fiction, Scottish history, biographies; no poetry or plays (home 10%, overseas 20%, translation 15%). No phone calls. Preliminary letter with synopsis preferred; sae essential for return. Reading fee for supply of detailed report on MSS. Founded 1991.


Deborah Owen Ltd

78 Narrow Street, Limehouse,
London E14 8BP
tel 020-7987 5119/5441
fax 020-7538 4004
Contact Deborah Owen
Small agency specialising in only three authors: Delia Smith, Amos Oz and David Owen. No new authors. Founded 1971.


John Pawsey

8 Snowshill Court, Giffard Park,
Milton Keynes MK14 5QG
tel (01908) 217179
General non-fiction only, particularly biography, popular culture and sport. Preliminary letter and return postage with all correspondence essential. No submissions by email. Works in association with agencies in the USA, Europe and the Far East. Will suggest revision if MS sufficiently promising. No reading fee.
Authors include William Fotheringham, Patricia Hall, Roy Hudd OBE, Gary Imlach, Graeme McLagan, Gavin Newsham, Kathryn Spink. Founded 1981.


PBJ Management

5 Soho Square, London WlD 3QA
tel 020-7287 1112
fax 020-7787 1191
email [email protected]
Chairman Peter Bennett-Jones, Managing Director Caroline Chignell, Agent Suzanne Milligan
Represents writers (no novels or short stories), performers, presenters, composers, directors, producers and DJs (theatre 15%, film/TV/radio 12.5%). No reading fee.
Authors include Armando Iannucci, Barry Humphries, Chris Morris, Drew Pearce, Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Harry Enfield, Jon Canter, Lenny Henry, the Mighty Boosh, Rowan Atkinson, Sean Hughes. Founded 1987.


Maggie Pearlstine Associates

31 Ashley Gardens, Ambrosden Avenue,
London SW1P 1QE
tel 020-7828 4212
fax 020-7834 5546
email [email protected]
Small agency representing a select few authors. No new authors. Translation rights handled by Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd.
Authors include Matthew Baylis, Roy Hattersley, Charles Kennedy, Quentin Letts, Gary Mulgrew, Dr Raj Persaud, Prof. Lesley Regan, Malcolm Rifkind, Winifred Robinson, Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Prof. Kathy Sykes, Christopher Ward, Prof. Robert Winston. Founded 1989.


PFD (The Peters Fraser & Dunlop Croup Ltd)

(A literary division of The Rights House, formed through the merger of PFD (The Peters Fraser &
Dunlop Group) and Michael Foster MF Management in 2010)
Drury House, 34-43 Russell Street,
London WC2B 5HA
tel 020-7344 1000
fax 020-7836 9543
email [email protected]
Ceo Caroline Michel, Books Caroline Michel, Michael Sissons, Annabel Merullo, Rowan Lawton, Books & Journalism Robert Caskie, Foreign Rights Annabel Merullo, Rachel Mills, Head of Factual TV & Digital Alexandra Henderson, TV & Film Michael Foster MF Management, Estates Camilla Shestopal
Represents authors of fiction and non-fiction,
documentary makers, presenters, and public speakers
throughout the world. No children’s. Has 85 years of
international experience in all media and also    :
provides new digital services, e.g. software Apps.
Outline sample chapters and author biographies should be addressed to the books department. Material should be submitted on an exclusive basis; or in any event disclose if material is being submitted to other agencies or publishers. Return postage essential. No reading fee. Email submissions will not be answered. See website for submission guidelines.


Pollinger Limited

(formerly Laurence Pollinger Ltd, successor of Pearn,
Pollinger and Higham)
9 Staple Inn, Holborn,
London WC1V 7QH
tel 020-7404 0342
fax 020-7242 5737
email [email protected]
Managing Director Lesley Pollinger, Agents Joanna
Devereux, Tim Bates, Leigh Pollinger, Hayley Yeeles
All types of general trade adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction books; intellectual property developments, illustrators/photographers (home 15%, translation 20%). Overseas, media and theatrical associates. For submission guidelines see website.
Clients include Kimberley Chambers, Michael Coleman, Catherine Fisher, Philip Gross, Hayley Long, Kelly McKain, Robert M. Pirsig, Jeremy Poolman, Nicholas Rhea and Robert Sellers. Also the estates of H.E. Bates, Erskine Caldwell, Rachel Carson, D.H. Lawrence, Carson McCullers, John Masters, W.H. Robinson, Eric Frank Russell, Clifford D. Simak and other notables. Founded 1935.


Shelley Power Literary Agency Ltd

13 rue’du Pre Saint Gervais, 75019 Paris, France
tel 0142 38 36 49 fax 0140 40 70 08
email [email protected]
General fiction and non-fiction. Full-length MSS (home 12.5%, USA/translation 20%). No children’s books, poetry or plays. Works in conjunction with agents abroad. No reading fee, but preliminary letter with return postage as from UK or France essential.
No submissions by email. Also based in the UK. Founded 1976.


PVA Management Ltd

County House, St Mary’s Street,
Worcester WR1 1HB
tel (01905) 616100 fax (01905) 610709
email [email protected]
Managing Director Paul Vaughan
Full-length MSS. Non-fiction only (home 15%, overseas 20%, performance rights 15%). Send synopsis and sample chapters together with return


Redhammer Management Ltd

186 Bickenhall Mansions, Bickenhall Street,
London W1U6BX
tel 020-7486 3465
fax 020-7000 1249
Vice President Peter Cox
Specialises in works with international potential (home 17.5%, overseas 20%). Unpublished authors must be professional in their approach and have major international potential, ideally book, film and/ or TV. Submissions mu&^follow the guidelines given . on the website. Do not send unsolicited MSS by post. No radio or theatre scripts. No reading fee.
Clients include Richard Ashworth, Martin Bell, Mark Borkowski, Peggy Brusseau, Rebecca Hardy, Maria (M.G.) Harris, J.A. Henderson, Michelle Paver, David Yelland. Founded 1993.

The Lisa Richards Agency

108 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4,
Republic of Ireland tel (01) 637 5000
fax (01) 667 1256
email [email protected]
Contact Faith O’Grady
I landles fiction and general non-fiction (home 10%, UK 15%, USA/translation 20%, film/TV 15%). Approach with proposal and sample chapter for non-fiction and 3-4 chapters and synopsis for fiction (sae essential). No reading fee. Overseas associate The Marsh Agency for translation rights.
Clients include Laura Cassidy, Helena Close, June I onsidifte (aka Laura Elliot), Matt Cooper, Damian
<    orless, Christine Dwyer Hickey, John Giles, Karen
<    .illece, Tara Heavey, Paul Howard (aka Ross
<    >’Carroll-Kelly), Amy Huberman, Arlene Hunt,
Roisin Ingle, Alison Jameson, Declan Lynch, David Maybury, Roisin Meaney, Dearbhail McDonald, Pauline McLynn, Anna McPartlin, David O’Doherty, Mary O’Donoghue, Damien Owens, Nicolas Roche, Donal Skehan, Orla Tinsley, Sheena Wilkinson. Founded 1998.


Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd

20 Powis Mews,
London Wl 1 1JN
tel 020-7221 3717
fax 020-7229 9084
email [email protected]
Chairman Deborah Rogers, Directors Peter Straus
(managing), Gill Coleridge, Patricia White
(children’s), David Miller, Laurence Laluyaux, Zoe
Waldie, Agents Hannah Westland, Catherine
Pellegrino (children’s)
Full-length book MSS, including children’s books (home 15%, USA 20%, translation 20%). No unsolicited MSS, and no submissions by fax or email. Founded 1967.


Elizabeth Roy Literary Agency

White Cottage, Greatford,
Nr Stamford, Lines. PE9 4PR
tel (01778) 560672
fax (01778) 560672
Children’s fiction and non-fiction – writers and illustrators (home 15%, overseas 20%). Send preliminary letter, synopsis and sample chapters with names of publishers and agents previously contacted. Return postage essential. No reading fee. Founded 1990.


Uli Rushby-Smith Literary Agency

72 Plimsoll Road,
London N4 2EE
tel 020-7354 2718
fax 020-7354 2718
Director Uli Rushby-Smith
Fiction and non-fiction, literary and commercial (home 15%, USA/foreign 20%). No poetry, picture books, plays or film scripts. Send outline, sample chapters (no disks) and return postage. No reading fee. Founded 1993.


Rosemary Sandberg Ltd

6 Bayley Street,
London WC1B 3HE
tel 020-7304 4110
fax 020-7304 4109
email [email protected]
Directors Rosemary Sandberg, Ed Victor
Children’s writers and illustrators, general fiction and non-fiction. Absolutely no unsolicited MSS: client list is full. Founded 1991.


The Sayle Literary Agency

1 Petersfield, Cambridge CB1 IBB
tel (01223) 303035
fax (01223) 301638
email [email protected]
Proprietor and Agent Rachel Calder
Fiction: general, literary and crime. Non-fiction: current affairs, social issues, travel, biographies, history (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No plays, poetry, textbooks, children’s, technical, legal or medical books. No reading fee. See website for submission guidelines. Translation rights handled by the Marsh Agency Ltd. Film and TV rights handled by Sayle Screen Ltd. Overseas associates Dunow & Carlson Agency, Darhansoff, Verrill and Feldman, USA.


Sayle Screen Ltd

11 Jubilee Place,
London SW3 3TD
tel 020-7823 3883
fax 020-7823 3363
email [email protected]
Agents Jane Villiers, Matthew Bates, Toby Moorcroft
Specialises in scripts for film, TV, theatre and radio (home 10%, overseas 15-20%). No reading fee. Only accepts submissions by post; send showreel or script with CV and covering letter. Every submission carefully considered, but responds only to submissions it wishes to take further; not able to return material sent in. Represents film and TV rights in fiction and non-fiction for the Sayle Literary Agency, Greene and Heaton Ltd and Peter Robinson Ltd. Works in conjunction with agents in New York and Los Angeles.


The Science Factory Ltd

Scheideweg 34C, 20253 Hamburg, Germany
tel 020-7193 7296
email [email protected]
Director Peter Tallack
Serious popular non-fiction, particularly science, history and current affairs, by academics and journalists (home 15%, overseas 20%). No fiction. In first instance send proposal with chapter summaries and sample chapter (not the first). Email submissions encouraged and given priority over hard-copy submissions (sae required). No reading fee. Will suggest revision.
Authors include Anjana Ahuja, Anil Ananthaswamy, Jim Baggott, David Bainbridge, Vaughan Bell, Jesse Bering, Piers Bizony, Daniel Bor, Dennis Bray, Dean Buonomano, Rita Carter, Stuart Clark, Matthew Cobb, Enrico Coen, Michael Corballis, Nicholas Dunbar, John Duncan, Richard Elwes, Georgina Ferry, Lone Frank, Christine Garwood, Simon Ings, Stephen Joseph, Jay Kennedy, Manjit Kumar, Peter Lamont, Jo Marchant, Ehsan Masood, Arthur I. Miller, Mark Miondownick, Ted Nield, Michael Nielsen, Paul Parsons, Aarathi Prasad, Angela Saini, Ian Sample, Nicholas J. Saunders, P.D. Smith, Tom Stafford, Ian Stewart, Frank Swain, Brian
Switek, Mark Van Vugt, Geerat J. Vermeij, Adam Zeman. Established 2008.


Scott Ferris Associates

22 Dunns Lane, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4AA
tel (01792) 360453
email [email protected]
Partners Gloria Ferris and Rivers Scott
General fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas/TV/radio 20%). No unsolicited MSS or submissions by email. Preliminary letter and postage essential. Reading fee by arrangement. Founded 1981


Linda Seifert Management Ltd

91 Berwick Street,
London W1F ONE
tel 020-7292 7390
fax 020-7292 7391
email [email protected]
Director Edward Hughes
Represents writers, directors and producers for film, TV and radio (home 10%, overseas 20%). Client list ranges from the highly established to the emerging talent of tomorrow – see website for details. Established 2002.


The Sharland Organisation Ltd

The Manor House, Manor Street, Raunds,
Northants NN9 6JW
tel (01933) 626600
email [email protected]
Directors Mike Sharland, Alice Sharland
Specialises in film, TV, stage and radio rights throughout the world (home 15%, overseas 20%). Preliminary letter and return postage is essential. No reading fee. Works in conjunction with overseas agents. Founded 1988.


Anthony Sheil in association with Aitken Alexander Associates

18-21 Cavaye Place,
London SW10 9PT
tel 020-7373 8672
fax 020-7373 6002
Proprietor Anthony Sheil
Quality fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No plays, film/TV scripts, poetry, short stories or children’s fiction. Send preliminary letter with half-page synopsis and first consecutive 30pp of sample material. Include return postage. No reading fee.
Authors include Caroline Alexander, John Fowles, John Keegan, Robert Wilson.


Sheil Land Associates Ltd

(incorporating Richard Scott Simon Ltd 1971 and
Christy & Moore Ltd 1912)
52 Doughty Street,
London WC1N 2LS
tel 020-7405 9351
fax 020-7831 2127
email [email protected]
Agents UK & US Sonia Land, Vivien Green, Piers
Blofeld, Ian Drury Film/theatre/TV Lucy Fawcett, Holly Hawkins Foreign Gaia Banks, Emily Dyson
Quality literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, including: politics, history, military history, gardening, thrillers, crime, romance, drama, science fiction, fantasy, biography, travel, cookery, humour, UK and foreign estates (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). Also theatre, film, radio and TV scripts. Welcomes approaches from new clients to start or to develop their careers. Preliminary letter with sae essential. No reading fee. Overseas associates Georges Borchardt, Inc. (Richard Scott Simon). US film and TV representation CAA, APA and others.
Clients include Sally Abbott, Peter Ackroyd, Benedict Allen, Charles Allen, Pam Ayres, Hugh Bicheno, Melvyn Bragg, Steven Carroll, Mark Chadbourn, Lana Citron, David Cohen, Anna Del Conte, Elspeth Cooper, Elizabeth Corley, Seamus Deane, Mia Dolan, Angus Donald, Alex Dryden, Joe Dunlop, Chris Ewan, Robert Fabbri, Ann Featherstone, Alan Gilbey, Jean Goodhind, Robert Green, Graham Hancock, Susan Hill, Richard Holmes, Brooke Kinsella, Mark Lawrence, Richard Mabey, The Brothers McLeod, Graham Rice, Anthony Seldon, Diane Setterfield, Tom Sharpe, Louise Soraya Black, Laura Summers, Martin Stephen, Jeffrey Tayler, Andrew Taylor, Rose Tremain, Barry Unsworth, Prof. Stanley Wells, Neil White, J.C. Wilsher and the Estates of Catherine Cookson, Patrick O’Brian, Penelope Mortimer, Jean Rhys, F.A. Worsley and Stephen Gately. Founded 1962.

Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd

71 Hillgate Place, London W8 7SS ^ tel 0207-727 9102
email [email protected], [email protected]
Contacts Caroline Sheldon, Penny Holroyde
Fiction and non-fiction and children’s books (home 15%, USA/translation 20%, film/TV 15%). Special interests: fiction – all fiction for women, sagas, suspense, contemporary, chick lit, historical fiction, fantasy and humour; non-fiction – true life stories, animal stories, memoirs and humour; children’s -fiction for all age groups, contemporary, comic, fantasy and illustration for children’s books.
Send submissions by email only with Submissions/ Title of work/Name of author in subject line. Include lull introductory information about yourself and your writing and the first 3 chapters only or equivalent length of work.
Does not represent TV or film scripts except for existing book writing clients. No reading fee. Gives editorial advice on work of exceptional promise. Founded 1985.


Jeffrey Simmons

15 Penn House, Mallory Street,
London NW8 8SX /<•/ 020-7224 8917
email [email protected]
Specialises in fiction (no science fiction, horror or fantasy), biography, autobiography, show business, personality books, law, crime, politics, world affairs. Full-length MSS (home from 10%, overseas from 15%). Will suggest revision. No reading fee, but preliminary letter essential.



3 South Terrace, London SW7 2TB
tel 020-7581 2550
fax 020-7581 2550
Directors Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson, Deborah
Full-length MSS (home 10%, USA/translation 20%). General – no children’s books. No reading fee; will suggest a revision. Founded 1995.


Robert Smith Literary Agency Ltd

12 Bridge Wharf, 156 Caledonian Road,
London Nl 9UU
tel 020-7278 2444
fax 020-7833 5680
email [email protected]
Directors Robert Smith, Anne Smith
Non-fiction only: autobiography and biography, topical subjects, history, lifestyle, popular culture, entertainment, sport, true crime, health and nutrition, illustrated books (home 15%, overseas 20%). No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee. Will suggest revision.
Authors include Kate Adie (serialisations), Martin Allen, Peta Bee, Paul Begg, Kevin Booth, Martyn and Michelle Compton, Judy Cook, Stewart Evans, Neil and Christine Hamilton, Andrew Hansford, Bob Harris, James Haspiel, Albert Jack, Lois Jenkins, Heidi Kingstone, Brian and Tim Kirby, Roberta Kray, Angela Levin, Ann Ming, James Moore, Michelle Morgan, Paul Nero, Kim Noble, Theo Paphitis, Howard Raymond, Frances Reilly, Keith Skinner, Jayne Sterne. Founded 1997.


The Standen Literary Agency

53 Hardwicke Road,
London N13 4SL tell
fax 020-8889 1167
websi te www. standenliteraryagency. com
Director Yasmin Standen
Literary and commercial fiction and children’s fiction and picture books (home 15%, overseas 20%). Interested in new writers. Send first 3 chapters, a synopsis (one side of A4) and a covering letter by post only in first instance (no submissions via email; submit the entire MS of children’s stories (500 words and under). Include postage for return of MSS. No reading fee. See website for further information.
Authors include Zara Kane, Zoe Marriott, Andrew Murray. Founded 2004.


Abner Stein

10 Roland Gardens,
London SW7 3PH
tel 020-7373 0456
fax 020-7370 6316
Contact Caspian Dennis, Arabella Stein, Sandy Violette
Fiction, general non-fiction and children’s (home 10%, overseas 20%). Not taking on any new clients at present.


Micheline Steinberg Associates

104 Great Portland Street,
London Wl W 6PE
tel 020-7631 1310
email [email protected]
Agents Micheline Steinberg, Helen MacAuley
Represents writers for theatre, TV, film, radio and animation. Film and TV rights in fiction and non-fiction on behalf of book agents (home 10%, overseas 15-20%). Works in association with agents in USA and overseas. No unsolicited submissions. Industry recommendation preferred. Founded 1987.


Rochelle Stevens & Co

2 Terretts Place, Upper Street,
London N1 1QZ
tel 020-7359 3900
fax 020-7354 5729
email [email protected]
Directors Rochelle Stevens, Frances Arnold
Drama scripts for film, TV, theatre and radio. Preliminary letter, CV and sae essential. Founded 1984.


Shirley Stewart Literary Agency

3rd Floor, 4A Nelson Road,
London SE10 9JB tel 020-8293 3000
Director Shirley Stewart
Specialises in literary fiction and general non-fiction (home 10-15%, overseas 20%). No poetry, plays, film scripts, science fiction, fantasy or children’s books. No reading fee. Send preliminary letter, synopsis and first 3 chapters plus return postage. Founded 1993.


Sarah Such Literary Agency

81 Arabella Drive,
London SW15 5LL
tel 020-8876 4228
email [email protected]
Proprietor Sarah Such
High-quality literary and commercial non-fiction and fiction for adults and children (home 15%, TV/film 20%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Submit synopsis and a sample chapter (as a Word attachment if sending by email) plus author biography. Sae essential for postal submissions. No unsolicited MSS or telephone enquiries. TV/film scripts for established clients only. No radio or theatre scripts, poetry, fantasy, self-help or short stories. Film/TV representation: Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd. Established 2006.
Authors include Matthew De Abaitua, Nick Barlay, Rob Chapman, John Harris Dunning, Rob Harris, John Hartley, Marisa Heath, Wayne Holloway-Smith,
Antony Johnston, Louisa Leaman, Mathew Lyons, Sam Manning, Vesna Marie, David May, Jean Moorcroft-Wilson, Marian Pashley, Sarah Penny, John Rowley, Caroline Sanderson, Nikhil Singh, Sara Starbuck.


The Susijn Agency Ltd

3rd Floor, 64 Great Titchfield Street,
London W1W 7QH
tel 020-7580 6341
fax 020-7580 8626
email [email protected]
Agent Laura Susijn
Specialises in world rights in English- and non-English-language literature: literary fiction and general non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, theatre/film/TV/ radio 15%). Send synopsis and 2 sample chapters. No reading fee.
Authors include Peter Ackroyd, Uzma Aslam Khan, Robin Baker, Abdelkader Benali, Robert Craig, Tessa De Loo, Gwynne Dyer, Radhika Jha, Kolton Lee, Jeffrey Moore, Karl Shaw, Paul Sussman, Dubravka UgreSic, Alex Wheatle, Adam Zameenzad. Founded 1998.


The Tennyson Agency

10 Cleveland Avenue, London SW20 9EW
tel 020-8543 5939
email [email protected]
website    ;
Theatre, TV & Film Scripts Christopher Oxford, Arts/
Humanities Adam Sheldon
Scripts and related material for theatre, film and TV (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee.
Clients include Tony Bagley, Kristina Bedford, Alastair Cording, Caroline Coxon, Iain Grant, Jonathan Holloway, Philip Hurd-Wood, Joanna Leigh, Steve Macgregor, Antony Mann, Elizabeth Moynihan, Ken Ross, John Ryan, Matthew Salkeld, Walter Saunders, Graeme Scarfe, Diane Speakman, Diana Ward and the Estate of Julian Howell. Founded 2002.


JM Thurley Management

Archery House, 33 Archery Square,
Walmer, Deal,
Kent CT14 7JA
tel (01304) 371721
email [email protected]
Contact Jon Thurley
Specialises in commercial and literary full-length fiction and commercial work for film and TV. No plays, poetry, short stories, articles or fantasy. No reading fee but preliminary letter and sae essential. Editorial/creative advice provided to clients (home 15%, overseas 20%). Links with leading US and European agents. Founded 1976.


Jane Turnbull

Mailing address Barn Cottage,
Veryan Churchtown, Truro TR2 5QA
Tel  (01872) 501317
email [email protected]
London Office 58 Elgin Crescent, London Wl 1 2JJ
tel 020-7727 9409
I ligh quality non-fiction; biography, history, natural history, lifestyle, humour; TV tie-ins, some literary fiction (home 15%, USA/translation 20%), performance rights (15%). Works in conjunction with Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd for sale of translation rights. No reading fee. Preliminary letter (NOT email) essential; no unsolicited MSS. Founded 1986.


United Agents

12-26 Lexington Street,
London W1F OLE
tel 020-3214 0800
email [email protected]
Agents Sarah Ballard, Jessica Craig (adult foreign
rights), Caroline Dawnay, James Gill, Robert Kirby,
Jodie Marsh (children’s and young adult books),
Rosemary Scoular, Simon Trewin, Charles Walker,
Anna Webber, Jane Willis (children’s foreign rights)
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No reading fee. See website for submission details. Founded 2008.


Ed Victor Ltd

6 Bayley Street, Bedford Square,
London WC1B 3HE
tel 020-7304 4100
fax 020-7304 4111
Executive Chairman Ed Victor, Joint Managing Directors Sophie Hicks, Margaret Phillips, Directors Carol Ryan, Graham C. Greene CBE, Leon Morgan, Hitesh Shah, Editorial Director Philippa Harrison
Fiction, non-fiction and children’s books (home 15%, USA 15%, children’s 10%, translation 20%). No short stories, poetry or film/TV scripts or plays. No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS. No response to submissions by email. Represented in all foreign markets.
Authors include John Banville, Herbie Brennan, Eoin Colfer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Frederick Forsyth, A.A. Gill, Josephine Hart, Jack Higgins, Nigella Lawson, Kathy Lette, Allan Mallinson, Andrew Marr, Frederic Raphael, Danny Scheinmann and the Estates of Douglas Adams, Raymond Chandler, Dame Iris Murdoch, Sir Stephen Spender, Irving Wallace. Founded 1976.


Wade and Doherty Literary Agency Ltd

33 Cormorant Lodge, Thomas More Street,
London E1W 1AU
tel 020-7488 4171
fax 020-7488 4172
email [email protected], [email protected]
Directors Robin Wade, Broo Doherty
General fiction and non-fiction, excluding children’s books (home M)%, overseas 20%). No poetry, plays, picture books or short stories. See website for submission guidelines. Email submissions preferred. New authors welcome. No reading fee. Founded 2001.


Watson, Little Ltd

48-56 Bayham Place,
London NW1 OEU
tel 020-7388 7529
fax 020-7388 8501
email [email protected]
Contact Mandy Little, James Wills, Sallyanne Sweeney
Fiction, commercial women’s fiction, crime ancl literary fiction. Non-fiction special interests include history, science, popular psychology, self-help and general leisure books. Also children’s fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, USA/translation 20%). No short stories, poetry, TV, play or film scripts. Not interested in purely academic writers. Send informative preliminary letter, synopsis and sample chapters. Overseas associates The Marsh Agency Ltd; Film and TV associates The Sharland Organisation Ltd and MBA Literary Agents Ltd; USA associates Howard Morhaim Literary Agency (adult) and the Chudney Agency (children’s).
Authors include Adam Hart-Davis, Christopher Fowler, Martin Edwards, James Wong, Prof. Susan Blackmore, Mark Boyle and Dr Sarah Brewer.


AP Watt Ltd

20 John Street,
London WC1N 2DR
tel 020-7405 6774
fax 020-7831 2154 (books), 020-7430 1952 (drama)
email [email protected] website
Directors Caradoc King, Linda Shaughnessy, Derek Johns, Georgia Garrett, Natasha Fairweather
Full-length MSS; dramatic works for all media (home 15%, overseas 20% including commission to foreign agent). No poetry. No reading fee. Does not accept unsolicited MSS or any other material. Send a query letter in first instance. Founded 1875.
Authors include Monica Ali, Trezza Azzopardi, David Baddiel, Lynn Barber, Sebastian Barry, Quentin Blake, Marika Cobbold, Helen Dunmore, Nicholas Evans, Giles Foden, Esther Freud, Janice Galloway, Martin Gilbert, Nadine Gordimer, Linda Grant, Reginald Hill, Michael Holroyd, Michael Ignatieff, Mick Jackson, Philip Kerr, Dick King-Smith, India Knight, John Lanchester, Alison Lurie, Hisham Matar, Jan Morris, Andrew O’Hagan, Susie Orbach, Caryl Phillips, Philip Pullman, James Robertson, Jancis Robinson, Jon Ronson, Elaine Showalter, Zadie Smith, Graham Swift, Salley Vickers, and the estates of Graves and Maugham.


Josef Weinberger Plays Ltd

(formerly Warner/Chappell Plays Ltd)
12-14 Mortimer Street, London WIT 3JJ
tel 020-7580 2827
fax 020-7436 9616
Specialises in stage plays. Works in conjunction with overseas agents. No unsolicited MSS; preliminary letter essential. Founded 1938.


Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency Ltd

97 Chesson Road, London W14 9QS
tel 020-7565 4737
email [email protected]
Director Mariam Keen
Commercial/literary fiction and non-fiction, children’s and young adult fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Founded 2008.


Eve White

54 Gloucester Street,
London SW1V 4EG
tel 020-7630 1155
email [email protected]
Contact Eve White
Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, children’s fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision where appropriate. See website for up-to-date submission requirements.
Authors include Ivan Brett, Susanna Corbett, Tracey Corderoy, Jimmy Docherty, Rae Earl, Yvette Edwards, Abie Longstaff, Jim Lusby, Kate Maryon, Rachael Mortimer, Ciaran Murtagh, Chris Pascoe, Gillian Rogerson, Ruth Saberton, Alexander Stobbs, Tabitha Suzuma, Andy Stanton, Ruth Warburton. Founded 2003.


Isabel White Literary Agent

1-2 Universal House, 88-94 Wentworth Street,
London El 7SA
tel 020-3070 1602
fax 020-3006 8791
email [email protected] (trade),
[email protected] (submissions)
Proprietor Isabel White
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Books only – no film, TV or stage plays, poetry, short stories or academic monographs. Email submissions only. See website for submission guidelines. No reading fee.
Authors include The Bourbon Kid, Suzi Brent, Iain Clark, Lynne Connolly, Graeme Kent, Ivy Ngeow. Founded 2008.


Dinah Wiener Ltd

12 Cornwall Grove,
London W4 2LB
tel 020-8994 6011
fax 020-8994 6044
Director Dinah Wiener
Fiction and general non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%), film and TV in association (15%). No plays, scripts, poetry, short stories or children’s books. No reading fee, but preliminary letter and return postage essential.


Elisabeth Wilson

24 Thornhill Square,
London Nl 1BQ
Rights agent and consultant; illustrated books, non-fiction (no children’s). No reading fee. Founded 1979.


The Wylie Agency (UK) Ltd

17 Bedford Square,
London WC1B 3JA
tel 020-7908 5900
fax 020-7908 5901
email [email protected]
President Andrew Wylie
Literary fiction and non-fiction (home 10%, overseas 20%, USA 15%). No unsolicited MSS; send preliminary letter with 2 sample chapters and sae in first instance. Founded 1996.


Susan Yearwood Literary Agency

2 Knebworth House, Londesborough Road,
London N16 8RL
tel 020-7503 0954
email [email protected]
Contact Susan Yearwood
Literary and commercial fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%), including thrillers, general and young adult. Send first 30pp and a synopsis via email. No reading fee. Established 2007.


International Editors Co.

Avenida Cabildo 1156, 1426 Buenos Aires
tel 54-11 -4788-2992
fax 54-11 -4786-0888
email [email protected]


The Nancy H. Smith Literary Agency

Margaret Murray, Ayacucho 1867, 1112 Buenos Aires
tel (54 11) 4804 5508 fax (54 11) 4804 5508
email [email protected]
Diana Stobart, 30 Acton Lane,
London W4 5ED
tel 020-8995 4769
fax 020-8747 4012
email [email protected]
No unsolicited MSS. No response to submissions by email. Founded 1938.


Bryson Agency Australia Pty Ltd

PO Box 13327, Law Courts PO, Melbourne 8010
tel (613) 9329 2517
fax (613) 9600 9131
email [email protected]
Contact Fran Bryson
Represents writers operating in all media: print, film, TV, radio, the stage and electronic derivatives; specialises in representation of book writers. Query first before sending unsolicited MSS. Not accepting until further notice.


Curtis Brown (Australia) Pty Ltd

PO Box 19, Paddington, NSW 2021
tel (02) 9331 5301
fax (02) 9360 3935
email [email protected]
Contact Fiona Inglis
No reading fee.
Diversity Management
PO Box 1449, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 1300
tel (02)9130 4305
email [email protected]
/ director Bill Tikos
All genres of non-fiction, illustrated books (home/ overseas 20%). No reading fee. Founded 2001.


Agenda Riff

Av. Calogeras, no.6/sala 1007, •0030-070 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
tel (55-21) 2287-6299 fax (55-21) 2287-6393
email [email protected]
Contacts Lucia Riff, Laura Riff, Joao Paulo Riff
Home 10%, overseas 20%. No reading fee. Founded 1991.


Tassy Barham Associates

Milk Studios, 34 Southern Row,
London W10 5AN
tel 020-8960 5463
email [email protected]
Proprietor Tassy Barham
Specialises in representing European and American authors, agents and publishers in Brazil, as well as the worldwide representation of Brazilian authors. Founded 1999.


Karin Schindler and Suely Pedro dos Santos Rights Representatives

Caixa Postal 19051, 04505-970 Sao Paulo, SP tel 55-11 -5041 -9177 fax 55-11 -5041 -9077
email [email protected], [email protected]
Acacia House Publishing Services Ltd
62 Chestnut Avenue, Brantford,
Ontario N3T 4C2
tel 519-752-8349
email [email protected]
Managing Director Mrs Frances A. Hanna, Vice
President Bill Hanna
Literary fiction/non-fiction, quality commercial fiction, most non-fiction (15% English worldwide, 25% translation, performance 20%). No science fiction, horror or occult. Works with overseas agents. Query first with sample of 50pp max. Include return postage. No reading fee. Founded 1985.


Authors’ Marketing Services Ltd

683 Annette Street, Toronto M6S 2C9
tel 416-763-8797
fax 416-763-1504
email [email protected]
Directors Larry Hoffman, Antonia Hoffman, Sharon
Adult fiction, biography and autobiography (home 15%, overseas 20%). Reading fee charged for unpublished writers; will suggest a revision. Founded 1978.


The Cooke Agency

278 Bloor Street East, Suite 305, Toronto,
Ontario M4W 3M4
tel 416-406-3390 fax 416-406-3389
email [email protected]
Agents Dean Cooke, Sally Harding, Suzanne Brandreth, Mary Hu
Literary fiction, commercial fiction (science fiction, fantasy and romance), non-fiction (specifically narrative-driven works in the areas of popular culture, science, history, politics and natural history), and middle-grade and young adult books. No children’s picture books, poetry or screenplays. Either submit query only by email (no attachments) or complete submission by post FAO Elizabeth Griffin. Represents more than 100 writers. Co-agents: Curtis Brown Canada, Greene 8c Heaton, The Turnbull Agency. Founded 1992.
Submission details See website at to view submission guidelines.


Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd

83 Willcocks Street, Toronto,
Ontario M5S 1C9
tel 416-324-8845
fax 416-324-8870
email [email protected]
Director Anne McDermid
Literary fiction and non-fiction, and quality commercial fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Founded 1996.


Bella Pomer Agency Inc.

355 St Clair Avenue West, Suite 801,
Toronto, Ontario M5P 1N5
tel 416-920-4949
President Bella Pomer
Not considering new clients. Founded 1978.


Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency Ltd

W.R.P.O. Box 39588, White Rock,
British Columbia V4B 5L6
email [email protected]
Proprietor Carolyn Swayze
Literary fiction, a limited list of commercial fiction and non-fiction. No romance, science fiction, poetry, screenplays or children’s picture books. Eager to discover lively, thought-provoking narrative non-fiction, especially in the fields of science, history, travel, politics and memoir.
Submission details No telephone calls: make contact by email or post. Send query including synopsis and short sample. Provide resume, publication credits, writing awards, education and experience relevant to the book project. If querying by post include email or sase for return of materials.
No original artwork or photographs. Allow 6 weeks for a reply. Founded 1994.


Aura-Pont, Theatrical and Literary Agency Ltd

Veslafsk  Ostrov 62, 147 00, Prague 4, Czech Republic
tel (420) 2 51 55 49 38
fax (420) 2 51 55 02 07
email [email protected]
Director Petra Markova
Handles authors’ rights in theatre, film, TV, radio, software – both Czech and foreign (home 10%, overseas 15%). Founded 1990.



Kratkeho 1, 190 03 Prague 9, Czech Republic
tel (420) 283 891 598
fax (420) 2 83 89 35 99
email [email protected]
Managing Director Ladislav Simon
Theatrical and literary agency.


Lex Copyright

Szemere utca 21, 1054 Budapest, Hungary
tel (36) 1 332 9340
fax (36) 1 331 6181
email [email protected]
Director Dr Gyorgy Tibor Szanto
Specialises in representing American and British authors in Hungary. Founded 1991.


Andrew Nurnberg Associates Prague, s.r.o.

Jugoslavskych partyzanu 17, 160 00 Prague 6,
Czech Republic
tel (420) 222 782 041
Contacts Petra Tobiskova ([email protected]),
Jana Borovanova ([email protected])


Prava I Prevodi Literary Agency Permissions & Rights Ltd

Yu-Business Centre, Blvd Mihaila Pupina 1 OB/I,
5th Floor, Suite 4, 11070 Belgrade,
Serbia and Montenegro
Tel (381) 11 3119880
fax (381) 11 3119879
email [email protected]
Director Predraq Milenkovic, Foreign Rights Ana
Specialises in representing American and British authors in former Eastern Europe (15 languages). Founded 1983.


Agence Hoffman

77 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris
tel (1) 43 26 56 94
fax (1) 43 36 34 07
email [email protected]
Contact Georges Hoffman, Christine Scholz


Agence Michelle Lapautre

6 rue Jean Carries, 75007 Paris
tel (1) 47 34 82 41
fax (1) 47 34 00 90
email [email protected]


Bureau Litteraire International

1A rue Saint Denis, F-92100 Boulogne Billancourt
tel (l) 46 05 39 11
Contact Genevieve Ulmann


La Nouvelle Agence

rue Corneille, 75006 Paris
tel (1) 43 25 85 60
fax (1) 43 25 47 98
email [email protected]
Contacts Mary Kling


Susanna Lea Associates

28 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
tel (01) 53 10 28 40
fax (01) 53 10 28 49
email [email protected]
Fiction and non-fiction with international potential. No poetry, plays, screenplays, science fiction, educational text books, short stories or illustrated works. No unsolicited email or fax queries. Submit by mail a query letter, brief synopsis, the first 3 chapters and/or proposal. Founded 2000.


Promotion Litteraire

12 rue Pergolese, 75116 Paris
tel (1)45 00 42 10
fax (01)45 00 10 18
email [email protected]
Director Mariella Giannetti
Fiction, essays. Founded 1977.


Michael Meller Literary Agency

I andwehr Strasse 17, 80336 Munich
tel (089) 366371
fax (089) 366372
email [email protected]
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Send outline and first 50pp. No reading fee. Founded 1988.


Thomas Schliick GmbH

literary Agency, Hinter der Worth 12,
30827 Garbsen
tel 05131 -497560
fax 05131 -497589
email [email protected]
No reading fee.


Ajanta Books International

I U.B. Jawahar Nagar, Bungalow Road, Delhi 110007
Tel 91-1 l-23926182
Fax 91-l 1-27415016
email [email protected]
Proprietor S. Balwant
Full-length MSS in social sciences and humanities (commission varies according to market – Indian books in Indian and foreign languages, foreign books into Indian languages). Will suggest revision; charges made if agency undertakes revision; reading fee. Founded 1975.


Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale SRL

Via Valpetrosa 1, 20123 Milano
tel (02) 865445, 861572 fax (02) 876222
email [email protected],
[email protected]
Manager Director Donatella Barbieri


Eulama SRL

Via Guido de Ruggiero 28, 00142 Rome
tel/fax (06) 540 7309
email [email protected]
President Karin von Prellwitz, Directors Norbert von Prellwitz, Pina Ocello von Prellwitz
International licensing agency representing publishing houses, agents and authors of adult and children’s books worldwide. General and literary fiction, non-fiction, humanities. Promoting authors and publishers worldwide. Reading fee. Founded 1962.


Grandi & Associati SRL

Via Degli Olivetani 12, 20123 Milan
tel (02) 469 55 41/481 89 62
fax (02) 481 95108
email [email protected]
Directors Laura Grandi, Stefano Tettamanti
Provides publicity and foreign rights consultation for publishers and authors as well as sub-agent services; will suggest revision where appropriate. Reading fee. Founded 1988.


New Blitz Literary & TV Agency

Via di Panico 67, 00186 Rome
postal address CP 30047-00193, Rome 47
tel (06) 686 4859
fax (06) 686 4859
email [email protected]
Literary Department Giovanni A.S. Congiu
No reading fee.


Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency

Via GB Moroni 22, Milano 20146
tel/fax (02) 487 13365
email [email protected]
Director Piergiorgio Nicolazzini


The English Agency (Japan) Ltd

Sakuragi Building 4F, 6-7-3 Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
tel 03-3406 5385 fax 03-3406 5387
email [email protected]
Managing Director Hamish Macaskill
Handles work by English-language writers living in Japan; arranges Japanese translations for internationally established publishers, agents and authors; arranges Japanese contracts for Japanese versions of all media. Standard commission: 10%. Own representatives in New York and London. No reading fee. Founded 1979.


Internationaal Literatuur Bureau B.V.

Keizersgracht – 188, 1016 DW Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
tel (020) 330 6658
email [email protected]
Contacts Linda Kohn


Clenys Bean Writer’s Agent

PO Box 639, Warkworth
email [email protected]
Directors Fay Weldon, Glenys Bean
Adult and children’s fiction, educational, non-fiction, film, TV, radio (10-20%). Send preliminary letter, synopsis and sae. No reading fee. Represented by Sanford Greenburger Associates Ltd (USA). Translation/foreign rights the Marsh Agency Ltd. Founded 1989.


Michael Gifkins & Associates

PO Box 6496, Wellesley Street PO, Auckland 1141
tel (09) 523-5032
email [email protected]
Director Michael Gifkins
Literary and popular fiction, fine arts, substantial non-fiction (non-academic) co-publications (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Founded 1985.



Level 2, 16 Cambridge Terrace, Te Aro,
Wellington PO Box 9767, Marion Square,
Wellington 6141
tel (4) 382 8462
email [email protected]
Director Murray Lynch
Playwrights’ agency, advisory and bookshop. Representation, licensing and script development of New Zealand plays and playwrights. Currently licences over 350 productions of New Zealand plays each year, in New Zealand and around the world. Founded 1973.


Richards Literary Agency

postal address PO Box 31-240, Milford,
Auckland 0620
Tel/fax (649) 410-0209
email [email protected]
Staff Ray Richards, Elaine Blake, Judy Bartlam,
Frances Plumpton
Full-length MSS, fiction, non-fiction, adult, juvenile, educational, academic books; films, TV, radio (home 15%, overseas 20%). Preliminary letter, synopsis with sae required. No reading fee. Co-agents in London and New York. 100 clients including Bryan Bruce, Joy Cowley, Tessa Duder, Witi Ihimaera, Brian Falkner. Founded 1977.


Total Fiction Services

PO Box 46-031, Park Avenue, Lower Hutt 5044
tel (4) 565 4429
email [email protected]
General fiction, non-fiction, children’s books. No poetry, or individual short stories or articles. Enquiries from New Zealand authors only. Email queries but no attachments. Hard copy preferred. No reading fee. Also offers assessment reports, mentoring and courses.


llidio da Fonseca Matos, Agente Literario Lda

Avenida Gomes Pereira, 105-3°-B, 1500-328 Lisbon
tel (21) 716 2988
fax (21) 715 4445
email [email protected]


Bookman Literary Agency

Bastager 3, DK-2950 Vedbaek,
tel (45) 45 89 25 20
fax (45) 45 89 25 01
email [email protected]
Contact Mr lb H. Lauritzen
Handles rights in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland for foreign authors.


Leonhardt & Hoier Literary Agency A/S

indiestraede 35, DK-1455
Copenhagen K, Denmark
tel (45) 3313 2523
fax (45) 3313 4992
email [email protected],
[email protected]
No reading fee.


Lennart Sane Agency AB

I lollandareplan 9, S-374 34 Karlshamm,
tel (+46) 454 123 56
fax 0454 149 20
email [email protected]
Directors Lennart Sane, Elisabeth Sane, Philip Sane
Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books. Founded 1969.


Ulf Toregard Agency AB

Meyersplan, 374 33 Karlshamn,
tel (46) 454 12356
fax (46) 454 14920
email [email protected]
Director Ulf Toregard
Represents authors, agents and publishers in Scandinavia and Holland for rights in fiction, non-hction and children’s books. Founded 1995.


Bond Literary Agents & Specialized Services

PO Box 164, Umhlanga Rocks 4320, South Africa
Fax(031) 584 8888
email [email protected]
Chief Executives Jean Davidson, Jean Gaiser, Chief
Editor Eileen Molver, Poetry Advisor Irene Aarons
Full length MSS. Fiction and non-fiction; juvenile .IIid children’s literature. Consultancy service on contracts and copyright. Preliminary phone call or It-iter and sase required. Reading fee; terms on .implication. Founded 1985.


Cherokee Literary Agency

I Blythwood Road, Rondebosch, Cape 7700
tel (021) 671 4508
email [email protected]
Director D.K. Lee
Children’s picture books in translation (home 10%). Pounded 1988.


Carmen Balcells Agencia Literaria S.A.

Diagonal 580, 08021 Barcelona
tel 93-200-89-33
fax 93-200-70-41
email [email protected]
contact Gloria Gutierrez


International Editors Co., S.L

Provenza 276, Barcelona 08008
tel 93-215-88-12
fax 93-487-35-83
email [email protected]
Contact Isabel Monteagudo


RDC Agencia Literaria SL

C Fernando VI, No 13-15,
Madrid 28004
tel 91-308-55-85
fax 91-308-56-00
email [email protected]
Director Raquel de la Concha
Representing foreign fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and Spanish authors. No reading fee.


Lennart Sane Agency AB

Infanta Mercedes 90, ES-28020
tel 91 -579-80-46
fax 91-579-89-84
email [email protected]
President Lennart Sane
Fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, film and TV scripts. Founded 1965.


Julio F. Yanez Agencia Literaria S.L

Via Augusta 139, 6-2A, 08021 Barcelona
tel 93-200-71-07
fax 93-200-76-56
email [email protected]
Director Montse F-Yanez


Paul & Peter Fritz AC Literary Agency

Jupiterstrasse 1, CH-8032 Zurich
tel 41 44 388 41 40
fax 41 44 388 41 30
email [email protected]
Represents authors, agents and publishers in German-language areas. No reading fee.


Liepman AG

Englischviertelstrasse 59, CH-8032 Zurich
tel (043) 268 23 80
fax (043) 268 23 81
email [email protected]
Contacts Eva Koralnik, Ruth Weibel
Represents authors, agents and publishers from all over the world for German translation rights, and selected international authors for world rights. No reading fee.


Mohrbooks AG, Literary Agency

Klosbachstrasse 110, CH-8032 Zurich
tel (043) 244 8626
fax (043) 244 8627
email [email protected]
Contacts Sabine Ibach, Sebastian Ritscher
No reading fee.


NPA (Neue Presse Agentur)

Haldenstrasse 5, Haus am Herterberg, 8500 Frauenfeld-Herten
tel (052) 721 43 74
Director Rene Marti
Looking for occasional contributors to write for German/Swiss papers and magazines in the German language. Founded 1950.

Member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives


The Axelrod Agency

55 Main Street, PO Box 357,
Chatham, NY 12037
tel 518-392-2100
email [email protected]
President Steven Axelrod
Full-length MSS. Fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%), film and TV rights (15%); will suggest revision where appropriate. Works with overseas agents. No reading fee. Founded 1983.


Berman, Boals & Flynn

208 West 30th Street, Room 401,
New York, NY 10001
tel 212-500-1424
fax 212-500 1426
email [email protected]
Dramatic writing only, and only by recommendation.


BigScore Productions Inc.

PO Box 4575, Lancaster, PA 17604
tel 717-293-0247 fax 717-293-1945
email [email protected]
Contact David A. Robie
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%). No poetry or TV/film scripts. Contact by email only. Founded 1995.


Georges Borchardt Inc.

136 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022
tel 212-753-5785
fax 212-838-6518
Directors Georges Borchardt, Anne Borchardt, Valerie
Full-length and short MSS (home/ British/ performance 15%, translations 20%). Agents in most foreign countries. No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee. Founded 1967.


Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents Inc.

1501 Broadway, Suite 2310, New York, NY 10036
tel 212-840-5760
fax 212-840-5776
Contact Gail Hochman, UK Representative A.M. Heath 8c Co. Ltd
Full-length and short MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%), performance rights (15%). No reading fee.


The Helen Brann Agency Inc.

94 Curtis Road, Bridgewater, CT 06752
tel 860-354-9580
fax 860-355-2572
email [email protected]
President Helen Brann


Pema Browne Ltd

11 Tena Place, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
email [email protected]
President Pema Browne, Vice President Perry J.
Fiction, non-fiction and juvenile books (home/ overseas 20%). Only published children’s book authors will be accepted for review. Will only review MSS if never sent out to publishers; no simultaneous submissions to other agents. Send query with sase; no phone, fax or email queries with attachments. Founded 1966.


Browne & Miller Literary Associates

(formerly Multimedia Product Development Inc.)
410 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 460, Chicago, IL 60605
tel 312-922-3063
fax 312-922-1905
email [email protected]
Contact Danielle Egan-Miller
General fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Select young adult projects. Works in conjunction with foreign agents. Will suggest revision; no reading fee. Founded 1971.


Maria Carvainis Agency Inc.

1270 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2320,
New York, NY 10020
tel 212-245-6365 fax 212-245-7196
email [email protected]
President & Literary Agent Maria Carvainis
Adult fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Fiction: all categories except science fiction and fantasy, especially literary and mainstream; mystery, thrillers and suspense; historical, Regency, young adult. Non-fiction: biography and memoir, health and women’s issues, business, finance, psychology, popular science, popular culture. No reading fee. Query first; no unsolicited MSS. No queries by fax or email. Works in conjunction with foreign, TV and movie agents.


Frances Collin Literary Agent

PO Box 33, Wayne, PA 19087-0033
tel 610-254-0555 fax 610-254-5029
Owner Frances Collin, Associate Agent Sarah Yake
Home 15%, overseas 20%, performance rights 20%. Specialisations of interest to UK writers: mysteries, women’s fiction, history, biography, science fiction, fantasy. No screenplays. No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS. Letter queries must include sufficient IRCs (email [email protected] -no attachments). Works in conjunction with agents worldwide. Founded 1948; successor to Marie Rodell-


Frances Collin Literary Agency.

Don Congdon Associates Inc.
156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 823,
New York, NY 10010
tel 212-645-1229
fax 212-727-2688
email [email protected]
Agents Michael Congdon, Susan Ramer, Cristina
Concepcion, Maura Kye-Casella, Katie Grimm, Katie
Full-length and short MSS. General fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 19%, performance rights 15%). Works with co-agents overseas. No reading fee but no unsolicited MSS – query first with sase (no IRCs) or email for reply. Does not accept phone calls from querying authors. Founded 1983.


Richard Curtis Associates Inc.

171 East 74th Street, Floor 2,
New York, NY 10021
tel 212-772-7363
fax 212-772-7393
President Richard Curtis
All types of commercial non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 25%, film/TV 15%). Foreign rights handled by Baror International. Founded 1970.


Curtis Brown Ltd

10 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003
tel 212-473-5400
Branch office 1750 Montgomery Street, San Francisco,
CA 94111
tel 415-954 8566
Ceo Timothy Knowlton, President Peter Ginsberg (at CA branch office), Contact Query Dept (NY office), Book Ginger Clark, Katherine Fausset, Laura Blake Peterson, Maureen Walters, Mitchell Waters, Film & TV rights Holly Frederick, Translation rights Dave Barbor
Fiction and non-fiction, juvenile, film and TV rights. No unsolicited MSS; query first with sase. No reading fee; no handling fees.


DeFiore and Company

47 East 19th Street, 3rd Floor,
New York, NY 10003
email [email protected],
[email protected]
Contact Brian DeFiore, Laurie Abkemeier, Matthew
Elblonk, Kate Garrick, Laura Nolan, Adam Schear
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No poetry, science fiction, fantasy or romance. Send query with sase or send an email. Founded 1999.


Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

PMB 515, 1155 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014
tel 858-755-3115
President Sandra Dijkstra, Sub-agents Elise Capron,
Taryn Fagerness, Kevan Lyon, Jill Marsal, Kelly
Fiction and non-fiction: narrative, history, business, psychology, self-help, science, memoir/biography, contemporary, women’s, suspense, thrillers, romance, children’s literature and young adults (home 15%, overseas 20%). Works in conjunction with foreign and film agents. All submissions must include synopsis and sase or IRC. No reading fee. Founded 1981.


Donadio & Olson Inc.

121 West 27th Street, Suite 704,
New York, NY 10001
tel 212-691-8077 fax 212-633-2837
email [email protected]
Associates Edward Hibbert, Neil Olson, Carrie
Literary fiction and non-fiction.


Dunham Literary, Inc

156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 823,
New York, NY 10010-7002
email [email protected]
Contact Jennie Dunham
Literary fiction and non-fiction, children’s books (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Founded 2000.


Dystel 8c Goderich Literary Management

1 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003
tel 212-627-9100 fax 212-627-9313
Contact Jane D. Dystel, Miriam Goderich, Michael Bourret, Jim McCarthy, Lauren Abramo, Stacey Glick, Jessica Papin
General fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 19%, film/TV/radio 15%): literary and commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, self-help, cookbooks, parenting, science fiction/fantasy, children’s and young adults. Send a query letter with a synopsis and up to 50pp of sample MS. Will accept email queries. No reading fee. Will suggest revision. Founded 1994.


The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

548 Broadway, Suite 5E, New York, NY 10012
tel 212-431-4554 fax 212-941-4652
email [email protected]
President & Agent Ethan Ellenberg
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Commercial fiction: thrillers, mysteries, children’s, romance, women’s, ethnic, science fiction, fantasy and general fiction; also literary fiction with a strong narrative. Non-fiction: current affairs, health, science, psychology, cookbooks, new age, spirituality, pop-culture, adventure, true crime, biography and memoir. No scholarly works, poetry, short stories or screenplays.
Will accept unsolicited MSS and seriously consider all submissions, including first-time writers. For fiction submit synopsis and first 3 chapters. For non- fiction send a proposal (outline, sample material, author CV, etc). For children’s works send complete MS. Illustrators should send a representative selection of colour copies (no orginal artwork). Unable to return any material from overseas. For response include a sase with correct US postage. Submissions without a sase will receive only an email response if interested. Founded 1983.


Ann Elmo Agency Inc.

60 East 42nd Street,
New York, NY 10165
tel 212-661 -2880
fax 212-661 -2883
email [email protected]
Director Lettie Lee
Full-length fiction and non-fiction MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%), theatre (15%). Works with foreign agencies. No reading fee. Send query letter only with sase or IRC. New clients only by referral.


Diana Finch Literary Agency

116 West 23rd Street, Suite 500,
New York, NY 10011
tel 646-375-2081
email [email protected]
Owner Diana Finch
Memoirs, narrative non-fiction, literary fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Queries by email or letter only. No phone or fax. Previously agent with Ellen Levine Literary Agency since 1984. Founded 2003.


The Firm

9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills,
CA 90212
tel 310-860-8000
fax 310-860-8132
email [email protected]
Contacts Alan Nevins
Full-length MSS. Fiction and non-fiction, plays, film and TV rights, performance rights. No unsolicited MSS; query first, submit outline. No reading fee.


Fletcher 8c Company

78 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor,
New York, NY 10011
email [email protected]
Director Christy D. Fletcher
Narrative non-fiction, science, history, biography, literary and commercial fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Founded 2002.


The Fox Chase Agency Inc.

701 Lee Road, Suite 102, Chesterbrook,
PA 19087
tel 610-640-7560
fax 610-640-7562 Contact A.L. Hart
No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee. Founded 1972.


Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency Inc.

221 Benedict Hill Road, New Canaan, CT 06840
tel 203-972-3011
fax 203-972-3011
email [email protected]
Quality non-fiction, especially health, science, women’s issues, gardening, antiques and decorative arts, biography, cookbooks, popular reference, business, natural history (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Query first by email or mail, enclosing sase. Member of Authors Guild and AAR. Founded 1997.


Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency Inc.

(formerly Harold Freedman Brandt & Brandt Dramatic Dept. Inc.)
1501 Broadway, Suite 2310, New York, NY 10036
tel 212-840-5760
Plays, motion picture and TV scripts. Send letter of enquiry first, with sase. No reading fee.


Samuel French Inc.

45 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010
tel 212-206-8990 fax 212-206-1429
email infol” President & Ceo Leon Embry
Play publishers; authors’ representatives. No reading fee.


Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency

59 West 71st Street, Suite 9B,
New York, NY 10023
tel 212-362-9277
fax 212-501 -8240
email [email protected]
President Sarah Jane Frcymann
Book-length fiction and general non-fiction. Special interest in serious non-fiction, mainstream commercial fiction, contemporary women’s fiction, Latino American, Asian American, African American fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction: women’s issues, biography, health/fitness, psychology, self-help, spiritual, natural science, cookbooks, pop culture. Works in conjunction with Abner Stein in London. No reading fee. Query with sase. Founded 1974.


Gelf man Schneider Literary Agents Inc.

250 West 57th Street, Suite 2122, New York, NY 10107
tel 212-245-1993 fax 212-245-8678
email [email protected] Directors Jane Gelfman, Deborah Schneider
General adult fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Will suggest revision. No reading fee. Send sase for return of material. Query by post only. Works in conjunction with Curtis Brown, London.


Frances Coldin Literary Agency

57 East 11th Street, Suite 5B,
New York, NY 10003
tel 212-777-0047
email [email protected]
Agents Frances Goldin, Ellen Geiger, Matt McGowan, Sam Stoloff, Sarah Bridgins, Phyllis Jenkins
Fiction (literary and high-quality commercial) and non-fiction, particularly books with a progressive political orientation. Send query with sase. No unsolicited MSS. Founded 1977.


Goodman Associates, Literary Agents

500 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10024
tel 212-873-4806
Partners Arnold P. Goodman, Elise Simon Goodman
Adult book length fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Accept new clients by referral only. Founded 1976.


Sanford J. Greenburger Associates Inc.

55 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10003
tel 212-206-5600
fax 212-463-8718
Contacts Heide Lange, Faith Hamlin, Daniel Mandel,
Matt Bialer, Brenda Bowen, Lisa Gallagher, Courtney
Fiction and non-fiction, film and TV rights. No unsolicited MSS; query first. No reading fee.


The Joy Harris Literary Agency Inc.

381 Park Avenue South, Suite 428,
New York 10016
tel 212-924-6269
fax 212-725 5275
email [email protected],
[email protected]
President Joy Harris


John Hawkins 8c Associates Inc.

(formerly Paul R. Reynolds Inc.)
71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1600,
New York, NY 10010
tel 212-807-7040 fax 212-807-9555
President John Hawkins, Vice-President William Reiss, Foreign Rights Moses Cardona, Other Agents Warren Frazier, Anne Hawkins
Fiction, non-fiction, young adult. No reading fee. Founded 1893.


The Jeff Herman Agency LLC

PO Box 1522, Stockblidge, MA 01262
tel 413-298-0077
Fax 413-298-8188
email [email protected]
Business, reference, popular psychology, technology, health, spirituality, general non-fiction (home/ overseas 15%); will suggest revision where .ippropriate. Works with overseas agents. No reading fee. Founded 1986.


Frederick Hill/Bonnie Nadell Inc.

8899 Beverly Bdvd, Suite 805, Los Angeles, CA 90048 /c/ 310-860-9605
fax 310-860-9672
Full-length fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Send query letter initially. Works in conjunction with agents in Scandinavia, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Spain and more. No reading fee. Founded 1979.


InkWell Management

521 Fifth Avenue, 26th Floor,
New York, NY 10175
tel 212-922-8500
fax 212-922 0535
email [email protected]
Contact Kimberly Witherspoon, Michael V. Carlisle, Richard Pine, Ethan Bassoff, Catherine Drayton, David Forrer, Susan Hobson, Alexis Hurley, Nathaniel Jacks, George Lucas, Elisa Petrini, Julie Schilder, Jenny Witherell, Charlie Olsen, Mairead Duffy, Rose Marie Morse
Fiction and non-fiction (home/overseas 15%). Send query with sase or by email. Obtains most clients through recommendations from others. Founded 2004.


International Creative Management Inc.

825 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10019
tel 212-556-5600
fax 212-556-5665
London office 3rd Floor, Marlborough House,
10 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LN
tel 020-7856 8564
No unsolicited MSS; send query letter.


Janklow 8c Nesbit Associates

445 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022
tel 212-421 -1700
fax 212-980-3671
email [email protected]
Partners Morton L. Janklow, Lynn Nesbit, Agents
Anne Sibbald, Tina Bennett, Luke Janklow, Richard
Morris, Cullen Stanley
Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. No unsolicited MSS. Works in conjunction with Janklow 8c Nesbit (UK) Ltd. Founded 1989.


JCA Literary Agency Inc.

174 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012
tel 212-807-0888
email [email protected], [email protected] Contacts Tom Cushman, Tony Outhwait
Adult fiction, non-fiction and young adult. No unsolicited MSS; query first.


Keller Media Inc.

22631 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 701,
Malibu, CA 90265
email [email protected]
Ceo/Senior Agent Wendy Keller, Associate Agent
Megan Collins
Non-fiction for adults: business (all types); self-improvement; parenting; relationships; wellness;
health and non-traditional health; science; nature; history; politics; psychology; personal finance; ecology/green movement; autobiographies (considered only by well-known people). No children’s books, poetry, memoirs, screenplays or illustrated books. Founded 1989.


Virginia Kidd Agency Inc.

PO Box 278, 538 East Hartford Street,
Milford, PA 18337
tel 570-296-6205 fax 570-296-7266
Contact Christine Cohen, Vaughne Hansen
Fiction, specialising in science fiction and fantasy (home 15%, overseas 20-25%). Send synopsis (l-3pp), cover letter and sase. Founded 1965.


Harvey Klinger Inc.

300 West 55th Street, Suite 1IV,
New York, NY 10019
email [email protected]
Agents Harvey Klinger, David Dunton, Sara Crowe,
Andrea Somberg
Commercial and literary fiction, and non-fiction -serious narrative through to self-help psychology books (home 15%, overseas 25%). Send query with sase or by email. Exclusive submissions are preferred and given priority. Do not phone or fax. Founded 1977.


Barbara S. Kouts, Literary Agent

PO Box 560, Bellport, NY 11713
tel 516-286-1278 fax 516-286-1538
email [email protected] Owner Barbara S. Kouts
Fiction and non-fiction, children’s (home 15%, overseas 20%). Works with overseas agents. No reading fee. No phone calls. Send query letter first. Founded 1980.


kt literary

9249 S. Broadway 200-543, Highlands Ranch,
CO 80129
tel 720-344-4728
email [email protected]
Contact Kate Schafer Testerman
Primarily middle-grade and young adult fiction but no picture books; also adult commercial fiction and narrative non-fiction. Seeking ‘brilliant, funny, original middle-grade and young adult fiction, both literary and commercial; witty women’s fiction; pop-culture narrative non-fiction’. Email a query letter and the first 3pp of MS in the body of the email (no attachments). No snail mail.
Clients include Maureen Johnson, Ellen Booraem, S. Terrell French, Stephanie Perkins, Josie Bloss, Matthew Cody. Founded 2008.


The Lescher Agency Inc.

7 Peter Cooper Road, Suite 11-F,
New York, NY 10010
tel 212-673-5748 fax 212-396-1991
email [email protected]
Director Susan Lescher
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No unsolicited MSS; query first with sase, or email. No reading fee.


Lescher & Lescher Ltd

346 East 84th Street (ground floor),
New York, NY 10028
tel 212-396-1999 fax 212-396-1991
Director Robert Lescher
Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%). No unsolicited MSS; query first with sase. No reading fee. Founded 1966.


Donald Maass Literary Agency

Suite 801, 121 West 27th Street,
New York, NY 10001
tel 212-727-8383 fax 212-727-3271
email [email protected]
Agents Donald Maass, Jennifer Jackson, Cameron
Specialises in fiction, all genres (home 15%, overseas 20%). No poetry or picture books. Query with first 5pp of MS and a one-page synopsis with sase, or by email with ‘query’ in the subject line. Founded 1980.


Margret McBride Literary Agency

7744 Fay Avenue, Suite 200, La Jolla, CA 92037
tel 858-454-1550 fax 858-454-2156
email [email protected]
President Margret McBride, Submissions Manager
Michael Daley
Business, mainstream fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 25%). No poetry or children’s books. No reading fee. Submit query letter with sase to Submissions Manager. Founded 1981.


Anita D. McClellan Associates

464 Common Street, Suite 142,
Belmont, MA 02478
Director Anita D. McClellan
General fiction and non-fiction. Full-length MSS (USA 15%, overseas 20%). Will suggest revision for agency clients. No unsolicited MSS. Send preliminary letter and sase bearing US postage or IRC. No email submissions.


Mcintosh & Otis Inc.

353 Lexington Avenue,
New York, NY 10016
tel 212-687-7400
fax 212-687-6894
email [email protected]
Adult Eugene H. Winick, Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein, Juvenile Edward Necarsulmer IV
Adult and juvenile literary fiction and non-fiction, film and TV rights. No unsolicited MSS; query first with outline, sample chapters and sase. No reading fee. Founded 1928.


Carol Mann Agency

55 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10003
tel 212-206-5635
fax 212-675-4809
Associates Carol Mann, Laura Yorke, Gareth Esersky,
Mysini Stephanides, Joanne Wyckoff
Psychology, popular history, biography, pop culture, general non-fiction; fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Works in conjunction with foreign agents. No reading fee. Founded 1977.


The Evan Marshall Agency

6 Tristam Place, Pine Brook, NJ 07058-9445
tel 973-882-1122
fax 973-882-3099
email [email protected] President Evan Marshall
(ieneral fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Works in conjunction with overseas agents. Will suggest revision; no reading fee. Do not query. Accepting new clients by professional referral only. Founded 1987.


The Marton Agency Inc.

1 Union Square West, Suite 815, New York,
NY 10003-3303
i el 212-255-1908
fax 212-691-9061
email [email protected]
()wner Tonda Marton
Mage plays and musicals. Principally foreign language licensing.


William Morris Agency Inc

(incorporating the Writers Shop, formerly Virginia Barber Literary Agency)
1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019
tel 212-903-1304
enior VPs Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Suzanne Gluck, Mel Berger, Jay Mandel, Tracy Fisher
general fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 10%, performance rights 15%). Will suggest revision. No reading fee.


Muse Literary Management

189 Waverly Place, Suite 4, New York, NY 10014-3135
tel 212-925-3721
email [email protected]
Agent Deborah Carter
Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Special interests: literary novels and short stories with popular appeal, mysteries/thrillers, espionage fiction/ non-fiction, literary narrative non-fiction and children’s fiction/non-fiction. Particularly interested in multicultural fiction for adults and children. Special call for first novels with characters in their 20s and 30s. No romance, chick lit, sci-fi, fantasy, vampire stories, horror, religion, spirituality, stories of victimhood or illness. Prefers queries by email with no attachments. If no response within 2 weeks, query again.


Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency Inc.

216 East 75th Street, Suite 1E,
New York, NY 10021
tel 212-794-1082
President Jean V. Naggar,
Vice President Jennifer Weltz, Agents Alice Tasman, Jessica Regel, Elizabeth Evans
Mainstream commercial and literary fiction; non-fiction: psychology, science, biography (home 15%, overseas 20%), performance rights (15%). Works in conjunction with foreign agents. No reading fee. Founded 1978.


Harold Ober Associates Inc.

425 Madison Avenue,
New York, NY 10017
tel 212-759-8600
fax 212-759-9428
Directors Phyllis Westberg, Pamela Malpas, Jake
Elwell, Craig Tenney
Full-length MSS (home 15%, UK/overseas 20%), performance rights (15%). No screenplays or playscripts. No email or fax queries; see website for submission instructions. No reading fee. Founded 1929.


Fifi Oscard Agency Inc.

110 West 40th Street,
New York, NY 10018
tel 212-764-1100
Fax 212-840-5019
email [email protected]
Agents Peter Sawyer, Carolyn French, Carmen La Via, Kevin McShane
Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%), theatrical performance rights (10%). Will suggest revision. Works in conjunction with many foreign agencies. No reading fee, but no unsolicited submissions.


James Peter Associates Inc.

PO Box 358, New Canaan, CT 06840
tel 203-972-1070
email [email protected]
Contact Gene Brissie
Non-fiction, especially history, politics, popular culture, health, psychology, reference, biography (home 15%, overseas 20%). Will suggest revision. No reading fee. Foreign rights handled by J PA. Founded 1971.


The Pimlico Agency Inc.

PO Box 20447, Cherokee Station,
New York, NY 10021
Contacts Christopher Shepard, Catherine Brooks, Directors Kay McCauley, Kirby McCauley
Adult non-fiction and fiction. No unsolicited MSS.


PMA Literary and Film Management Inc.

PO Box 1817, Old Chelsea Station,
New York, NY 10113
tel 212-929-1222
fax 212-206-0238
email [email protected]
President Peter Miller, Associates Kelly Skillen,
Adrienne Rosado
Full-length MSS. Specialises in commercial fiction (especially thrillers), true crime, non-fiction (all types), and all books with global publishing and film/ TV potential (home 15%, overseas 25%), films, TV (10-20%). Works in conjunction with agents worldwide. Preliminary enquiry with career goals, synopsis and resume essential. Founded 1976.


Rees Literary Agency

14 Beacon Street, Suite 710,
Boston, MA 02108
email [email protected]
Contact Helen Rees, Associates Ann Collette, Lorin Rees
Business books, self-help, biography, autobiography, political, literary fiction, memoirs, history, current affairs (home 15%). No reading fee. Submit query letter with sase. Founded 1982.


The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency

PO Box 7877, Beverly Hills, CA 90212-7877
tel 310-842-7665
email [email protected]
President Angela Rinaldi
Mainstream and literary adult fiction; non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 25%). No reading fee. Founded 1994.


Russell & Volkening Inc.

50 West 29th Street, Suite 7E,
New York, NY 10001
tel 212-684-6050
fax 212-889-3026
Contact Timothy Seldes (President), Jesseca Salky
(agent, women’s fiction), Carrie Hannigan (agent,
children’s and young adult), Joy Azmitia (junior
agent, fiction and non-fiction)
General fiction and non-fiction, film and TV rights. No screenplays. No unsolicited MSS; query first with letter and sase. No reading fee.


Schiavone Literary Agency, Inc.

Corporate offices 236 Trails End, West Palm Beach,
FL 33413-2135
tel/fax 516-966-9294
email [email protected]
3671 Hudson Manor Terrace No 11H, Bronx,
NY 10463-1139
tel/fax 718-548-5332 email [email protected]
400 East 11th Street, Suite 7, New York, NY 10009
email [email protected]
website profschia
Ceo James Schiavone, President Jennifer DuVall, Executive V.P. Kevin McAdams
Fiction and non-fiction, specialising in celebrity biography and memoirs (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Accepts only one-page email queries (no attachments). No longer accepts queries by post. Founded 1996.


Susan Schulman, A Literary Agency

454 West 44th Street,
New York, NY 10036
tel 212-713-1633
fax 212-581-8830
email [email protected]
Agents for negotiation in all markets (with co-agents) of fiction, general non-fiction, children’s books, academic and professional works, and associated subsidiary rights including plays and film (home 15%, UK 7.5%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Return postage required.


Scott Meredith Literary Agency LP

200 West 57th Street, Suite 904,
New York, NY 10019
tel 646-274-1970
fax 212-977-5997
President Arthur Klebanoff
General fiction and non-fiction. Founded 1946.


The Shukat Company Ltd

340 West 55th Street, Suite 1A,
New York, NY 10019
tel 212-582-7614
email [email protected]
President Scott Shukat, Contacts Maribel Rivas, Lysna Scriven-Marzani
Theatre, films, TV, radio (15%). No reading fee. No unsolicited material accepted.


The Spieler Agency

27 West 20th Street, Room 305,
New York, NY 10011
tel 212-757-4439
email [email protected]
Directors F. Joseph Spieler, Eric Myers
History, politics, ecology, business, consumer reference, biography, spirituality, serious non-fiction; some fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No reading fee. Query first with sample and sase. Founded 1982.


Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency, Inc.

50 Talmage Farm Lane,
East Hampton, NY 11937
tel 631-329-3650
fax 631-329-3651
email [email protected]
website Literary Manager L. Lukas Ortiz
General fiction and non-fiction; specialises in mystery/suspense, sports, politics, biography, social issues.


Rebecca Strong International Literary Agency

235 West 108th Street, Suite 35,
New York, NY 10025
tel 212-865-1569
email [email protected]
website Owner/Agent Rebecca Strong
Literary and commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, memoir and biography, self-improvement/ how-to (home 15%, overseas 20%). Only accepts email submissions; see website for details. No reading fee. Founded 2003.


Trident Media Group

41 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010
tel 212-262-481
Fax 212-262-4849
Executive Vice President Ellen Levine
Full-length MSS: biography, contemporary affairs, women’s issues, history, science, literary and commercial fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%); in conjunction with co-agents, theatre, films, TV (15%). Will suggest revision. Works direct in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland; co-agents in other territories. No reading fee; preliminary letter and sase and US postage essential.


Ralph M. Vicinanza Ltd

303 West 18th Street,
New York, NY 10011-4440
tel 212-924-7090
fax 212-691-9644
Contacts Ralph Vicinanza, Christopher Lotts, Christopher Schelling, Adam Lefton
Fiction: literary, popular (especially science fiction, fantasy, thrillers), children’s. Non-fiction: history, business, science, biography, popular culture. Foreign rights specialists. New clients by professional recommendation only. No unsolicited MSS.


Austin Wahl Agency Inc.

1820 North 76th Court,
Elmwood Park, IL 60707-3631
tel 708-456-2301
President Thomas Wahl
Full-length and short MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%), theatre, films, TV (10%). No reading fee; professional writers only. Founded 1935.


Wallace Literary Agency Inc.

301 East 79th Street, No 14—J, New York, NY 10075
tel 212-570-9090
fax 212-772-8979
email [email protected]
Director Lois Wallace
No cookery, humour, how-to, children’s or young adult; film, TV, theatre for agency clients. Will suggest revision. No unsolicited MSS; no faxed queries. Will only answer queries with return postage. Founded 1988.


The Ward + Balkin Agency Inc.

PO Box 7144, Lowell, MA 01852
tel 978-656-8389
email [email protected]
Vice President Richard Balkin
Full-length MSS – adult non-fiction only (home 15%, overseas 25%). Query first. May suggest revision. No reading fee. European and British Representative: Taryn Fagerness Agency, USA.


Watkins/Loomis Agency Inc.

PO Box 20925, Park West Finance Station,
New York, NY 10025
tel 212-532-0080
fax 212-889-0506
email [email protected]
President Gloria Loomis
Fiction and non-fiction. No unsolicited MSS. Representatives Abner Stein (UK), the Marsh Agency Ltd (foreign).


Writers House LLC

21 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10010
tel 212-685-2400
fax 212-685-1781
London agent. Ground Floor Flat, 24 Harvist Road,
London NW6 6SH
020-8960 2966, 7534 494814
Chairman Albert Zuckerman, President Amy
Berkower, Agents Simon Lipskar, Merrilee Heifetz,
Robin Rue, Susan Ginsburg, Dan Conaway, Dan
Lazar, Angharad Kowal (London)
Fiction and non-fiction, including all rights; film and TV rights. No screenplays or software. Send a one-page letter in the first instance, saying what’s wonderful about your book, what it is about and why you are the best person to write it. No reading fee. Founded 1974.


The Wylie Agency Inc

250 West 57th Street, Suite 2114,
New York, NY 10107
tel 212-246-0069
fax 212-586-8953
email [email protected]
President Andrew Wylie, Contact Sarah Chalfant,
Scott Moyers
Literary fiction/non-fiction. No unsolicited MSS accepted. London office: the Wylie Agency UK Ltd.