Music: The Broken Boy

The Broken Boy is an Edinburgh based singer-songwriter, who you may have met around town busking, or heard playing in one of the city’s many music-friendly pubs. He is currently working towards the release of his debut LP, On the Mend: Ready to Fly.

His music is soulful, yet still folk-like in its composition, and the acoustic instrumentation keeps the performance connected with the listener on a personal level. It is sewn around tales of loss, hope and joy, taking you on a journey from the despair of Katie, through the hope of Home into the light of Shine.

The Broken Boy

‘At some point or another in our lives we will all encounter pain. I think this pain comes from our desperation to make some form of connection with the rest of the world. It is down to the individual whether we cry out for help, or bear the pain and attempt to cope on our own. The Broken Boy was born out of the pain and doubt I felt within the reality I had created. It is my crying call, my attempt to connect with the world, to express the pain I have felt, and to break free from the doubt. ‘The Broken Boy’  2012

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