Ragged Arts is and area of the website which will be developed as a resource for virtual display of work.  The theory is about getting lots of artists to showcase their work together in eclectic diversity rather than with an editorial element.  Over time this will be a free way of highlighting independent artists.

Bringing people from many different disciplines and backgrounds together the Ragged project hopes to use some innovative ways of being helpful.  Whether it is pointing out knowledge resources and useful organisations, spreading word about art exhibits and artists, or helping bring art lovers together with artists in social events; Ragged is an open network to support like minds.

As a theme, the Ragged project art space is partly inspired by the Salon d’Automne (Autumn Salon) organized by Georges Rouault, Andre Derain, Henri Matisse, Angele Delasalle and Albert Marquet as a reaction to the conservative policies of the official Paris Salon, the ethos is one of reflecting under-represented artists.

The theory of the space will be developed around a core of ideas and practicalities to eventually inform the open platform.  Please check back in as this area of the website is built and histories of the Salon d’Automne and other artistic thinkers.  A discussion of Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, value in the work of art, access to production and market, art as a fundamental human activity and Art as a merit good will be explored.

There is a lot of talent which does not always get found.  Art should be inclusive and accessible, this way – in an ever bigger world – life becomes more interesting; more talent, more choice, more conversation, more opportunity… these are all aims