Why Does Anyone Read Those Celebrity Magazines? by James Underwood

Why On Earth Does Anyone Read Those Celebrity Magazines? All hail the Glitteratti, a materialistically elected neo-aristocracy, whose icons create the lifestyles and moral character of a new world; a world where political debate has been transcended by the power of mass-media cool. Dare you disagree? Any dissent will be reprocessed, re-assimilated, repackaged, rebranded and sold back to you!
My lords, ladies, gentlemen, and most of all wannabes, welcome! Welcome to a world perfected by the striving of millions of artisans and courtesans! A sensual paradise of style and artistic exuberance, a material utopia where only beautiful people live, their Dolce and Gabbana adorned with Bulgari diamond cuff links and necklaces to make Lady Rothschild blush, where even Swarovski crystals are put to shame as the imitation bling of the neo-peasantry, where even the natural oases of the world are overshadowed by the smiles of celebrities conjured in Photoshop!
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