ArtSpace Bath Project by Penny Hay FRSA

The project was built around a group of Fellows recognising the need for Bath to have a permanent creative arts space, such as those in other major UK cities.  This is backed up by the City Identity project in B&NES and research by Mickeldore (2012) that demonstrates the need for a creative hub to grow the city’s creative economy.  Also, the area has been identified by NESTA (2010) as a creative hotspot, but that there is a need to retain creative talent from Bath’s universities and college (Florida 2002).
It is in this manner that the City Identity Project aims to support and foster the cultural climate in which the creative industries flourish and prosper; and it is in this field that Artspace is in a position to contribute unique and significant value, offering opportunities for a range of unusual and ‘edgy’ experiences and interactions which Bath currently lacks.
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