2nd March 2011: Right Handed; Living with Syndactyly by Stephen Bell


On the 2nd of March 2011 at 7pm in the Castle Hotel in Manchester, Stephen Bell shared his inspiration about Syndactyly

Name of speaker:
Stephen Bell
Title of presentation:
Right Handed – Living with Syndactyly


  • Born with four fingers fused together
  • Having one finger separated from the others (with: skin grafts/plastic surgery/physio etc)
  • Not knowing any different, but just looking a little different
  • Being right handed
  • Staying positive

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Stephen lives in the Northern Quarter here in Manchester & runs a successful event management business having graduated from a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is one of six children and his parents live in the hills of a Derbyshire village near the spa town of Buxton! He likes being creative and innovative – he also loves singing in choirs and meeting: interesting, inspiring and friendly individuals who have both a fresh and ‘wow factor’ zest for life!
Born with four fingers fused together he is happy to share his positive experiences with us. Syndactyly is quite common, but not widely spoken about. Stephen is still currently researching into this fascinating topic and recently attended a half-day presentation in Lancaster by Changing Faces (which was superb)! He hopes to find out as much information as possible on this condition – no matter how long it takes!