Who Can Do A Talk ?

Anyone can do a talk at a Ragged event so long as they love their subject and are invested in it, and so long as that talk fits within the following guidelines:

Criteria for giving a talk:

People talking about many things inspires many people

  1. A single individual gives it – not a group nor about a presenting group !
  2. You love what you are talking about
  3. It is non-political, non-religious, and non-corporate
  4. It fits within the bounds of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  5. That you commit to liaising with coordinators

Ragged does not provide accreditation, nor does it structure curriculums for people – just the opportunity to share what you have learned with other people.  The chance to learn communications skills through presenting your work to an audience and being able to tap into other inquisitive minds in relaxed circumstances.
Each talk is set in a comfortable and relaxing situation sometimes with food and music, and getting to rehearse ideas you have with a room of interested people.  Generally people who come to listen are already interested in what you have to say, so there is no need to be nervous.  It is a chance to learn through teaching.
If you are interested to know more, just get in touch, meet for a cuppa, decide if you would like to do a talk after hearing what is involved, and then take it from there.  Or if you already have something planned and have questions about the where’s, what’s, how’s and when’s, then drop through an email.