A Call to Life Model in Edinburgh

Edinburgh residents (and beyond) are being given the opportunity to try life modelling! Multi-life modelling organisation Spirited Bodies will hold an extravaganza at The Arts Complex on Saturday 21st September 2013 from 11am to 5pm. Spirited Bodies are looking for about 40 models who will each model for a couple of hours, most of them for the 1st time.
Life models are one of the best means by which artists learn how to draw; the human body providing the ultimate complexity as well as being alive and energetic. Experienced artists keep in practise by drawing life models regularly. Usually a life model poses alone, sometimes with another model; however at this Spirited Bodies event models will pose in a group of up to 20. Unlike a conventional life drawing session this Spirited Bodies event allows models to change pose when they prefer, not as timed by artists. This can be empowering for models and within a group context allows models to freestyle into tableaux of their own choosing. Spirited Bodies Artistic Director Esther Bunting is always on hand to assist if needed, she may even do so from within by being a part of the group.

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Spirited Bodies have done 12 events so far, all of which have taken place in London. This is their first venture beyond! They are extremely excited to be invited to Edinburgh by Ragged University. As well as the main event, a run up of preparation events during a visit in late July and just before the September date are being scheduled. A presentation of what Spirited Bodies does will take place on Tuesday July 23rd at 7pm (venue tbc), and a life modelling and drawing workshop will take place at The Arts Complex on Thursday 25th July (Room 508), 7 – 9pm. All events are free and women-only meet ups (just to ask questions and discuss the life modelling) as well as practical workshops will be available (please ask).
Artwork and photographs from a similar event last year at Battersea Arts Centre can be seen here:


It should be noted that photographs of models are never taken at workshops, and at events it is only with models’ consent.

People come to model with Spirited Bodies to experience being nude with others in a relaxed but ritualised environment, for the creation of art. They want to embrace their own nudity, face body issues and feel the warmth of human bonding in a way our society rarely offers; to be seen as a work of art and have the opportunity to express oneself in moments of silence and stillness.

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From overcoming eating disorders, celebrating the joy of losing weight, adapting to a post-teenage body, rehabilitating after illness, addressing ageist stereotypes, rediscovering one’s beauty post-divorce and making new friends to being a part in the process of creating art – Spirited Bodies offers something for everyone.
Models aged 18 upwards are accepted, from all backgrounds and ethnicities, and differently-abled people are welcome. No previous experience or skills are necessary. Life drawing shows well how beauty is in the diversity of the human form. Spirited Bodies is a powerful antidote to the familiar bombardment of media doctored images, by bringing real people to the fore. Led by 4 professional life models Spirited Bodies offers preparation workshops where participants are guided through a series of short poses (up to 15 minutes), and pose with one or two other models. Posing technique is discussed in a more informal setting than the actual event, and posing clothed is fine too. Artists are also invited to attend workshops and events to draw, and everyone is encouraged to draw at a workshop when not posing. It does not matter if you ‘cannot draw’, it just helps to understand what the model is for, and appreciate that trying to capture the human form on paper is not easy. Drawing materials are provided.

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A crowd-funding project for this series of Edinburgh events will be created in due course.

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