Asperger Lifelong Learning by David Seagrave

In the light of my own experience I declare that lifelong learning is the only path we Aspies can take to lead us to any kind of uneasy coexistence with neurotypicals.  From available evidence my self-taught German brought about a change of state in my brain which led to taking up difficult hobby related challenges for the intrinsic joy of mastering anything difficult.
The more I practiced these techniques, the more, the exercise brought it s own reward. The fruits of my labours became almost incidental yet at the same time these models, photographs and literary works are SACRED OBJECTS. I have coined the word ENDEOFACT to denote any consequence of dedicated effort whether it be something one can handle or  a piece of music played, and supremely, loyal service, freely given. 

lifelong learning

In my Socrates Of Charford chronicle I illustrate Endeofacts as the works of Alan Wright’s proteges. My novella WHERE RADIANT PEOPLE MEET is a template for a successor civilisation founded in the full development of human potential.
( I have only THREE COPIES)
I have made the presumption that were there to be enough people who take the path I have trodden figuratively to grace up mountains steep, they would bring about a  moral revolution. Those of Alan’s protégés who have distressing peculiarities of any kind redefine themselves by their Contributions. To the Common Good. Whatever it was, that branded anybody as despicably odd, or “bad”  or  “mad “ shrinks to insignificance.
People undergo convulsive paradigm shifts as they master anything difficult. I have written about Tadpolehood – the state of being merely an intelligent animal, without development of the adult brain to a level where the person can cope with the world as we find it. Froghood, the adult developing brainpower to rise to the level of a managerial position but LACKING IN THE HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS; and finally Dragonhood, the metamorphosis into that kind of fully developed person who sees beyond the fallacies and lies of the mass media to perceive a Totality – a wider view of human destiny both for individuals and the species.
POLITICIANS are mere frogs. Their horizons are those from the salt-marshes to the reeds ahead. CAMERON seems to have no higher reflective faculties or awareness of Beauty. He comes out with half baked claptrap and sadly that is also true of other party leaders including of course SALMOND. Only prince Charles has a wider vision and a keenly developed aesthetic awareness. Charles has IMAGINATION – he is Right Brain Dominant, like myself. His abiding legacies will include his eco-town of Poundbury in CAROLEAN style. I speculate what agencies sharpened his aesthetic awareness – was he innately disposed towards Right-Brain development ? Yet for us aspies I put forwards the idea that whenever we master anything difficult this modifies our Psychic DNA.
My short story BEAUTIFUL HANDS OF GOD was provoked by meeting a lady at the now defunct PHAD named Gillian Frail and an absurd idea of seeing a row of Gillian Frails like the Queen’s head on coins, each existing in a parallel universe. The idea of Psychic DNA  will of course be dismissed as arrant heresy and perhaps blasphemy by followers of mainstream religions. Yet scientists have in fact proved the existence of parallel universes – on time threads so to speak.
The narrator of my story illustrates polytime with his own artworks and speaks of a parallel universe where he was pitched off a  bicycle into the path of a train  “near the preposterous city of Stafford sited where a tributary of the Trent loops around a low gravel promontory on a glacially deposited plain, approximately co-locative with Corchester sited in the trent Gorge“.
Just as plants and animals modify their DNA when they adapt to such factors as aridity so PEOPLE modify their Psychic DNA to deal with the exigencies of adversity. I have illustrated this with 2 innkeepers One, who drank the beer in his cellar, degenerated into an alcoholic and reincarnated to becaome an alcoholic. The  other mastered languages to enable him to converse with foreign tourists. He reincarnates with a seemingly innate ability to master languages and embarks on an upward karmic spiral to perhaps become an ambassador.
Alan Wright’s young polymaths, taking this all on board morph into “Short Sighted Dragons”  all wearing ties displaying  the Welsh Heraldic Dragon with glasses and bowler hat that  beautifully allegorises Alan. I illustrate a hopeful future society with snapshots for example of Alan’s protégés as very old people who meet extraterrestrials and show them the Human Achievement – the Extraterrestrials then bankroll the treaty of Venice Commission which cares for the world’s historic buildings – and the ultimate joy of all-the proudest father in the cosmos who witnesses his daughter and an extraterrestrial in Holy Synergy playing an organ recital – Romanbridge’s signature tune “All people that on earth do  dwell“ transmitted right across the Cosmos.

Thus through the flights of my own imagination I provide a “path to grace up mountains steep for all of us Aspies to take”