Questions by Colin MacLean

Two questions you might like to ponder…

The first is about tough decisions. Resources are limited but people always want better outcomes (to be healthier, better educated, safer, with better transport and housing etc). Where would you focus public resources (people and money) and what would you spend less on? Do you think government should be ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’. There are no right answers – but there are very different and equally legitimate answers.


The second is about openness. (Almost) everyone says they believe in open government – but Ministers have to make some very tough decisions about difficult policy issues, consider sensitive information that may have been provided in confidence, and decide about commercial and people related issues. How open do you want your government to be – and would you apply the same to your doctor, your lawyer and your banker? Again – no right answers but very different and equally legitimate views.
Looking forward to the discussion….
Come along to The Counting House on Oct 3rd 2013 at 7pm for the talk “Aye, Minister (what civil servants really do)” by Colin MacLean. Enjoy meeting someone new and sharing a crust of bread.

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