The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas: Shifting the Axis by Karen Lawson

The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas is Scotland’s most innovative and ground-breaking education festival aimed at everyone who is passionate about education.

Although created, and curated by College Development Network, this two week national festival (6-19 June) provides unique opportunities for organisations and individuals (agents of change) to share and create ideas that could change our thinking and practice in relation to education.

Emporium of Dangerous Ideas

The variety of educators drawn from a wide variety of learning contexts makes for a rich, challenging Emporium across Scotland demonstrating creative partnerships, risk taking and diverse activities and events. Where possible events are free and open to all those who are passionate about education. This results in creative ideas being developed at the boundaries of disciplines, as educators discuss, challenge, debate themes and issues both in and outside their own context.

The Invisible Launch will take place at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow where speakers, embedded in the museum, will share their ideas for a different type of education, through thought-provoking conversations. You can hear about Iceland and Scotland working cooperatively from an Icelandic educator, whilst also appraising if the Team Academy approach to education is one you want to consider.

The transport museum is a suitable setting for the launch of a journey through a series of national events including Dangerous Conversations in Aberdeen and Fife; and a series of national events on Research, Outdoor Learning, Creativity and Education, the Future of Libraries, Social Enterprise, Mindfulness, gaming and CLD Standards wonderful international conference on ‘Community is the Answer.’ The listing page grows daily.
The Finale to the Emporium will be an incredibly exciting event, showcasing the most dangerous of ideas to arise out of the festival, and culminating in a fantastic opportunity to share a dangerous space inside the Kelpies. There is still time to organise your own event and be part of this exciting venture, or sign up for an event and share your dangerous ideas. Otherwise sign up for one of the many events on offer and share your dangerous idea for education.

The Emporium runs from 6-19 June across Scotland

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