Music: We Are Kin

We Are Kin are a collective of artists who have a collective vision; to create works which move the soul. Pandora is their debut album deep in melody and sound. The album is a journey, a story following a character through the decisions he makes that affects others lives in tandem with a being created with the sole purpose of protecting humanity itself.


This music is heavily influenced by mythology, a diverse range of music and close friends who have directly influenced the creation of this work. Whether the listener wishes to be immersed, or dip their toes in the water they will be rewarded with a rich landscape of musical beauty and above all passion and love for the art that has been created.

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The music is available to stream, download for free or name your price

The artists

  • Gary Boast – Drums / Sound Recording and Engineering / Video Production / Lyrics
  • Daniel Zambas – Keyboards and Synthesizers / Guitars / Vocals / Lyrics
  • Hannah Cotterill – Vocals
  • Alex Dunedin – Lyrics