Oct 9th 2014: Slow Leadership; Reframing Your Leadership Behaviour by Don Ledingham

Come along to The Counting House at 7pm to listen to Don’s talk. Share a crust of bread, and hear the reflections he has to share…

Title of talk:

Slow Leadership: reframing your leadership behaviour

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Identifying your default leadership perspectives
  • Developing an alternative decision making framework
  • Developing an understanding between your sense of self, values, purpose and attitude and your leadership behaviour.

Don Ledingham

A few paragraphs on your subject:

The Ceannas Index and Learning Cycle have been developed and designed over a number of years. Using metaphors to share complex ideas in simple ways allows development of self-awareness and collaborative working for individuals and collective groups. The Ceannas Index is an asset based framework, realised through 7 Leadership Lenses. They are Builder, Scientist, Sculptor, Villager, Conductor, Gardener and Parent.
Individual profiles are then used in the Ceannas Leadership Learning Cycle to consider Self, Values and Purpose within the context of Leadership behaviours and decisions. This allows small changes in approach and behaviours to be identified in individuals and collective teams which helps them to develop.
It has been used in a variety of different sectors from corporate, public and education and has been tested in a number of different countries and cultures. Our most recent success has been working with 150 Head Teachers’ across a Scottish Local Authority enabling them to prioritise self-awareness and demonstrate behaviours which are aligned with their values and in turn effectively addressing their Leadership challenges.

A few paragraphs about you:

Don Ledingham is Director of Innovation Leadership at Drummond International, and honorary professor of leadership and management at Queen Margaret University. He specialises in the field of innovation leadership and is committed to helping organisations and leaders across all sectors to develop and sustain innovative cultures.
Before being invited to join Drummond International he was Executive Director of Education and Social Work for East Lothian Council, and Director of Education and Children’s Services for Midlothian Council. Professor Ledingham was the first Executive Director in Scotland to simultaneously hold such senior public service roles across two local authorities. This experience gives him a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges relating to integration, shared services and mergers.
His long-term research has focused upon the use of metaphors to better understand and develop the behaviours and cultures associated with high performing organisations. Emerging from this work he developed ‘The Ceannas Index’ – ceannas being the ancient Gaelic word for leadership – a leadership diagnostic and decision-making framework that can be applied to all work environments.
He has written a monthly article for the Times Educational Supplement since 2006 and is a regular speaker on matters relating to leadership and innovation at national and international conferences. Professor Ledingham has a long-term goal to establish ‘The Leadership in Scotland Trust’, a charity dedicated to improving the quality of leadership in Scottish society by fostering productive links between leaders in the private, public and voluntary sectors.
As the son of a family doctor, he was brought up above the surgery, and is driven by a deep personal commitment to service, community, and the common good. He has lived with his wife Gill in The Smithy House, Langshaw in the Scottish Borders for nearly thirty years, and is the father of Douglas and Lewis.  Don Ledingham lists his interests as poetry, people and ideas.

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