Music: Under The Dogwood Tree

Under The Dogwood Tree are an Edinburgh band headed up by Alison Lyles and William Ancell. Since 2006, when they met, they have played extensively and released their debut album which was produced and recorded in various locations across the Lothians and Lanarkshire.

The album is their own original eclectic mix blending British and American folk with trans-Atlantic influences ranging from Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Fairport Convention. Songs include a gospel chain gang song (“Twenty Pounds for Redemption”), an old-fashioned drinking song (“Werewolf Blues”) and a bluegrass waltz (“Tennessee Waltz”).

Under The Dogwood Tree

Alison sings vocals, plays mandolin and violin. William plays guitar and harmonica. They perform as a duo or as a full ensemble which consists of a seven piece band comprised of two guitars, mandolin, violin, bass, drums, along with a backing vocalist/flautist to compliment the lead vocals.
The band puts their own style to various covers by The Band, Dolly Parton, Poco, Creedence Clearwater Revival, CSNY, Nanci Griffith, Joni Mitchell and others. They bring an Americana style to their music with a bluegrass break and alt-country stylings which blends to what they call “folk’n’roll”.