Harmonisation: A Theory by Dan Zambas

I am outraged, apathetic, empowered, disenfranchised, cynical and optimistic. I am all of these things, contradictory feelings that are equal outcomes to a mindset that I doubt I experience alone; A product of the modern era and the human condition.

In my youth I believed that we were heading to a period of enlightenment, the information era. An era where at our fingertips we had access to the most beautiful theory and experience that humanity could possibly offer. That the pure infection of its positivity would overwhelm previously negative constructs and push us towards a direction that would see an end to the ‘evils’ in the world.

Dan and child

I was naive. I am naive.

I actively seek alignment to the one ‘true’ theory, an overarching set of core principles that will remove the contradictory shackles of negative emotions and replace within a feeling of contentment. A purpose to follow that contains a belief to be championed. I have immersed in many constructs that at different times in my life have had different impacts, this has lead me to a conclusion that until now has encouraged my own personal alienation.

I am not a capitalist

I am not a socialist

I am not religious

I am not an atheist

I am not an activist

I am not an anarchist

I am an artist, this is the only thing that I truly can identify with that has shared with my entire adult life. The only conclusion this gives me is that I am ruled by my emotions, that the responses triggered in me are not tangible with music. They do not make sense, they are a language that I speak and listen to yet I do not understand. What conclusion can I possibly draw from this as my own truth? My own unique perspective?

That perspective is harmonisation. This I can understand, this I can relate to the rest of my life and the world around me.

If history was a piece of music, ever evolving and endlessly composed played to the audience of the world, I imagine it would contain every possible up and down that the human experience could possibly offer. But the one thing that I am sure of is this current movement, the modern era, is a cacophony of noise. All the instruments play, a combination of traditional and futuristic. Patriotic and anti-establishment, romantic and angry, sentimental and material. This music would not be enjoyable.. it would be impossible to enjoy.
My aim here is to narrate to myself a solution, a way to compose the most harmonious music ever experienced. A narrative that features us all, with all our flaws and brilliance, combined and featured to narrate a possibility of a real future that includes us all.

To build on this narrative it is important that I explain what I am and how I have arrived here. Hopefully this will be a step that one day we all take.

Dan and Ily

I am a father of two beautiful human beings. Bright stars of brilliance blissfully ignorant of the terrible composition that surrounds us. They remind me of the need for ridiculousness in our lives. I have worked in corporations my entire life and have yet to experience a positive working environment that is collaborative and supportive, I have only encountered hostility and institutionalisation. I am an escapist, I have used a variety of methods to avoid reality and would count myself richer for it. I am an idealist, I do believe in humanities inherent good.
I believe there is an alternative to societal function, and I believe it takes the essence from many ideals and forms. A government that is represented by a sliding right and left is not representative of the variety of spice in our kitchen. All need a seat at that table. We need to balance a collective and individualistic approach. The need for the group, but the need for yourself. No one person, or single group should be able to make decisions that affect those outside of their belief structure.

In its most infant form these 4 key areas must be in harmony whilst holding at the central core the right to our humanity.


Harmonization a theory