Metissage: A Conversation on Knowledge, Social Movements and Really Big Change

A recording of ‘Researching In, By and For Communities: A Conversation on Knowledge, Social Movements and Really Big Change’ in Moray House School of Education. Jim Crowther performs a Metissage with Darlene Clover and Budd Hall. Darlene Clover is Professor of Leadership Studies and Adult Education at the University of Victoria. Budd Hall is UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education, Professor of Community Development, and Founding Director of the University of Victoria Office of Community-Based Research.


Jim Crowther has been involved as a practitioner, researcher and academic in adult and community education since 1980. He is the co-ordinator of an international popular education network (PEN) for academics and researchers in higher education. He has written about extensively in reference to popular education, adult literacy and the politics of lifelong learning, active citizenship and social inclusion.

Budd Hall and Darlene Clover

This event focused on the grassroots depth of knowledge creation and creativity as the transformative energy that has inspired researchers, higher education and community education practitioners and community organizations to think more about research paradigms that recognize the potential of co-creating knowledge, of the role of knowledge in social movements and the need for changes in our political and educational institutions to enlarge spaces for debating new futures.


National and international networks have arisen over the past few years in support of change, but what does it really mean? How do we find new ways to collaborate to support the really big changes that our communities, our countries and our tired planet longs for? This discussion looks at new forms of community university partnerships.



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