30th Apr 2015: The Meanings of the Chakras & How They Affect Your Health by Richard Barriball

Aura and Chakras

Come along to The Counting House to listen to Richard share his passion for Chakras


Title of talk:

“The Meanings of the Chakras & How They Affect Your Health”

Bullet points of what you would like to talk about:

  • Have you ever had a mysterious pain but had no idea why?
  • This talk will cover the issues of health that relate to the chakras and the information the chakras reveal.
  • What throws the chakras off balance?
  • How does it show in your energy field?
  • How and why do they manifest illness?
  • Why does a condition manifest on only one side (for example a stiff right knee) ?


A few paragraphs on your subject:

Whether you’re a clinical professional, a complementary therapist or if you suffer a long term condition, this will be interesting to you. A talk of wonder and intrigue as Richard shares the theories of how and why we manifest illness and what we can do about it with our thoughts and feelings.
Is your third eye seeking the way forward or looking back at the past? Is your heart chakra balanced or do you put the demands of others first and find it hard to say “no”? Richard will be doing an aura reading at this event as well as giving a demonstration of Bi-Aura Therapy.

A few paragraphs about you:

Richard is a Bi-Aura therapist who works with the chakra system and he was featured in Chat “It’s Fate” magazine. He is clairsentient where the aches and pains of the client temporarily manifest within his own body during a session. He has given talks in the Theosophical Societies of Edinburgh and Glasgow. He performs distance healing, aura readings and Bi-Aura therapy.

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Website – www.AuraCleanse.co.uk
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AuraCleanse.co.uk
Public Email – [email protected]

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