Face Value by James Clegg

James Clegg was seeking people interested in talking about someone who has influenced them. Taking the form of a five minute presentation based upon a visual aid, such as a photograph or drawing, the presentation should emphasise the knowledge that person passed on to you and can be based upon a personal relation or a famous individual who has inspired you.

Alice Neel (1970) Hartley and Ginny. Courtesy of the Estate of Alice Neel
Alice Neel (1970) Hartley and Ginny. Courtesy of the Estate of Alice Neel

The talk will be informal and presentations will be interspersed with open discussion. The event was taking place in the Talbot Rice Gallery 17 August, from 6-8pm 2017; Face Value will take place within the context of the first exhibition of American artist Alice Neel in Scotland, an introduction to one of the last century’s most insightful portrait painters.

Please express your interest by emailing a short outline of your proposed presentation to Assistant Curator James Clegg by Friday 5th August ([email protected]). For more information or guidance phone 0131 6502211.

James Clegg is Assistant Curator for Talbot Rice Gallery, who among other duties helps to plan exhibitions and events and leads on knowledge exchange activities. Face Value is the first of many events James hopes to create in collaboration with The Ragged University, as well as working to make sure as many people as possible feel welcome and comfortable coming to the Gallery to engage with contemporary art and subject matters.

Talbot Rice Gallery
Talbot Rice Gallery

Talbot Rice Gallery is one of Scotland’s leading contemporary art galleries. Part of the University of Edinburgh, it was founded in 1975 and has earned a reputation for pioneering links between artistic practice, research and education.
Engagement with societal issues is a hallmark of the Gallery’s work, underpinned by a curatorial commitment to risk-taking and experimentation. An active part of Edinburgh College of Art and the University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Gallery is ideally placed at the heart of discussions about the social role and function of art in Scottish culture.

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