24th Nov 2016: Curators Tour of Rob Kennedy’s ‘acts of dis play’ followed by social chat

Come along between 6-7pm and take part in the tour which I will be giving of the gallery and Rob Kennedy’s exhibition ‘acts of dis play’ as this will give a background to the lunches we are running as Ragged University events to which you are invited to take part.


My name is James Clegg and I work as a curator at Talbot Rice Gallery. I believe that at the core of any good exhibition is a fundamental principle: that art can help us to see and therefore learn about the world in different, unfamiliar and sometimes surprising ways. For me the best kind of education is a creative one in which people are empowered to draw upon what they learn to pose their own questions and feel confident exploring things without necessarily knowing where they are going.
For this reason I’ve found the Ragged University to be a really interesting counterpart and have wanted to make sure that we share ideas, events and audiences. We run regular, free and friendly tours at Talbot Rice Gallery.

The next is on Thursday 24th November, 6-7pm, and it would be great to see you there. The tour will be led by myself and Genevieve Warwick, an Art Historian, and we’ll take you through Rob Kennedy’s “acts of dis play” and “The Torrie Collection”.

“acts of dis play” is definitely an exhibition that encourages people to think for themselves. Including an environment comprised of a scaffold tower – leaning precariously, perched on broken LCD screens – debris, illuminated signs, a new film and an 8 metre cherry tree, it is designed to provoke a range of experiences. Funny and philosophical at the same time, it emphasises the importance of active, creative learning and the significance of primary experience.
“The Torrie Collection” is the University of Edinburgh’s founding collection. It contains important works of Italian Renaissance sculpture and Dutch Golden Age painting, embodying the spirit of 19th century collecting and the principle of gifting art at to the Nation.

Everyone will be welcome, whatever experience or knowledge they have.

After the tour, there will be an informal chat about the art and gallery spaces in Biblos for those who want to join