8th May 2018: Psychology and Behavioural Modelling Meetup; Perception for Self Effectiveness by Leon Paterson

Come along to the Lighthouse Bookshop (43-45 West Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9DB) at 7.30pm and take part in the Psychology and Behavioural Modelling Meetup by Leon Paterson.  It is a friendly and informal gathering to discuss topics with nibbles in good company.  It is entirely free and open to everyone. Come and join us for a fun, explorative journey into the behavioural science and psychology of Perception for Self Effectiveness

Title of talk:

Perception for self effectiveness by Leon Paterson



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People spend more time learning how to work their mobile phones than how to work their minds. We obsess about how we appear to others. But how much time do you spend investing in how you think, how you understand yourself and develop your emotions. There has never been a time in history where your ability to learn quickly and adapt to fit a changing environment has been so necessary.
So before you decide if this event’s for you. Ask yourself honestly – could I do with an update so I’m the most effective version of myself?
On this meetup you will learn

  • How to apply a sequence of change to any situation
  • A model of analysis for improved understanding of self and others
  • A range of thinking tools for managing challenges and difficulties
  • The building blocks of experience – how we create our reality
  • Enhanced perception skills – 6 different ways of creating memories and imagination
  • Connect with a sense of whole self that transcends any single moment


A few paragraphs on your subject:

During this month’s event we will develop ways of making ourselves more effective and self aware in everyday situations.
Most psychology techniques and applications lack the ability to be effective because they are obsessed with dysfunctional behaviour. Their research focuses on behaviour which is below standard. Behavioural modelling is also committed to helping people remedially, but also developmentally. We now have the tools to model (recreate) exemplars of excellence. The behaviour of great thinkers, outstanding leaders and enlightened masters can now be modelled so we can help anyone achieve the same results!!!

A few paragraphs about you:

Leon is a specialist in applying behavioural modelling to personal and professional skill development and learning. He helps people reach their peak performance and achieve extraordinary, measurable results. He is currently lead personal consultant and systemic psychotherapist at Changease. An organisation that has already helped hundreds of people go beyond their expectations and transform their lives.
Having spent many years of his adult life battling leukaemia. He is also committed to helping people overcome their problems and difficulties through applying state of the art behavioural science. Coming from deep empathy and compassion. He helps people quickly identify the psychological resources (unique to their situation) needed to create lasting change.
From overcoming difficult emotions and past traumas, to excelling in performance to get outstanding results. Leon helps you achieve the most effective and consistent results through targeting specific changes in your thinking, behaviour and interactions.

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Website – changease.co.uk
Twitter – Make_Changease
Facebook – www.facebook.com/changease.co.uk/
Public Email – [email protected]